There's an April 2013 thread... woo!

Anyone else thinking of getting married April 2013? And am I crazy to be thinking about planning and venue hunting already? Feels like ages away but my friend getting married in 2012 said her venue is already taking 2013 bookings. Plus I'm so excited I'm not sure I can wait to start hehe!


  • You're not crazy! Well if you are I am! I've booked the venue, photographer and Videographer image yay!
  • Yay! When are you getting married? I'm so excited about planning it all and think we'll def book the venue(s) soon. We know where we want but its just a matter of getting the price down lol.
  • We can't really negotiate price, it all depends on our menu choices but good on you for doing it!

    We're getting married on Sat 6th April as I'm a teacher and it's the second weekend of the Easter hold so I get time before and after!

    When do u think you'll book for?xx
  • Yeah a certain amount of ours (ie the food) can't be negotiated either but there is a venue fee that I'm hoping they can reduce. We are also going for a saturday for similar reasons to you - a lot of my and my fiance's family work in schools so getting time off for them is hard. I'm hoping for after Easter though - the 27th!
  • I'm getting married on 5th April 2013!!!

    I've already been engaged for 7 months and its flown by.

    I have my Dress, venue, decorations, dj, photographer, material for BM dresses, transport, jewellery and invitations organised and booked.

    Serious planning went on in my crazy brain and thankfully now, we have nothing to worry about til about 8 months before the big day!!!

    I thought i was the only one in april.

    Ive been waiting for months for someone to post on this section.

  • Hello princessbecbec, welcome to the thread! I can't wait for 2013, hopefully the time will fly by - sounds like it already is for you. Hopefully booking my evening venue on Sun, but thats basically all I've done other than note down LOTS of ideas! Time to get saving now... image
  • It's quite scary how much I have already planned and put deposits on. I'm an organising freak and need to be in control 100% of the time image

    You'll get things planned in time, trust me, it was so easy once we had a colour and theme to base our ideas around. It just took off from there.

    Make sure you get a list of all friends that have a special talent or have good contacts. They've help me cut my budget in half!!! image

    My aunty is an ex professional seamstress, so i've bought the material for 4 BM dresses for £200 and she's making them from the pattern i bought for free!

    My sister works with a lady who does wedding cakes, and we've managed to get a 100 piece, 2-tier cake for £200.

    My H2B's mum's nextdoor neighbour is a professional photographer, charging us £300 from 9am til 9pm!!!! BARGAIN!!!

    I'm a qualifed hairdresser and my mate from college is a Make-up artist.

    The list is endless...Seriously...really start investigating your friends, neighbours, colleagues out!!1

    Let me about the progress you make with planning and I'll keep you posted about mine!!!

    Good Luck
  • It's brilliant so many people are able to help out. I've already started asking around and am hoping to do the flowers myself with a little help from family. Feeling a little deflated today as the venue that I LOVE for our reception is refusing to lower the price at all, even though they will for 2011/2012 weddings. Maybe I'm being naive but assumed haggling was to be expected!

    Keep me updated!
  • Haggling is a must have for any supplier for a wedding babe.

    My venue price for this yr was £3500 and went up 5% each year, so i'm paying £4025 for 2013.

    Haggle your ass off hun.

    Keep me posted too x
  • Hi I'm a newbie on here, I am getting married 13th April 2013 seems so long till the wedding but everyone has said book asap. We are looking around but soo many places are silly money! Do have my dress tho! SOOOOOOOOO excited feels real now! image
  • Hi dozyblondecow! Yep, I didn't think we'd need to book for ages but surprising how things book up so we are getting our venue sorted as soon as we have a deposit! It is ridiculously expensive, some venues I looked at online wanted £4000 just for the hire, no food. Didn't even bother looking round those as our budget is nowhere near that much. V exciting you have your dress!
  • Given in and gone for the venue we love, as we can't find anything nicer without spending A LOT more. Couldn't get the price down at all which was disappointing but if I tried haggling 3 times on seperate occassions with no success, then I doubt anyone else is getting a deal from them either. Managed to trim the budget elsewhere with a little help from our friends. Have now booked the church and evening reception - am so excited!!
  • Hi Ladies, So glad there is a thread for April 2013, was getting tired of people telling me thats too far away to start planning! I think its a great idea to start planning from now, so you dont have much worries closer to the date.

    I'm getting married 28th April 2013 and have so far penciled in the date at the venue, started making invitations, researched the hen party details ( we are going abroad to Miami) starting looking into the catering and started trying on wedding dresses.

    Having a problem with finding a dress though, not sure whether to settle for something in a sample sale or to keep trying on dresses regardless of budget till i find one i really love!

  • Dunmoodie28, you are getting married the day after me!

    Your hen night sounds like it'll be amazing. I haven't started dress shopping yet but I think the good thing about planning so early is you have chance to look round a few sample sales as there's no rush, so if you find one you love great, but if not you still have time to look around or spend more if you have to. Budget is important, but you have to have a dress you feel amazing in!
  • I'm getting married 26th April 2013 and I have booked venue, band and ordered my dress!! I'm so pleased to see i'm not the only one planning well in advance, need all the time we can get to save!! Hopefully it will be like April this year sunny image xxx
  • I'm getting married the day after you karynm123! So exciting!
  • TheFutureMrsHH Thats really cool! where are you getting married? We have chosen a mansion in surrey.

    I have found a dress maker who will make any dress (including designer copies) so I'm going to make an appointment to see her. She does have some amazing dresses already.

    She's called Evangelina's bridal boutique so if your anywhere near SW London check her out.


    karynm123 - did you order it from a bridal boutique? quite a few of them looked at me stragely when I said 2013! Berketex brides was really good on the other hand.

  • Hi dunmoodie, we are having a church wedding followed by a reception at a local farm which has a gorgeous restuarant and marquee at the back. I know a farm sounds odd but it is a hop farm so its got beautiful fields/orchards etc surrounding it and all the food is locally grown etc. Plus there's a few animals to keep the kids entertained during photos etc. Am so excited!

    The mansion sounds lovely, and Surrey has some beautiful areas (I'm in Kent).

    Thanks for the tip, I will have a look! Am prob going to start dress shopping late this year/early next year.

    Just a warning, I've heard a few bad rumours about Berketex - am sure its just a couple of one-off incidents and perhaps only relevant to the shops near me but if you do get your dress from there just make sure you check how much they charge for alterations etc in advance image
  • Has anyone else been feeling the pressure? I was starting to think I had been planning it too early as I keep reading about these amazing weddings and finding things that you just "have to have", began worrying about the budget and how i would ever make sure everyone had fun.

    That was until Saturday, I went to a wedding at a car show - the couple had met through their cars - the bride, lovely lovely woman has spinal cancer and has been told she has until xmas. The marquee was basic but gorgeous, they had sweets in taffeta bags on the tables, a dj, a bar and a buffet and I've never been to such a happy wedding.

    I want my day to be memorable for the right reasons as anyone does but overall I want happiness and everyone we love there celebrating with us - that doesn't need to cost a fortune image

    So much more relaxed now!
  • Yay for April 2013

    April 7th for me 8)
  • Yay! Glad there's more April brides!
  • We've just set the date 26th April 2013! I'm so excited

    Booked the church but can't decide on the reception venue image
  • I've just got prices and are about to put a deposit on our venue+church!!

    Our date is hopefully 20th April 2013 imageimage

    Have found the dress, entertainment and theme now just have to wait for the finances to sort it all! image
  • Hurray! We are April 2013 too but need to decide on a definite date! Think I have the reception venue and theme sorted - thinking a 40s style party in a village hall near us. Have seen a dress I REALLY love, a David Fielden number, but it is CRAZY money so have made an appointment to see a bridal dressmaker who thinks she can make something very similar in November. Am trying SO hard not to steam ahead with planning BUT IT IS SO EXCITING!!!
  • Hello ladies image well after changing our minds twice about the month we have now settled on April 2013 image we found our gorgeous venue today and booked for the 5th April! So excited!
  • Quoted:
    Hello ladies well after changing our minds twice about the month we have now settled on April 2013 we found our gorgeous venue today and booked for the 5th April! So excited!


    Wedding Date Twin x x x x x x x. imageimageimageimageimage
  • Yay! More April brides!
  • MMDVDMMDVD Posts: 79
    No not too early,lots of people like to get things booked so they know what they have left to pay. I have quite a number of bookings for 2013, already some people just booking so they get the date but not sure what they actually want, others no exactly what they want. So I guess its never too early.

    Happy planning. x
  • Yay, so glad I found this, thought I was planning way too far ahead! Joel proposed 2 weeks ago and planning for the Friday 5th image going to look at venues next week and so excited!xx
  • Yay for April 5th image

    Where are all you lovely ladies from? And where will you be getting married?

    I live in Malvern, Worcestershire & I'm getting married here: (hope that works)

    Hannah - congrats on your recent engagement & enjoy your venue search image
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