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Spring flowers

I was just wondering which flowers you lovely April brides are choosing? I'm torn between peonies and hydrangea but aren't sure if they're in season at the beginning of April? I've read conflicting things on different websites.

Also when do you start booking the florists? I know its a while a way yet, but I really want to get a handle on budget and wasn't sure if like other suppliers, good florists get booked early. And last question, how much should i expect to pay for bouquets and buttonholes? I really have no idea when it comes to flowers, help is certainly appreciated! image


  • MrsCloMrsClo Posts: 637
    with me getting wed on 7th april (easter sat) I am trying to book one asap. As for flowers one florist told me hydrageas are out :-S I am hoping to go for a sort of wild, spring-ish look with purple touches. But exact flower choices will probably depend on what we can afford - it's been difficult getting quotes from people without literally meeting with them. I hear £5 is about right for buttonholes and bouquets can be anything from 50 to 150 depending on what you want. I am hoping to pay less for the venue flowers as we're going for glass bottles/jars and I have found a florist willing (and in fact keen!) to fill them rather than have us hire massive martini glasses and candelabras for hundreds of pounds! So hopefully we can stretch to a nice bouquet and some posies for the bet is go to some consultations though (which I still haven't done so I feel for you!) and definitely go with a recommended florist (e.g. by your venue/venue dressers). Businesses that work together and vouch for each other are more reliable.

    hope some of that helps! good luck! xxx
  • MrsCloMrsClo Posts: 637
    ps sorry for awful spelling/typos but I am too tired to care today!
  • I'm getting married April 8th and recently met with a lovely florist (they did my mam's mother's day flowers which were gorgeous). I explained I only wanted spring flowers and we've settled on tulips, freesias, hyacinthes and ranuculus, probably all in pinks and whites. We're having enamel jugs and glass vases for the tables so I'm hoping that keeps costs down. Like you, I wondered if it was a bit early to be booking a florist but we also wanted to know how much we'll be spending (still waiting for the quote though). And they've already got another wedding booked in that day so it can't be too early! I'll let you know when we get the quote to give you an idea about prices
  • HL2010HL2010 Posts: 195
    Thank you! Im off to a wedding fayre at the end of the month so hopefully there will be some florists there that I can chat to! I didnt think of asking my venue so i will definitely look into that also! April seems such a long way off but im sure it'll arrive soon!
  • SpecialSundaeSpecialSundae Posts: 3,029
    I had a bit of a heart-attack when I started getting quotes from florists. Maybe it's just in Scotland but they seem to be a horrendous rip-off. For simple table centres which cost about £10 per table to put together including buying the vases and the flowers I was being quoted at least £35 plus vase hire.

    A friend's mum offered to do our flowers and I'm hoping she can still do them. Otherwise I'll probably do the table-centres myself and book a florist just for the bouquets and buttonholes.

    I'm having red roses with chillies for my bouquet, ivory roses for the girls, red rose with thistle for G's buttonhole and ivory roses with thistles for the other men.

    And the table centres are probably going to be tall vases with gypsophila surrounded by three votive candles and three votive holders also filled with gypsophila on mirror plates.
  • HL2010HL2010 Posts: 195
    That sounds lovely special sundae, havn't decided on centre pieces yet, so much choice! Am going to have a look on some wedding sites for inspiration!
  • Im getting married on the 13th of April and also really wanted peonies/ hydrange! I've spoken to a trustworthy florist in my area and he warned me that because peonies have such a small window of being in season in the summer, having them in a bouquet in the spring could ring up quite a hefty bill. They would be forced flowers and you cannot always guarantee them to be good quality either. I am now trying to decide wether to go with Old Roses or hydrange image
  • shoe_gal_84shoe_gal_84 Posts: 769
    We are getting married on 21st April. I've just booked appointments with some florists for next Monday to get an idea.

    I love calla lilies and gerberas but just can't see how they could work together!
  • Finally got our quote through and it was about what I was expecting. It's £70 for my bouquet, £40 for each of the bridesmaids, £20 per table centre and £3 per button hole. We're also having a display over the mantlepiece that the ceremony's infront of which is £50. We're not having a top table display but we're going to put the bridesmaids bouquets in jugs instead.

    Hope all the planning is going well!
  • MrsPLMrsPL Posts: 417
    I'm thinking of doing my flowers myself...Our venue provides white roses for the tables, ceremony and reception so it will only be my bouquet, 2 BM's and buttonholes and I think this will be doable as I'm not a big flower person - I'm thinking of buying a load of white/cream/jasmine coloured flowers and doing it the night before with sage green ribbon to tie each bouquet and going to inspirations (wedding wholesale place)to get little crystals. I am also having lavender as favours for the ladies so would like some lavender in my flowers. What does everyone think? As you can tell i'm not very knowledgeable on flower types I kind of just know in my head what I want lol! xxx
  • We are getting married on the 14th of April and me and my CM are making the flowers - only cream roses but all fake, I shameslessly intend to sell them on ebay again afterwards.

    I am not having a flower bouquet though but a brooch bouquet and for table centres we are using the rose topiary trees from confetti.
  • MrsCloMrsClo Posts: 637
    Oh god - we still don't have a florist!! And we are getting wed on Easter Saturday!! :-S *throws self into panic*
  • HL2010HL2010 Posts: 195
    Well i've seen a few florists now and have found one who was brill, have decided on a handtied ivory peony bouquet for myself and raspberry hydrangeas for my maids. Costing £70 for mine and approx £20 for bridesmaids £3 each buttonhole and £20 per table centerpiece including square mirrored vases. Very pleased just waiting for April to roll on!
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