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April 19th 2013

Anyone else marrying on this date? Where and what made you chose this date?


  • Emma1311Emma1311 Posts: 130
    Me... yeay really pleased i've found someone on the same day!

    there wasn't really a reason i chose the date it was just the last Friday the venue had free!
  • SBebbSBebb Posts: 6
    I'm the day after you and we chose ours because it was 2 years after we got engaged and April in the country is the best time of year.
  • Hi! Im getting married on 19th April too!

    We chose this date because im at uni and am off for the whole of april for easter break. We wanted towards the end of April to give me a few weeks off before the wedding and the weekend of 19/20/21st was good as we have time for a mini moon before i go back and have to start preparing for exams!

    Hoping to go on our proper honeymoon in June/July.

    How much have you got planned?
  • hayls9186hayls9186 Posts: 27

    I'm on this date too!

    We chose it as its is going to be 2 years since we got engaged so time to save, also the venues are cheaper on a Friday
  • suzie83suzie83 Posts: 13
    ah... so lovely to hear of other 19th april brides. I looked into the weather and historically this was the best weekend but then this year changed all that. Fingers crossed for a lovely sunny day for us all.

    Can i ask where you are all from? Sorry just to be nosey but its nice to hear others stories, especially those with impecible taste... 19th april is surely the best date to get married ever image
  • suzie83suzie83 Posts: 13
    Hi Mrs H. I went to press reply and pressed report to moderator accidentally so im sorry if they send you a message (its been a long day).

    Im a planner anyway (different field but im so organised when it comes to planning) so had almost all plans done about 3 days after getting We have the venue, my dress and jewellery, bridesmaids, flower girls and a few decorations. Im having to stop spending now though and save up for the venue else ill have spent everything and be left with a hefty bill (but some lovely accessorieS)
  • MrsPar13MrsPar13 Posts: 821

    We're on the 19th as well. April is the month we got together so it's an important month to us. The 19th was the closest available date to our anniversary

  • LeilaLeila Posts: 1

    We married last year on 19th April.... & it is also my birthday.A very special day.

    I hope your day is a special as mine was image




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