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Whose my bride buddy 23rd APRIL

Not long now girlies .. god i hope easter weekend is the best ever !!!


  • MollyMoggMollyMogg Posts: 71
    Me me me me!!! Im 23rd April!! Oh I cant wait I hope its the best Easter Weekend EVER! image
  • MollyMoggMollyMogg Posts: 71
    Me me meee!!! Im 23rd April too!! I cant wait I hope its the best Easter Weekend EVER!! image
  • MrsR4evaMrsR4eva Posts: 1,246
    hI MOLLYMOG Where are you from ?? woop woop not long now missy !! have you any stresses you want to share ??? i havent recieved my dress yet or got any shoes yet to wear !
  • MollyMoggMollyMogg Posts: 71
    Hi MrsR4eva

    Im from Sheffield. Not got any stresses as such, just worrying today that everything wont look as I imagine. My dress is all sorted its just waiting to be steamed and had my shoes a while they are from Monsoon. Havent got all that much to do really except printing order of the day, table plan and odd little faffy jobs. My mum has still got to get all her accessories and she is starting to panic a bit. Shes more stressed and panicy than me. Got my hen weekend next weekend so getting silly excited about that. My Mr is on his stag weekend as we speak, I dread to think image

    When is your dress due in? Have you seen any shoes that you like? Where is your venue?

  • MrsR4evaMrsR4eva Posts: 1,246
    my dress is due next week image so they say .. god i hope so i cant buy shoes untill i know how long ish theyve given me for shoes , i wanted 4 inch heels but h2b is 6ft 4 so i may need a bit higher image ive seen loads of shoes the ones i really wanted were from schuh really really lovely they were white with red hearts on but when i tried them on they nearly killed me , so im back to still trawling the internet looking ... see my thread church civil wedding or somewhere unusual for my venue , im revealing it when im down to a month to go ... NOT LONG NOW THEN image
  • MrsRachIrvMrsRachIrv Posts: 674
    me toooooooooooooo 5wks today woopwoop and can't wait i'm getting fed up now image xxx
  • Hayden85Hayden85 Posts: 134
    And me!! Can't wait, hope the weather is as gorgeous as it has been today!!
  • MrsR4evaMrsR4eva Posts: 1,246
    hayden are those your wedding rings ? we picked that for hubby too same one .. mine is different slighty but im going back tomorrow to change it image mine is tiny little band and it looks smaller than my engagement ring when on together ..
  • speechukukspeechukuk Posts: 102
    Hey Ladies!!

    Im a 23rd of April bride too!! eeeeeekkk 33 days!! cant believe how close it is! god i remember when it was 2 years away and everyone was sayin "it will fly over" didnt feel like it at the time but cant believe its here now! :O

    Everyone sorted then?? i think i must be but feel like im not!! lol xx
  • MrsR4evaMrsR4eva Posts: 1,246
    im deffo not yet !! still got bits and pieces to do ..
  • MrsPetobeMrsPetobe Posts: 16
    Me too! I am sure I must have forgotten something. I am currently stressing as my make-up artist did a trial last week and I was orange. I'm having a second trial with her on Friday as I had a facial booked anyway. I'm also having my hair trial on Friday so I really hope it goes better than the make-up trial last week! How would you guys describe your wedding? Ours is traditional but informal, with a country feel.
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