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16th April

One month today!!!!!!!!!!xx


  • mrsrhmrsrh Posts: 433
    It's really coming round now, isn't it?!?

    We can't wait, we're busy at the moment trying to tie up all the bits & pieces, confirming numbers, asking any queries we have, double checking people know whats going on, etc.

    Also been sorting out our honeymoon - looking forward to that as much as the wedding day!!
  • TDB2011TDB2011 Posts: 984
    Eeeeeek! I am so excited!! RSVP date is 19th March so last lot of names coming in now image xxx
  • SOOOOO excited!!! I can't believe it's come around so soon...this time next month we'll all be 'Mrs's! What's everyone got left to do?

    We've got to make the table plan, buy gifts for everyone (ideas would be much appreciated!), sort out stuff for the kids to do and pay off a last few remaining
  • MrsSandisonMrsSandison Posts: 458 New bride
    I am so excited!!! everything being finalised, picking up my dress on saturday. the only thing is my sisters bridesmaid dress hasnt come in yet! hopefully by the end of this week it should be.

    Full time working in school and planning a wedding hasnt been easy, but its paying off!

    1 MONTH TO GO!!! image
  • AARGH amazing!! At about 2pm this afternoon I stopped and thought - in exactly one month's time, I'll be a Mrs!

    Everything's falling into place now - picking up my dress on Friday and had a boudoir shoot on Saturday (Boudoir by Cameo in Whetstone - TOTALLY recommend them, I had so much fun!)

    Good luck with all your final planning girlies!

  • Its crazy how fast these weeks are going!

    We have got our table plan to do as well, few last dress fittings, make up etc, bought all our gifts so need nice gift bags for them, thought that would be easy! SO NOT!! x
  • SnadgerSnadger Posts: 5
    Eeeek, Im 16th April too! Can't believe how quickly the time is going! What gifts are you buying for your bridal party? x
  • Hey, 2 1/2 weeks to go!!!!!!!!

    Bought mum mum an extra gift, a lush necklace which I will give her in the morning or night before

    For Mums and step Mum we have bought willow tree figurines, a keep sake

    Dads and Ushers pewter wine bottle stoppers each with a figurine on the revelent to who it is for, eg, fisherman, golfer, rugby player

    Bridesmaids I bought jewellery sets

    Also for Dads we will give beer gift sets or something and give these to people who have helped out. Our DJ is doing it as a gift so for him we will give one as a small gesture xx
  • mrsrhmrsrh Posts: 433
    I can't wait for it all to come round, even though there are only 18 days. Think it's because i had my hen party last saturday & now working right up to 2/2.30pm the day before the wedding.

    H2b's stag do this weekend, hopefully me & my daughter are keeping busy by meeting up with my mum, dad, sister & her husband (mum's birthday on saturday, mothers day sunday).

    We've only little bits left to sort out now - downloading music onto cd for meal, doing the place cards, making sure all the items that need to go to venue(s) day before are all packed and ready to go, pack overnight case for hotel & take to hotel day before, etc.

    We are also deliberating over thank you gifts. We aren't having a huge traditional day (civil ceremony in register office in town hall, 18 of us altogether, meal at a hotel, then evening do at a different venue for 150 evening guests). Basically, we've bought some gorgeous thank you cards for both sets of parents, my sister & husband, h2b's sister, husband & kids, h2b's nan & best man, wife & 2 kids. Now, h2b doesn't know what to do about giving anything to best man, my daughter's treat (as bridesmaid) has been tickets to go & see Alexandra Burke.

    But we have a bit of a dilemma in that h2b's parents have financially helped out more for the wedding than mine (my parents helped us out a lot with the house we bought), h2b's sister & husband are doing the photo's & album, whilst my sister & her husband are just attending and haven't contributed/aren't contributing, same for h2b's nan. So i feel it'd be awkward to not get my sister & husband and h2b's nan a gift, but it would also be weird to get them a gift!?! Think we may end up thanking people and then giving those a gift to them separately.
  • 15 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I can't believe we can now actually say that we're getting married THIS month!!

    How're everyone's plans coming along? Are we all nearly ready??!x
  • TDB2011TDB2011 Posts: 984
    I'm so very nearly ready! An usher gift and a flowergirl dress to buy, table plan to do and haircut/wax/friends wedding to go to.....but yes, I'm nearly there! eeeeeeep! Actually can't wait now! xxx
  • now only 12 days. really excited. I am also getting interested to get married after joining this forum. So many people are marrying everyday. imageimage
  • 10 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Am I the only crazy 16th April bride on a daily countdown!!! x
  • TDB2011TDB2011 Posts: 984
    No, I am too on FB and twitter!! xxx
  • Good good!!!! Ha xx
  • Now_a_MrsNow_a_Mrs Posts: 64
    Me too, facebook friends are given the constant reminder. I am on weather watch as well as now the 16th comes up on the 7-10 day section on metcheck!

    Can't wait, not long till we become someone's wife, to have and to hold from this day forward

  • MrsSandisonMrsSandison Posts: 458 New bride
    10 days!!! and iv only just realised this second i havent got my dad a thank you gift!!! everyone else is sorted, eek. everything is sat in my box room ready to be used - picking up my dress on Monday, bm dress on thursday, manicure on the thursday, move the seating at my church, and apart from that and final confirmations i THINK im pretty much sorted. emphasis on the THINK as there will most definetly be something ive forgot image
  • TDB2011TDB2011 Posts: 984
    Eeek - my dad.....I'd forgotten that too *facepalm*
  • Now_a_MrsNow_a_Mrs Posts: 64
    SINGLE FIGURES ladies, yay only 9 days to go!

    When are you all finishing work? I finish tomorrow as work at a school, got my work's hen night tonight!
  • TDB2011TDB2011 Posts: 984
    I finish today - hurrah! xxx
  • I want to finish!! Just had final dress fitting! Still love the dress, thank god! Just want to pick it up now and bring it home! x
  • TDB2011TDB2011 Posts: 984
    yay! I don't pick mine up till the day before and take it straight out to the venue, eep! x
  • mrsrhmrsrh Posts: 433
    I can't believe its a week tomorrow, still got a few bits to do (just things like make up trial tonight, waxings next thurs, hair cuts next wed, dropping items off at the venues on the friday, h2b picking his and best man's suits up on thursday, i need to collect my dress from h2b's parents house, etc, although i don't finish work until 2pm next friday when schools break up for easter. Can't wait !! image
  • 5 days to go! How exciting! I keep waking up in the night thinking I've forgotten something!Hope all April 16th couples have a wonderful wedding day!
  • MrsSandisonMrsSandison Posts: 458 New bride
    5 days to go !

    I keep "stressing out" as h2b keeps saying, im having a hard time sleeping, i keep thinking ive forgotten something.

    I keep having dreams about my dress being wrong, guests starting riots - omg im going mad.

    H2b says last 4 nights I've been choking in my sleep each time ending with me throwing up.

    Even though im looking forward to getting married to h2b, i'll be glad when its over, see if i can get some proper, relaxing sleep and rest.
  • MrsSandisonMrsSandison Posts: 458 New bride
    well, i've been to pick up my dress - thank god its school easter holidays for me! else i wouldnt cope this week!

    its definetly the right dress - lol. now just got to hide it from h2b image

    i dont think he'd notice it if it was right under his nose, he's not very good at observing image lol.
  • TDB2011TDB2011 Posts: 984
    Eeeep, 5 days. I'm feeling pretty calm still, although very busy from wed onwards so I could maybe get stressed then! Went to a wedding at the weekend and thought I was going to be a lot more emotional, but managed to keep myself in check

    Can't believe its so very nearly here x
  • mrsrhmrsrh Posts: 433
    Well, think it's going to really fly round to saturday now, it always does once wednesday afternoon arrives!!

    Off to hairdressers this afternoon for our cuts/trims, then picking up my dress to hide out of the way, then time to start ironing ready for packing.

    Got the piles of items ready for taking to the venues, h2b is taking them up on friday, he's also picking up suits tomorrow.

    I'm getting eyebrows waxed after work tomorrow, more ironing & packing, then meeting in laws for a take away. Working friday, then finishing off any packing/housework, etc, then getting nails done and ready for saturday !! image

    Feel fairly calm at the moment, sleeping well & not as bothered by things as i was 2 or 3 weeks ago (although mil2b did try altering flower order & delivery with florist - have managed to sort it out & now all flowers are being delivered to my house, not at various different addresses ready for suiting everyone else. Poor girl at florists was dead confused!! But it all makes sense for everything to come here & people collect theirs - at the most, the day guests are a max of a 10 min walk from our house & we don't need to leave for ceremony until 2pm). Can relax now, well, almost, need to relay florist outcome to mil2b when i collect my dress from hers after hairdressers - wish me luck image
  • Hi Girls, I'm a bit late on this one but did we all have a fab day? Wasn't the weather kind to us! xx
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