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3 weeks arrgggghhhh

i cant believe its only 3 weeks till we get married, the last year has gone by so quickly.

how are you other brides getting on who get married on 28th??


  • LR82LR82 Posts: 639
    i know how you feel..... sooooo exciting, im nervous too though. I dont actually get married on the 28th, for us its the 20th - only 13 days eeeeeek!!

    we will have been engaged 18 months , but its flown.

    are you all organised? x
  • MrsM2be2012MrsM2be2012 Posts: 143
    think i'm pretty much there, just have to email photo list to photographer and speak to videographer oh yeah and have dress fittings. i've been off work for last year so i've had plenty of time to get stuff sorted.

    how about yourself, you got much m ore to do?

  • MoshBMoshB Posts: 35
    Hey, I'm 28th as well, been engaged since last March. I thought I didnt have much, but listening to you two I have loads!!

    Hen next weekend

    Tableplan not finalised (dont get me started on this, some of my family have been shocking with their RSVPS! but I cant really complain as they're mostly coming from abroad and the idea of an invite-only wedding with a formal seating plan is very unusual in our culture)

    Write place cards

    CAR (last minute change of plan and now want to book something!)

    Tieing ribbons around favours

    Buy crayons+pencils for kids activity book

    Make confetti cones

    Oh dear, need to stop now as writing this list is freaking me out!!!
  • MrsM2be2012MrsM2be2012 Posts: 143
    MoshB you'll be fine, it'll all come together, at least thats what i keep telling myself. i've more or less got my table plan sorted just waiting on three elderly relatives to get back to us, but their family tend not to rush anything so they'll be getting a phonecall this week. just want the day to be here but am sure it will be soon enough.
  • LR82LR82 Posts: 639

    I am all pretty much sorted ( i think). I finish work on fri so have a week to do all the last min bits. These will mainly be :-

    -make favours up

    - go to a mac stand to get wedding make over & buy the relevent make up & bits

    - wrap all presents

    - tidy my flat from top to bottom ( got mil2b and one of the ushers staying for a couple of nights and h2b and all his men staying at ours the night before the weding.)

    - tans and semi perm false eye lasheses for me & my bridesmaids 2 days before the wedding with nibbles & champers

    - nails, toes & blow dry the day b4 wedding.

    - myself , my 2 adult bridesmaids (my sisters) MIL2B, H2B's cousin & daughter ( little bridesmaid) are all staying in our venue the night before.

    its all very exciting but i am getting a little nervous too.

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