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Not long now...

2 to 3 months left now, and we'll all be married! How exciting!

What do you still have left to do? And how many invitees are you waiting to hear from?



  • So exciting, I can't wait!

    I'm wearing high street for the big day, but I've recently had my head turned by another dress...! Eek! What to do!

    Other than that, we've still got evening invitations to send out, and little bits and pieces to get for the tables, cameras, confetti etc. How about you?
  • HL2010HL2010 Posts: 195
    Its so exciting isn't it? I feel like a kid at christmas, so much so that I'm struggling to fall asleep at night as I keep myself awake thinking of the wedding! I pick up my wedding dress on monday, which will make it seem more real. Just can't wait to be married now! 13 more sleeps! image
  • MrsCloMrsClo Posts: 637

    My OH keeps starting sentences with, "you know it's getting close when..." His last one was, "you're buying dairy whose sell by date outlives your wedding date!" image

    How much have we got left to do? I have two sides of A4 that I am crossing off as swiftly as I can, but some of those include orders of service, wedding cake, vows...not so easy!
  • Bb5Bb5 Posts: 275
    you getting married good fri yeah? How exiting, lets hope these snow rumours bugger off.
  • MrsCloMrsClo Posts: 637
    I saw the 10 day forecast for my wedding venue and it says "mostly sunny" so I am not worrying just yet! image

    It's not until the Sat, I don't know why my ticker is a day ahead! But still close! So yours is the day after mine. Are you all set? image
  • Bb5Bb5 Posts: 275
    Yep just finalising the table plan and making place cards, my little niece/flowergirls hair is starting to grow back which is amazing as hopefully that means she is over the worst of the whole horrid situation

    and me and the h2b found out his sis is pregnant (due sept) again, a few days ago so our new niece/nephew will also be there (kind of) yay.
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