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ok girls any bridezilla moments

with it being so close to wedding things are running tense and feels like people are doing stuff just to annoy me i dont tink im far off a stamping feet tantrum lol

how is everyone doing any bridezilla moments?


  • Alnwick2bAlnwick2b Posts: 125
    I had one a couple of months ago when H2B's auntie decided to invite HER friend to our wedding without running it past us first.... No she couldn't bring a friend as we can't have many of our own friends......

    I am also having a bridezilla moment now, as i have 9 days left and my MoH dress still hasn't turned up and if it does get here this week, i know it will need altering... so as you can imagine fingers crossed it turns up sooner rather than later!!!! Other than that all is well image
  • Alnwick2bAlnwick2b Posts: 125
    i spoke too soon, dress is not going to be here in time, only found out yesterday! Have found an alternative as long as it fits in and it fits my moh! so huge bridezilla moment yesterday image
  • mrsrhmrsrh Posts: 433
    I'm not doing too bad at the moment, had a few bridezilla moments about a month ago, am feeling quite calm at the moment (considering we get married on saturday and i dont finish work until friday afternoon!!) although i've one issue to resolve regarding flowers getting delivered on saturday morning, if the florist rings me back image mil2b claims she's arranged it all with her & changed the order, time & delivery address image but rang florist monday, she didn't know anything about any changes, anyway, she's supposed to be ringing me this afternoon to finalise things.
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