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Easter Brides - only 5 weeks!!!!!

How are you all feeling? - I'm starting to feel pretty stressed and getting the the stage where I'm all weddinged out to be honest. Only things really left to do are pay large bills, chase rude people who haven't rsvp'd and try to persuade dressmaker to do what I asked her to do from the start, which she hasn't. Hoping all the tension will magically disappear on the day and will feel joyful!


  • Alnwick2bAlnwick2b Posts: 125
    i feel pretty much the same to be fair, i just want it over and done with now, i have been very relaxed until now, and all of a sudden things are starting to go wrong, like the bridesmaid dresses don't fit and alterations are costing more than we expected them too, and now we are slowly running out of funds!!! image
  • Hayden85Hayden85 Posts: 134
    5 weeks tomorrow!! Sorry you guys are feeling so stressed out, hope you can get everything sorted!! So far i'm feeling pretty relaxed about everything and really enjoying the build up, can't wait until the big day image
  • MrsRachIrvMrsRachIrv Posts: 674
    glad i'm not on my own in feeling like shite then, i've just about about had enough of it now and not enjoying it one bit. we too are drastically running out of funds and i've still got some bits to get. just keep thinking another 5/6wks with no money arghhhhhhhhhhhh will be happy when everyone is paid up image xxxx
  • JessersukJessersuk Posts: 560
    Hi ladies, I don't mean this to sound horrible but you have just made my day. You've all made me feel a little bit normal again!

    I've been feeling so stressed and worried recently, feel like no-one's interested or cares about our day, worried about money, have been massively let down by my friends & had the worst hen do imaginable - just been really down in the dumps about everything. Sat at home in tears yesterday wondering whats wrong with me - it's less than 5 weeks until we get married and I don't feel the slightest bit excited, just stressed & anxious.

    Knowing that some of you ladies have similar feelings about everything at the mo has made me feel a million times better - thank you. Maybe this is just a 'normal stage' of wedding planning???? xx
  • MrsR4evaMrsR4eva Posts: 1,246
    yea girlies i also feel the same , i also been let down massivly by my best friend she isnt coming to our wedding and she hasnt even answered when i asked if she is coming to my hen do ?? i dont understand it at all this week i texted her all the exciting bits about our wedding and she hasnt even replied ??

    ................................ anyway apart from that my dress hasnt arrived yet supposed to be next week image and now i just cant wait for the day to be here whats not done now will have to be not done altho i feel a panic coming on if i dont get it all right , my man is so laid back about it all he is horizontal -------------- arghhhh
  • MrsRachIrvMrsRachIrv Posts: 674
    i'm waiting for the tears, i feel it may be next week as h2b is away from wed to sat on his stag do and being left with the kids all weekend with no adult conversation will kill me esp as h2b is soooo good around the house image just think tho in 5wks time all this will be forgotten image xxxx
  • niclou79niclou79 Posts: 1,142
    I'm really excited, very relaxed about it actually. I went through a stage a couple of weeks ago where I was sleeping really badly, having dreams about the wedding, a million things going round in my head when I went to bed. But everything's done and paid for now, I just have my final dress fitting to go and my hen weekend is next weekend, which I can't wait for! image
  • Nice to know I'm not alone girls. Feeling a bit better this weekend, have done NO wedding stuff (except send large cheque)just spent quality time together; also plucked up the courage after last dress fitting to phone the dressmaker the next day and explain that I was disappointed - we brought forward the next appointment and she knows what she needs to do. On the downside my friend pointed out at dinner last night that the supermarkets are closed on Easter Sunday, which is the day 26 of us arrive at our manor house venue for 3 days, and I was planning to get a delivery! - don't know why I ever thought it was a good idea to get married on Easter Monday, and how I missed that little detail!
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