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My Hen this weekend - that makes the wedding close!!

Ahhh, i'm so excited (although slightly scared haha!)

My hen do starts tonight and I haven't got a clue what we are doing / where we are going! I know that we are having a party at somebodies house tonight and then leaving to wherever we are going tomorrow morning.

I hope they are kind haha!

Any other April Brides had their hen do's yet? x x x


  • adelly2005adelly2005 Posts: 194
    Not yet! Our hen and stag dos are on the 18th April - 2 nights before the wedding. Can't believe how quickly the weeks are flying by...scary!

    Hope you have a fab weekend whatever they have planned for you! image
  • Ooh Adelly you are brave two nights before!! image

    The reason we are having our a bit earlier than planned is that some of our friends get married a month after us, and so we needed to have all 4 stags and hens before our wedding otherwise we would be on honeymoon when they had theirs, and the boys are each other's Best Men.

    I am excited, and nervous though, although i do trust them, not knowing anything is a very strange experience!
  • adelly2005adelly2005 Posts: 194
    You are right about being brave..I can't handle nights out like I used to. I don't want to be a drunkard casualty the next day so might ask one of the more sensible members of the group to make sure I go steady image

    The stags are all under very strict instructions not to shave any eyebrows off/draw on groom in permanant marker pen etc (I say this after hearing stories from stag dos of the past argh) I don't want any evidence of their night out in the wedding pics haha!

    I arranged the hen do cos it's in Vegas and I know it, so seemed easier - but I think it's great you have a surprise coming...makes it even more exciting! image
  • Ooh i would love it if my hen do was in Vegas - i can guarantee it is not though haha! I look forward to hearing all about your Vegas wedding (we are going there for a few days on our honeymoon!)
  • MrsCloMrsClo Posts: 637
    Oooh cool hun not long now! It's my hubby2be's stag this weekend, my hen is the weekend after. Can't believe how fast it's come around! Looks like we're heading for great wedding weather touch wood! image
  • hey, how did you all get on?

    We've got our hen and stag weekends this weekend coming, I'm simultaneously looking forward to them and dreading them! I'm worried about what will happen to H2B whilst he's away and I'm worried about completing a wild goose chase on Friday myself (though that's another story!)
  • Hi there,

    It went really well thank you! The girls did an incredible job. Friday night we had an 80's house party with lots of party games and a cocktail flairer - who was brill!

    Saturday we went to Bournemouth, did "its a Knockout," which is great fun!! and then had a night out, a nice dinner, a private party bus with drinks and karaoke and finished off in a club!

    They were amazing, but i have to say i did feel quite nervous for the whole weekend, just because it was all about me! I didn't really like all the focus being on me, but i tried to take it as a practice run for the big day!

    I'm sure your girls will do you proud too, make sure you update how it goes! image
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