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Hi Ladies,

I'm on the hunt for the perfect florist (based in Cheshire or surrounding areas). I met with Mat of Red Floral Architecture at the weekend and was MEGA impressed. Hi wrk is stunning, and he has so many fantastic ideas. He's in the process of preparing me a quote at the moment and, before I pay over a deposit, does anyone know if a better north west florist? I'm looking for something really bling-vintage, generally over the top!



  • hello!!

    ive seen this florist too - thought the work was amazing! like you im going for a vintage look and some of their bouquets are perfect! did you get a quote back? matt is local to where i live so am very tempted to use him for convinience as well as fab flowers!
  • Hi,

    Their original quote was £3900(!), and after negotiation, I got him down to £3300. Amazing as the flowers are, I just can't justify spending anywhere near that kind if money on flowers. I want an OTT look, and have set myself a £2k budget, which I believe is more than enough to get the look I want. I'm currently on the look out for an alternative to Red...

    Keep me posted if you find any other florists who look good image xx
  • Im also in the cheshire area and was thinking of using red floral but i think they are way over priced! Im using art of weddings and I have strong oppinions and syle ideas that anyone can do if you trawl the web and print lots of pics of things that you like/hate just to start the ball rolling. Im having an extravagant regal theme and gone all out and its nothing like the cost of red floral. They have done a couple of C list celeb weddings so have set there prices on the strength of this i think. Im not a normally savvy shopper and as they say you get what you pay for but some people think that thousands means the best but with flowers thats not the case, so by my careful choosing has now meant i can have EXTRA special wedding rings that i can look at daily and think there worth every penny image
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    Hi Smittenkitten don't know if you've found anyone yet, but Flower Design are meant to be pretty good, and they seem to travel around the NW area....they have a great blog you can look through too.
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    after scouring the web etc for a florist I was delighted when I stumbled across Red Floral Architecture at a brdial fair at Trafford centre near manchester.........I was really quite taken a back by the amazing ideas and the quality of the work.......i also noticed Art of Weddings just across on another stand and whilst it was nice it wasnt special....I am actually a C list celeb but was dealt with like an A list bride...........and im sorry but you do get what you pay for especially with fresh flowers and as far as Im concerned we didnt spend thousands and dont think we paid over the sure your other company will do good job of the regal theme that you want thanks for promoting me as well cos i had me down as a z list celeb!!
  • sorry but c listers stick together and as for red floral in my opinion your paying for there ideas and i already had my own i just needed someone to create them. Im sure red floral will be good for you wedding10 but then im sure you will also be added to there c list/z list iternet page!
  • well can I add my tenpence worth please? I have met and seen red floral architectures work in the flesh and yes you do get what you pay for and in my opinion there is NO-ONE anywhere in the north (or south) who has the fresh innovative ideas that they do - yes so you pay for them but they are brilliant and have the wow factor and after the dress its the flowers that are looked at in your pics. No one matches them for ideas or quality after seeing the flowers at The Monastery for a friends wedding and hearing us all gasp when we walked in I would rec to everyone and anyone stunning
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    Thanks for this - I was blown away by their pics and am so glad to find out sooner rather than later that I'd likely be blown away by their prices too. Phew. image

    Any other suggestions for the area? Smitten kitten any luck? I am looking at my venue recommendeds and have the following contenders: (LOVE!!) (probably expensive, although some basic price-guides on site) (website nothing special but they've done my venue and deposit to secure date is only £25 so sounds like it would be budget friendly)

    but again no clue on prices and don't want to waste my time if it's way off budget or they can't do what I want! We only want a minimalist look and are collecting our own containers for centerpieces, just-add-flowers basically...(a large part of the costing comes from hire of stands etc so I hear) But got to find time to go see people and that's a challenge right now!

    Good luck and let me know if you have any success! image
  • like i prevously mentioned when choosing the decor for the wedding if you already know what you want and can trust in a floral decorator then why pay for "blow you away prices" when you have decided yourself exactly how you want "blow you away decor"? Im sure red floral are very good and so is there work but if i hired them i would get exactly the same thing as most other good quality decorator but without the price tag and the "oh they did such and so celeb wedding" so it makes sense if you want to leave it to someone else then red floral would be good but for me i haved loved shopping around and browsing magazines and putting my own ideas together to create a personal feel for my special day image i work in a position where we sell a product and service and have sold to many celebs and new clients usually ask what they was like and purchased, but to be honest the company i worked for previously was as good,cheaper and same product but not in an afluent area of cheshire! Im not putting red floral down im offering advice image im sure everyone will have a lovely day and lets remember its not about the dress or flowers but becoming your best friends wife all the rest are small details.
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    Agreed. However, how can I tell the difference between a "visionary" florist and a plain as you like common-or-garden florist?? :-S
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    Cant recomment Jane from Flower Design enough!! Met with her over the weekend and she is fantastic.......we have also met with Mat and although I would be more than confident that his work would be amazing his customer service doesnt even come close to that of Janes. The great thing about Jane is that she asks you how much you want to spend whereas Mat let you wait weeks for the quite......which you need to be sat and strapped to the seat for when the quote actually arrives. Girls take a look at Flower Design by Jane, she has helped put my mind at rest and I know I can leave a large part of my wedding in her capable hands.



  • In my opnion Redfloral beat any florest I've every stumbled across hands down. Yes they are expensive but u get what u pay for. Mat is fab, fab, fab!!!!!! And I can't wait to see what inspiration and originality he brings to my wedding. Roll on July 19th 2014 so excitedimage vicky an Chris xxx

  • If You saw the work Red Floral do in the flesh then you would be even more stunned,blown away, mesmerised and speechless. You do get what you pay for and Red are no more expensive than any other florist but the ideas and standard of floristry you get from Mat and his Team is second to NONE !! You don't have to spend enormous sums to get something special but Red floral are extraordinary and go that extra mile for every bride they work with. If you want WOW then Red will give you WOW
  • Oh and they do weddings all over the country too. They are well travelled
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    How interesting Lady B... this is your very first post and you (and 'Victoria') have managed to resurrect an old thread on Red Floral Architecture... it's pretty obvious you're both affiliated with the florist; I'm just surprised that given your work is so 'extraordinary' you've opted to plug your business on here in such an ordinary, lame way.image 

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