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hi everyone

im getting married on 21st april 2012 and my invites have just turned up.i want to give my guest plenty of notice as im not sending out save the dates so when do you think i should post my invites?




  • MrsPLMrsPL Posts: 417
    I think it's a bit soon - people won't know what theyre doing that far in advance and you may get people forgetting to RSVP as its so far in advance! Why not send save the dates? We've just sent our out and will send our invites in January xxx
  • SpecialSundaeSpecialSundae Posts: 3,029
    I'm sending ours out in October for the evening invitations. I want to give lots of time for overseas invitees to sort flights etc.
  • MrsCloMrsClo Posts: 637
    That's a good idea SpecialSundae - I've been fretting that some people are coming such a long way to get to us, I might do a similar thing.
  • thirdthingthirdthing Posts: 582
    If you have guests coming from abroad then send them out sooner rather than later. Save the date cards are lovely but of course add to your budget.

    I am thinking I will send my invitations out around Christmas time (to save costs I will send them with Christmas cards) but most peple will know by then anyway and the invitaiton will just be a formality.

    I'm not yet officially engaged - only one or two special people know I am planning a wedding.
  • I set up a website and gave the link to family that will need accommodation and transport sorted that way they know where and when it is. I gave save the dates out to those faraway ppl too, planning to send invites in January with a beginning of March deadline xxx
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