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21st April 2012

Woooohooooo, is anyone else getting married on this date? What have you planned so far?


  • Squee! Me!

    We've booked our venue, photographer and celebrant. I've exhausted the dress shops and will be meeting with dressmakers and G has started thinking about fabrics for his kilt suit.

    Ooh! And I've got my ring and we've ordered G's.

    We're also getting quotes from caterers and florists.

    We're making our own cake and quite a lot of my accessories. I'm big on DIY.
  • I am image So far we have booked the band, the celebrant, picked out our venu image lol and thats about it :/ xx
  • Hey SGR!

    Epic name, by the way, and absolutely true. What's your venue? Are you having a humanist celebrant too? What type of band are you having?
  • Wooo wedding buddies image

    We're not even engaged but we've booked the venue and I've got my dress! Slightly crazy, but I'm happy all the same!!
  • SpecialSundaeSpecialSundae Posts: 3,029
    Hey Ruffled Bride,

    Welcome to the forum! We're a friendly bunch here.

    Okay... I've now sorted a videographer (well, we get two with our package with 2-3 cameras), a friend's mum is doing flowers, we got a fantastic caterer and we've had our first meeting with our celebrant. Ooh! And we're pencilled in the diary for a professional fireworks company.
  • shoe_gal_84shoe_gal_84 Posts: 769
    Hi all,

    I've been on here a few months and can't believe that I've only just discovered this part of the Forums!!!

    I'm also an April 21st 2012 bride. So far I have booked the hall for the ceremony, the registrar, the reception venue and the photographer.

    Lots more to do, and emails flying around all over the place but just loving it!
  • Slinky30Slinky30 Posts: 25

    I'm also a date twin, so far have booked the church, reception, cars and DJ. Have also found my perfect dress. image

    Emma x
  • awww i love that there are quite a few of us!!

    Where are you all getting married?
  • shoe_gal_84shoe_gal_84 Posts: 769
    I'm having the ceremony at Blackfriars Hall in Norwich, followed by a reception at Stower Grange. It's a lovely 11 bedroomed hotel and really beautiful. Lovely gardens too, so just hope the weather is nice!
  • Eeek so exciting!!

    My maid of honour came down this weekend and we got her dress (already, I know!) - a gorgeous dark blue one shoulder number from Coast image we've decided on a theme of blue and yellow - the bridesmaids and I are having yellow and white roses for our bouquets, and we're having daffodils on the tables as it's Spring.

    Have also started putting together a guest list (my OH's family is HUGE so we need to start making a few cuts and have time to mull over!).

    How is everyone else getting along?

  • Hey, i got engaged two weeks ago and am also getting married on 21st April 2012. image

    We've got the church and the reception venue booked (in Rugby my home town) and thats it so far. Hard to know where to start in regards to dress shopping, flowers etc! Any tips anyone. image
  • Hi kyleemlewis! Welcome to the board!

    I bought my dress on ebay having seen it on an episode of "Don't Tell the Bride" without even trying it on so I'm probably not well placed for advice!! image
  • What dress have you got RuffledBride. Im thinking about using yourbridal, I cant bring myself to pay 1k for a dress that I am only going to wear once!!
  • SpecialSundaeSpecialSundae Posts: 3,029
    Why not have something made that you will be able to wear again?

    I'm fully intending to wear my dress again. I've made Grant promise we can go to a formal ball once a year so I can wear my wedding dress (albeit without the train).
  • amybride2b I've got Pronovia Galante (in my profile pic) - I completely love it and have to stop myself trying it on everytime h2b is out the house!!
  • SpecialSundaeSpecialSundae Posts: 3,029
    Squee! I've just booked our fireworks. I really hope they come out well.
  • shoe_gal_84shoe_gal_84 Posts: 769
    Has anyone booked entertainment yet? I'm torn between a DJ or a band!
  • SpecialSundaeSpecialSundae Posts: 3,029
    We're having both.

    My mum has a friend who has a ceilidh/klelzmer band (Scottish and Eastern European Jewish music) so has booked her and we love retro/swing music so we've booked a DJ who specialises in that too. We want people dancing all night.
  • gemzy17gemzy17 Posts: 121
    Hi girls, I'm also a 21st April 2012 bride! Just over a year to go!! I have booked venue, photographer, cars, pianist, dj and chosen my dress. I am also thinking of a midnight blue colour. At the moment I am searching shops for bridesmaid dresses but have seen some in debenhams that I really like. Also looking at booking the honeymoon soon to get the early bird prices! So exciting!! X
  • Hi gemzy17! I'm going for a dark blue colour too, with yellow and white flowers.

    There are some gorgeous blue dresses in Coast - obv don't know your budget but I love them! I've picked the Ciara - totally in love with it!
  • SpecialSundaeSpecialSundae Posts: 3,029
    Midnight blue with white and yellow sounds gorgeous.

    Where are you getting married, Gemzy and Ruffled?
  • Thanks SpecialSundae!

    We're getting married in my home town in my mum's church and then having the reception in the Guildhall in Hull, which is where my sister had hers last year image

    I've seen your venue - totally gorg & romantic!!
  • Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhh you have all done so much!! I have only booked the venue and got the bridesmaids dresses!! I am going to try some dresses on next Friday hopefully, ok im getting worried now!
  • shoe_gal_84shoe_gal_84 Posts: 769
    I am swaying towards and band and a DJ as have found a very reasonable band.

    Ordered my Save The Date magnets yesterday, it's so exciting!
  • ooh they sound like a great idea - where did you get them from?
  • Slinky30Slinky30 Posts: 25
    We've gone for both a band and DJ, we are having a Jazz band during for a few hours and then a Dj from 7 for the rest of the evening.

    TBH we have mainly done that because we are getting married at 11am so it is a long day and we don't want guests to get bored.
  • shoe_gal_84shoe_gal_84 Posts: 769
    A year today everyone! Technically it's 366 days though as 2012 is a leap year - one extra day for planning!!!!
  • Yay a year to go!!!!
  • SpecialSundaeSpecialSundae Posts: 3,029
    Squee! What time are we all due at the church/registry office/other ceremony venue?

    I'm 3pm, although I'm bound to be late!
  • I'm 3pm too image
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