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This time next week !!!!

Can't believe there's only a week to go now image

Had my make up trial last night - can't wait to get everything together on the day now !!

Off for a back massage and a facial & scalp massage this afternoon, have some chill out time.

How's everyone else getting on?


  • NowMrsMackNowMrsMack Posts: 2,535
    How exciting!!! Are you excited excited or nervous excited?!
  • Oh my god, I can't believe it either!! This time next week we'll be well into hair and make-up - sooo excited!!

    We're finishing off making our table plan today and sorting honeymoon clothes, as well as finishing off our presents...can't believe we're so nearly there!!x
  • Now_a_MrsNow_a_Mrs Posts: 64
    Woop woop! OMG, a week today we will be becoming a wife!

    Waited so long for this day, can't believe we're so nearly there!
  • I'll probably be married (or almost) this time next week - ceremony is at 1pm, eeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!!

    I'm so excited ,and so ready for honeymoon afterwards! Has anyone started looking at weather reports yet? Much as I'm pleased for all the brides getting married today, I'm a bit gutted the weather is so lovely as I don't think it's going to be anywhere near as sunny next Sat and people will be comparing it.

    I don't really care, but if the weather's bad and anyone says to me "oh it's such a shame as the weather was SO lovely last weekend", I may punch them in the face, hahahaha image
  • mrsrhmrsrh Posts: 433
    I'm definitely excited excited. I do just hope through nerves in a way that everything goes smoothly this week & on the day.

    Have looked at the weather and seen or heard 3 different reports - 1) chance of showers, 2) it's to be dry with sunny spells & 3) it's going to be mixed !!! So who knows lol
  • katyh1982katyh1982 Posts: 505
    heheheh I have been doing pre honeymoon washing all day and trying to get organised as only have 1 day off (ie friday!) Re Weather I remember being told by a friend at uni who was doing metorolgy that anything more than 5 days in advance is less than 40% accurate... fingers crossed!
  • mrsrhmrsrh Posts: 433
    I've all this week planned with what i need to do when & what appts i've got - i don't finish work until friday afternoon !!! I'm not too bothered that i'm not finishing work that late, but kinda started to realise just how much i've got to fit in now lol

    I've got 3 cases to pack too (one for hotel for wedding night, to be taken up to hotel on friday with other items to drop off), our case for honeymoon & my daughters case for her going to stay with family for a few days!! I don't mind the packing, its the ironing that gets me.
  • TDB2011TDB2011 Posts: 984
    Its meant to be sunny with showers here next Saturday, and yes, I may stomp my feet a little as I was at a wedding yesterday and it was such a gorgeous day!
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