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21st April Twins

Hey lovely brides.....Only 8 days left, how are we all feeling, i was great until yesterday when i was told moh dress not going to be here in time image , Have finally found a replacement, it is not the same and i wont know until friday if it will go with the other dresses, but i am keeping optimistic!

Other than that all is going well, and i am not too stressed about things.

Has anyone else had any last minute hitches?


  • Ali_75Ali_75 Posts: 73
    Yaaay, another 21st bride ! I had to invade a 23rd thread because I couldn't find any other 21st's on here !!

    Nightmare about your MOH dress but at least you got a replacement & even if it's not an exact match with the others, try not to stress (easier said than done right ?!), I'm sure they'll still look gorgeous.

    I had a nightmare with my hair & make up trial a couple of weeks ago. She kept moving it back and when it eventually happened I wasn't at all happy. Thankfully I've found another hairdresser and I've had a Bobbi Brown make up lesson so I can do my own make up just better than usual - panic over !

    One or two other tiny hiccups but I'm trying not to worry about the small stuff, I'm sure it'll all go fabulously.
  • Alnwick2bAlnwick2b Posts: 125
    Relieved at the MoH dress, it will work, but it is not least i will still have her there for me on the day, which is the most important thing.

    i had full hair trial last night and that went accordingly, i will have a look at that bobbi brown, as i am also doing my own make-up.

    Where abouts are you getting married, we are getting married at marsh farm, wootton bassett. It is all very exciting now especially with only 6 days left.....

    If i don't come on here before the 21st, i hope you have an absolutely fantastic day with glorious weather.x.x.x.x image
  • Ali_75Ali_75 Posts: 73
    I'm getting married at a place called Inglewood Manor in Ledsham (South Wirral).

    Picked up my dress last night and seeing it hanging up in our spare room made everything suddenly seem very real and close and I haven't stopped grinning since !

    You have a fabulous day too. Hope it's everything you've dreamed of.
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