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New Member-hello fellow brides!

Hi ladies,

My name is Claire, I am 31 years old, and finally, after being together for over 14 years, chris and I are finally getting married on 14th April!!!!

I have been an avid viewer of this forum and site since I first got engaged (back in 2008).

However, circumstances did not really allow me to be a regular poster. At the time I had just returned back to work for an Investment bank after having my second daughter and my eldest has just started school. So life has been pretty hectic! however, in December (last year,2011) I was made redundant. to be honest, it has turned out to be the best thing ever!!!! I now, have lots of time for my lovely girls, aged 8 and 4, I have been doing lots of decorating (which dp is very pleased with) and now Christmas is done and dusted....... WEDDING PLANNING!!!!

So I have bitten the bullet, and joined up so I can chat to my fellow April Brides!

I look forward to getting to know you all and sharing in the planning for our special days image)

Claire x


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  • Hellooooo!
  • Hi,

    Having small wedding invite nightmare today, all was set to be printed today but the pr inters machine is not working....aaarrrggghhhh!!!! I am giving it till tomorrow mid morning, but may have to find another printer as I really want invites out by Saturday! I feel I have left it too late already. The original plan was to have them all ready for posting in the first few days of January. But, for numerous reasons that did not happen.

    On a positive note, the menus and RSVP returns are ready for me to print at home. Tomorrow it's envelope address writing. So I will get there I'm sure!

  • Hi

    Im getting married April the 13th after 15 years together and am also 31! How are all your wedding plans going?
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