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Calling the girls 23rd APRIL .... please keep in touch let usknow how we all get on and let us see your pics .. Good Luck and l???????ve to you all xx not long to go now ..


  • Hayden85Hayden85 Posts: 134
    17 days to go ladies! So exciting, i get to pick my dress up a week today! Hope everyone is feeling relaxed and looking forward to their day! I'm having fun making my table plan at the moment, apparantley i'm not very good at sticking things on straight! best of luck everyone xx
  • Hi,

    I'm also getting married on the 23rd and the stress hasn't hit me yet not sure if it will feel really relaxed about it all, still haven't done everything yet, need to order signing frame, name cards, page boys shirt, page boy gifts, parents gifts, husbands gift, work out what is being put where on the tables, order cakes for the sweet table. But feel that this day is just for us not all the small things but it has bought us a lot closer as he has done loads bless him xx
  • Ali_75Ali_75 Posts: 73
    This is a bit cheeky but can I jump on your thread too please ladies ?? I'm actually the 21st but I've only found a couple of date twins as it's a Thursday and they've pretty much disappeared off here so I have no one to get all excited with for the next couple of weeks ! image

    callyg2006uk - not sure if it's of interest to you but I was going to order a frame and surround, got quoted about £70 but then got exactly what I was after in Ikea - big frame plus a print with the perfect oversized surround. Cost me £22 !
  • Ali_75 i bought one this morning in a flurry on ebay was only £35 so not to bad !
  • MrsRachIrvMrsRachIrv Posts: 674
    i feel like i have loads to do image going to a friends wedding this weekend and don't feel like i've got time, i have a day off tomorrow so going for my hair trial and then gonna crack on with the favors etc. will it ever end and all these little bits that were obsessed with probably won't even matter on the day image xxxx good luck girlies
  • MrsR4evaMrsR4eva Posts: 1,246
    ive had a real dress wobble tonight .. ive tried it all on again and my dress has a 3 hoop petticoat it makes me look massive !! also girls i was wondering how are you transporting your dresses to your venue ? with out it getting all creased .. ?? im paniking that my dress will looked all creased up by the time i get it to the hotel im leaving from ... i dont have much more to do only the mums gifts and the flowers for the venue

    Ali 75 welcome on in .. no problem at all to join in with us girlies

    mrsrachlvr2b ...i know what you mean about all the little bits we keep finding odds and sods to do .. will it really matter on the day ? i now feel we dont have enough fairy lights for teh venue so shall i go off to argos again and get another set of 100 lights were not allowed candles at our venue due to fire hazzard , were getting married in a windmill so No naked flames but the organiser said we can have fairy lights thing is ,. how many fairy lights does a person need to light up a massive windmill ??? lol ...
  • MrsR4evaMrsR4eva Posts: 1,246
    welcome callyg2006uk .. good that your not stressed , im not stressed really either (till tonight with the dress wobble )i just cant wait for it to come now , the countdown is getting so close now , just hope the weather stays nice for us xx
  • Ali_75Ali_75 Posts: 73
    I've just checked weather for the 21st and it says sleet !!! image So I'm going to ignore that forecast til I see one that I like better ! image

    I'll be wearing my dress to the venue as I'm getting ready at home with my folks & my BMs, our venue's only 10 minutes away from our house. Married in a windmill ?? That sounds lovely and you'll have some really original photos too.

    Finding it very hard to concentrate at work as my head is already getting ready on my wedding morning & walking down the aisle !

    Has anyone found any nice 'For my Groom' cards as I'm struggling to find one I like.
  • Hayden85Hayden85 Posts: 134
    Oh my god, sleet?! I really hope that ones wrong! Has anyone bought white umbrellas just in case? Not sure whether to or not!
  • MrsR4evaMrsR4eva Posts: 1,246
    arr my fiance bought me a umberella from harrods this time last year and said to me " this is for your wedding lets hope we dont need it .. its black and white vintage style with frills round the edge and a turned up handle , ill take it but i really hope i dont need it for rain
  • MrsR4evaMrsR4eva Posts: 1,246
    ive not even thought about a card for my groom .. image eeeekkk , i got him a funny card for his stag do tho and some shiney g string pants !! bet hes not pleased !! he;s is today and my hen is 2mrw !!

    ali 75 have you looked on the personlised web sites for a card ? MOONPIG
  • speechukukspeechukuk Posts: 102
    Hey ladies, only just seen this thread!! Eeee 13 days!! Can't believe it! how much is everyone sorted then? I've still got bits to do but nothin much! X
  • Hayden85Hayden85 Posts: 134
    How gorgeous is this weather ladies, lets hope it lasts for all of our big days! H2b stag was last night and he's still asleep now so i know it must of been a good one! Hope everyone has enjoyed or enjoys their hen do!
  • MrsRachIrvMrsRachIrv Posts: 674
    went to the wedding yesterday and it was great going and looking at things that i need to remember for our day. the weather was gorgeous so now i'm panicking it's gonna be crap for our day image defo gonna order a fancy brolly image . hair trial was good too need to pick one of 2 but have asked friends and they've all picked the same so think i'll go with that. supposed to do favors today but was too comotosed (sp) last night i've spent all day recovering quite annoyed with myself really but oh well image hope everyone is feeling ok and not too stressed yet xxx
  • Hi Girls, can I jump on too, I'm Monday 25th and I seem to be the only one! Our overseas guests have started arriving, so excited and still got another week and two days of work....totally can't concentrate. Went out for a massive walk today and got sunburnt, hope it fades in two weeks otherwise I'll have a delightful v shaped patch on my photos!
  • MrsR4evaMrsR4eva Posts: 1,246
    hi lesley1957.. glad you came by its going to be great to see all the photos here of us and i have an amazin tip to get your pics on here actually its so simple i dont know why people dont get it ,, any way if you have read any of my posts i was struggling to find shoes well hey presto i now have them and here they are

  • MrsPetobeMrsPetobe Posts: 16
    Hello everyone! Got back from my hen do yesterday and it was lovely to do no planning all weekend and celebrate me and my friends in the sun on a welsh mountain! It is husband to be's birthday tomorrow and I still haven't got him anything! Luckily I am self-employed and have deliberately got less in my schedule from now till the wedding. Can anyone help me with the order of service for a c of e wedding? I am not sure where the hymns and readings go? We want the marriage itself to be at the end of the ceremony so it builds up to the marriage but not sure how to do this. Also, where do you get the words for hymns for?! I will be emailing the vicar with the order of service but I would like to draft it as far as I can so he can change it / proof read it. How have people got their orders of service printed? This is the only major thing I have to do -it is a bit late though!! image
  • Hayden85Hayden85 Posts: 134
    Hi MrsPetobe, i've copy and pasted mine in for you to have a look at, my vicar said this was perfect but every vicar is different to how they like things laid out. I got the words to the hymns from, hope this helps! I printed them all out myself and made a booklet but you've still time to get the printers to do them.

    MrsR4eva - your shoes are gorgeous!

    Marriage of




    Saturday 23rd April 2011


    All Saints Church


    Bridal Procession R.Wagner (from Lohengrin)

    Welcome and Introduction


    Hymn: All Things Bright and Beautiful

    (words to hymn i've deleted so this post isnt too long!)

    Preface and Declarations

    Reading 1. Corinthians 13

    The Marriage Vows and the Exchange of Rings

    The Blessing

    Signing of the Register


    Hymn: Give Me Joy In My Heart

    (words to hymn)

    Wedding Procession

    F.Mendelssohn (from A Midsummer Night's Drea
  • MrsPetobeMrsPetobe Posts: 16
    Thanks Hayden, this is a huge help. We're having 3 readings and 3 hymns which now seems a bit excessive! I think I am going to email the vicar now.

  • MollyMoggMollyMogg Posts: 71
    Hi everyone

    sorry I havent been on much lately, been so busy with work etc. OMG just seen my countdown and only 12 days to go. It only seems like a minute ago and we had started the 100 day countdown.

    I am starting to panic abit, just because it is going so quickly. Dont really have much to do but starting to get nervous after my phase of no nerves and pure excitement.

    I have just got to put table plan together, finish Order of the Days, bridesmaids last fitting, gifts and other little faffy jobs.

    Im just starting to worry about my dress. Ive been eating so much rubbish this passed week and havent seen my dress since Feb as it was all fitted then. So just waiting for it to be steamed and then collect it the day before. My mum is taking it in her car on top off all the other bits and bobs we are taking to decorate. All I keep thinking is, oh what if its too tight, if it doesnt look good, if people dont like it etc image
  • MrsPetobeMrsPetobe Posts: 16
    Mollymog, people will LOVE it! These are your nearest and dearest, they will be happy, you will be happy, and the beauty will shine through. I know how you feel about eating rubbish though -hen do wasn't exactly healthy!! Good luck!
  • Ali_75Ali_75 Posts: 73
    We get married NEXT WEEK ladies !!!! image

    And from tomorrow I'll be into single figure 'days until...' !

    Still a few bits and pieces to do but feeling suspiciously calm so far, I expect the panic will set in this weekend.

    Picking up my dress on Thursday, pre-wedding cut and colour Friday and final contour wrap Sat. If you've slipped from your pre-wedding diet like I have the past couple of weeks I'd strongly recommend them. I lost over 10 inches on my first one and I'm a size 12/14 so there wasn't too much there to lose in the first place. Just a thought.

    Enjoy your last full week as single ladies everyone and good luck concentrating on work !!
  • MollyMoggMollyMogg Posts: 71
    Thank you MrsPetobe!! I know im just being silly, just fretting a little on daft things. Would be great to see everyones photos afterwards?!

    Only 4 night shifts to go them im done with work, woop woop image
  • MrsR4eva loving your shoes. Mine are in my profile pic, they were a big treat in Florence last September, they're pewter because my dress is silver grey. Have my table plan to do, and burn a couple of cds then it's all about getting gorgeous and trying to get through the last few days of work I guess....and worrying about my chest because it's now gone all bumpy with prickly heat, grrrr, stupid!
  • MrsRachIrvMrsRachIrv Posts: 674
    well girls i've been feeling fab the last couple of weeks after the crap few weeks i had and today i've woken up feeling sick with nerves don't know where it has come from but i hope this doesn't last until the wedding image can't cope with it. oh well getting through the favors tonight and have half a day off tomorrow so can get on with some other stuff. hows everyone else ??? xxxx
  • Ali_75 did you ever get your dress made in the style of Angelina Colarusso's Ava?

    Just wondered how it went because I gave my dressmaker the exact same brief and although I like what she came up with I don't absolutely love it.
  • MrsR4evaMrsR4eva Posts: 1,246
    Arr thanks for the comments about my shoes girls , i love em .. x ive been out again today buying more stuff from the hobby shop i seem to live in there lately , i bought white ribbon for the cars £2.99 big reel of it and white real ribbon for my bouquet ( im doing it my self ) image i cant wait to do my report now are you all going to do one ? ive found the simplest way to add photos here too if you open a photobucket account ( dont use the photo link on here) then once your photos are loaded in photobucket all you do is click the image but right click to copy it and then paste it in this box when you reply to a thread .. ive had no trouble at all loading pics that way .. so no excuses ladies

    as far as my preparations are going we only have the best mans present to buy gonna get theatre tickets for him and his mrs to see a west end show and the mums flowers also going to buy them a silver picture frame to put our wedding pic in ..

    bought more sweets for our sweet shop today and some pretty globe lights that change colour to go with the sweets on the counter ..

    and OMG .... 11 DAYS TO GO , I Also have been having wobbles about my dress ... what if people dont like it whats if they say shes too old to wear that arghhhh .. its stressfull aint it ,
  • Ali_75Ali_75 Posts: 73
    Lesley1957 - no I didn't in the end. I tried a very similar one on and it just didn't really suit me so I had a change of heart and ended up going for Benjamin Roberts 2063 (which I love and can't wait to wear!!). The Ava is a stunning dress though, I'd love to see a pic of yours, hope you're happy with how it turned out.

    MrsR4eva - don't even think about people not liking your dress. You've invited people who love you so all they'll be thinking is 'doesn't she look beautiful'! I know what you mean though, I'm wobbling about my shoes, might even buy a back up pair in case I decide on the morning that I don't like my 1st choice!
  • MrsPetobeMrsPetobe Posts: 16
    Hello everyone,

    I think I finally figured out the order of service -and optimal print will do them in 2 days, phew! I've just gone crazy buying 10 umbrellas and 300 fairy lights...

    I have to do the place cards, the guestbook (a guest tree where guests use their finger prints to make the leaves -so quite a big job as I have to draw the tree!), talk to venue to check everything. and get presents for everyone...

    jeez. In hobbycraft yesterday the checkout lady was mocking me for leaving things so last minute. I am not a fan of that.

    My main worry is that I will regret not paying more attention to details...but I always said my main concerns were lighting and music so I think I've done well with that.

    Good luck everybody!!
  • MrsR4evaMrsR4eva Posts: 1,246
    awee good luck to you too and all the girls xx

    shall we have a run down for each of us .. ill start

    Married .......... windmill in kent

    Reception ...........afterwards at the ajoining barn

    Guests .......50 day and night

    Bridesmaids ......... 3 daughters .. 14yrs 18yrs and 29yrs !

    Main theme colours ...Red White and Black

    Total cost...........estimate 6K

    It all sounds so simple .. small wedding big headache !!
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