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April 2013 Wedding Day Profiles

Hello fellow April 2013 brides!

I thought it might be nice to get some wedding day profiles up so we can have a nose at one another's days. Here's mine:

Name: Tickleyjess

Wedding date in April: 6th

Venue: Peterhouse chapel, then reception at Barrington Hall in Cambridgeshire

Colour scheme / theme: Black and white deco

Number of guests: 60

Flowers: Roses and tulips

Dress: 'Beauty' by Caroline Castigliano

Food: Champagne and canap????s on arrival, then a four course sit down meal - amuse bouche, tasting starter, steak, tasting dessert

Music: String quartet and jazz band

I'm most looking forward to: Marrying my best friend and having a kick ass party!

I'm looking forward to hearing everyone else's plans! image x


  • What a great idea!

    I ordered my dress yesterday!!!

    Wedding date in April: 19th

    Venue:The Upper House Barlaston

    Colour scheme / theme: Elegance (no colour scheme as such)

    Number of guests: 70 day, 150 evening

    Flowers: Roses and tulips

    Dress: Benjamin Roberts 2228

    Food: 3 course meal then hog roast in the evening. have yet to decide on canapes

    Music: String quartet and jazz band then disco

    I'm most looking forward to: Everything
  • TickleyJessTickleyJess Posts: 1,649
    I've just googled your dress, Mrs H. Beautiful!

    We're flower and music buddies! Our weddings sound similar in some ways too x
  • Spond25Spond25 Posts: 580

    Name: Julie

    Wedding date in April: Friday 5th

    Venue: The Olde Barn Hotel, nr Grantham, Lincs

    Colour scheme/theme: Olive Green with hints of dusky pink

    Number of guests: 50 day 100 evening

    Flowers: not 100% but looking towards rustic handties of wildflowers

    Dress: Stevies Gowns P9479 in Khaki (more of a champagne colour)

    Food: Non alcoholic fruit punch on arrival, then a three course sit down meal, cream of spring veg soup, roast turkey dinner, apple pie and cream evening food: sausage and bacon baps and cajun wedges and wedding cake

    Music: Disco with lots of cheese lol

    I'm most looking forward to: Have to agree with tickleyjess on this one as couldn't put it any better myself!! Marrying my best friend and having a kick ass party!
  • Hey lovelies - brilliant idea! image

    Name: Hannah

    Wedding date in April: Friday 5th

    Venue: The Burford Bridge Hotel, Surrey

    Colour scheme/theme: Various shades of purple

    Number of guests: 100 ish all day

    Flowers: Roses and peonies I think

    Dress: Mori Lee 4528

    Food: Not sure yet, though me and H2B both love the idea of sausage and mash image also making the wedding cake myself

    Music: 7 piece soul/motown/jazz band

    I'm most looking forward to: Having a lovely relaxing enjoyable day with all the people I love
  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058
    Hi All! Yes- fab idea TickleyJess image

    Name: Jodie

    Wedding date in April: 1st

    Venue: Hadley Park House, Shropshire

    Colour scheme / theme: Spring! Green with touches of pink and lilac

    Number of guests: 50 day, extra 20-30 in evening

    Flowers: Mainly roses- English country garden inspired

    Dress: Ellis 11032, ivory. Possibly with matching lace bolero

    Food: Details tbc; definitely having a traditional wedding breakfast (3 courses) + mini fish & chips in the evening

    Music: Acoustic guitarist + DJ

    I'm most looking forward to: Marrying my soulmate and having all of our amazing friends & family under one roof image
  • CharlDCharlD Posts: 194
    Name: Charlotte

    Wedding date in April: 13th April

    Venue: Church ceremony and reception at Burwash Manor secret garden marquee Cambridge.

    Colour scheme / theme: Country garden - pastel colours

    Number of guests: 80 day / 140 night

    Flowers: Roses & peonies

    Dress: Not made a final decision yet! :-

    Food: Pimms/Corona and Canapes on arrival, hog roast and ice cream van for wedding breakfast, sausage butties & cheese boards for evening.

    I'm most looking forward to: Marrying my best buddy and having all our favourite people together for the day image
  • CharlDCharlD Posts: 194
    P.s. TicklyJess Barrington Hall was our second choice!!! We loved it but Burwash has given us more freedom with food etc.

    Barrington Hall is so gorgeous!x
  • nenjennenjen Posts: 1,524
    Ahhh this is a lovely idea!

    Name: Jen

    Wedding date in April: 20th

    Venue: St Michael & All Angels Church, Nannerch (North Wales), then reception at Ruthin Castle

    Colour scheme / theme: Coral & gold

    Number of guests: 120

    Flowers: Roses and freesia

    Dress: D'zage - D31159

    Food: Champagne and cupcakes on arrival, then a four course sit down meal - sundried tomato and goats cheese tartlet, champagne and raspberry sorbet, welsh lamb, sticky toffee fudge cake

    Music: Harpist for ceremony and drinks reception, swing band and DJ

    I'm most looking forward to: Being with all our friends and family and having the day of our dreams. Can't wait for the ceremony and seeing my man for the first time image
  • TickleyJessTickleyJess Posts: 1,649
    This is great - I love reading about other bride's weddings!

    CharlD - we went to look round the Secret Garden. It really is such a lovely venue. We really liked that you could put your own stamp on everything. It's so cool that Barrington was your second choice too! x
  • Hey,

    I notice a few of you have said you'll be having Peonies in your flowers. Have you already spoken to your florist about this? Only because i originally wanted peonies (well still do really) but was told by two florists that April is too early for them?!

  • OOOO just googled everyones dresses... absolutly lovely!

    CharlD let us know when you have made your decision! xx
  • angelax85angelax85 Posts: 71
    I like this idea! And have finally found a date twin CharlD!

    Name: Anj

    Wedding date in April: 13th

    Venue: Tewin Bury Farm, Herts

    Colour scheme / theme: None in particular - but fresh spring colours, bridesmaids in coral

    Number of guests: 120, 150 evening

    Flowers: Gerberas, tulips, daffodils

    Dress: Sassi Holford Ingrid

    Food: Not decided yet but will be a sit down meal

    Music: DJ

    I'm most looking forward to: Walking down the aisle and seeing my lovely man at the end of it!
  • Name: Frances

    Wedding date in April: 5th

    Venue: Hardwick Church, Nr Aylesbury, Bucks, then reception at Claydon House and the Carriage House Restaurant

    Colour scheme / theme: Champagne and light gold

    Number of guests: 70 day and about 100 for the evening

    Flowers: Roses

    Dress: Jasmine Couture T384 - have just been told it has come into the shop so looking forward to trying it on again image

    Food: Haven't fixed this yet, will be meeting the venue again shortly

    Music: DJ

    I'm most looking forward to: having everyone that we are close to there on our special day and marrying the man i love
  • Name: MrsStephens2b

    Wedding date in April: 12th

    Venue: The Belfry Golf Club, Wishaw, West Midlands

    Colour scheme / theme: Yellow/ classic, elegant

    Number of guests: 80 day/ 150 evening

    Flowers: Not sure yet - meeting with florist on Sunday - my favourites are roses and gerberas though

    Dress: Local Designer - see my planning thread for a pic

    Food: Champagne and canap????s on arrival, then a 5 course sit down meal, evening buffet, then about 11/11.30pm late night supper. We're foodies so that was the main reason we chose our venue image

    Music: Hopefully a rock/pop band (watching them next month at a gig) with maybe a Michael Buble tribute at the drinks reception

    I'm most looking forward to: Being my best friends WIFE! image

    Everyone's plans sound amazing - it's definitely getting closer now...ekkkk! image
  • nenjennenjen Posts: 1,524
    I was also told that it was too early for peonies. Perhaps it's possible to get them but at a much higher cost?
  • TickleyJessTickleyJess Posts: 1,649
    MrsStephens - I'm loving the Michael Buble tribute idea! I would adore that... image x
  • thirdthingthirdthing Posts: 582

    Name: thirdthing
    Wedding date in April: Friday 5th
    Venue: Park House register office, Horsham then the cafe next door. Blessing and evening do in local church and church hall.
    Colour scheme / theme: probably not having one now - think my BM will wear something floral/Laura Ashley/Cath Kidston
    Number of guests: 35, but for blessing and evening do 3 weeks later, 180 invited, haven't had replies though, so not sure of numbers
    Flowers: Soft colours, overblown, blowsy, countryside, heavy, hand tied, mix of roses, lily of valley, forget me nots, ranunculus, sweetpeas all in pale pinks. whites ivories, blues etc tied with Nottingham lace in memory of my dad.
    Dress: Eternity Bridal - don't want to say number as internet pics aren't good. Ivory satin, pretty much plain.  Bolero from BHS but might wear vintagey style knited shrug in eau de nil or pale blue or green.
    Food: Afternon tea and at evening do probably chili and then wedding cake - we are foodies but have a very low budget!
    Music: cheesy disco and a friends swing band.
    I'm most looking forward to: Making it official and declaring our love and commitment publicly.  Having a happy ending for both of us after a lot of sadness.

  • MrsPar13MrsPar13 Posts: 821

    Name: Char

    Wedding date in April: 19th  

    Venue: Harpenden House, Herts

    Colour scheme / theme: Pinks and creams (romantic feel)

    Number of guests: 65 day, 120 evening give or take

    Flowers: Not sure yet  

    Dress: Still need to go dress shopping

    Food: We haven't decided yet, waiting for H2b to come back from a family wedding abroad

    Music: A disco with some cultrul music from h2b heritage

    I'm most looking forward to: Marrying the man who can make me the angriest, happiest, silliest person and the father of my gorgeous children

  • Mrs M 2BMrs M 2B Posts: 17


    Sat 13th April

    Explosions Musuem, Priddy's Hard

    80 day guests 150 evening

    Dress Ian Stuarts - Camelia Bought today Whoo hooo

    Flowers - wax flower and gypsophellia

    Bridesmaids Mark Lesley 

    Colour scheme - Sage green and Taupe

    8 piece canape selection - BBQ - desserts

    Entertainment - DJ & hopefully a string quartet for isle and reception drinks.

    Most looking forward to - having Michael as my husband and feeling complete, and dancing the night away and a lovely 2 weeks in Egypt to chill x

    Love reading about everyones weddings even though this is what I do for a living x


  • Hi. I see you wore a Benjamin's Roberts 2228 dress....I am looking to buy one in a size 10.....just incase you are after selling. X
  • Should I be panicking? Engaged 30.11.12( out of the blue after 12 years 362 days together)

    Name: Kate

    Wedding date in April: 12th

    Venue: Pentillie Castle, Cornwall

    Colour scheme / theme: all change - Tooty Frootie brights - cerise, orange and yellow

    Number of guests: 28

    Flowers: Roses, ranunculus, germimis and a thistle

    Dress: bought but can't recall

    Food: Smoked pigeon or wild mushroom risotto, followed by canon of lamb or gilt head bream or three cheese tart then a trio of desserts featuring our naked chocolate cake with plenty of champagne & wine

    Music: traditional entrance and exit played by string quartet and live band later in the evening

    I'm most looking forward to: Being married to the man of my dreams after all this time - never expected it to happen.

    Sounds like it's all in hand - I'm sure it will be in a month or so time but for now .... Hmmmmm
  • Name: Rachel

    Wedding date in April: 6th - I seem to have a few wedding date buddies image

    Venue: Stirk House Hotel

    Colour scheme / theme: Chocolate, Ivory, Champagne

    Number of guests: 75 Day - Still unsure about night

    Flowers: Roses

    Dress: My Dream Dress

    Food: 4 Course! NO fish!!

    Music: Female singer for reception then band and disco for evening

    I'm most looking forward to: EVERYTHING apart from the 1st dance, I'm dead shy & don't really like the idea of all those people watching :/ Also looking forward to lying in my bridal suite with my new husband & reflecting on our day.

    I have been planning this day for a long time and not once have I panicked. With 3 months, 3 pay days and still a little to do I'm in major major panic mode!!!!!! I'm in regret mode about my dress, I don't know how to have my hair!!! Raaaaaah!!!!! Xxx
  • Name: Jackie

    Wedding Date in April: 21st

    Venue: Marrying in the Old Blacksmiths at Gretna Green followed by a reception at Smiths Hotel also in Gretna Green

    Colour Scheme: Purple and Turquoise - based on our birth stones

    No of guests: 18 - but we are having a party for 130 back in Essex a couple of weeks later

    Flowers: Thistle buttonholes for all our guests, a thistle, some heather and ivory rose for my H2B and an assortment of seasonal purple flowers, some ivory roses and thistles for my bouquet - all with the addition of our chosen tartan.

    Dress: Decisions still to be made!

    Food: 4 course Scottish menu

    Music: In Gretna we will just be having a party for the family so just the laptop, but at the party we have a DJ and want loads of 70s and 80s - oh with Gangnam thrown in for my Dad and my youngest stepdaughter!

    I am looking forward to everything that we have planned coming together.  To marry my best friend in front of all our family with our gorgeous daughters and my beautiful niece as bridesmaids.  And we are very fortunate that we both still have our parents around to see us marry - both for a second time - but this time for the LAST time!!!

  • Name: Linzi

    Wedding date in April: 26th

    Venue: Church in the village we live in/Bedford Swan for the reception 

    Colour scheme / theme: 1950! with Clarety-purple/Navy blue/very pale yellow 
    Number of guests: 95 in the day and up to 200 in the evening....
    Flowers: calla lily, tulips, gerbera, lavender and some "run through a meadow and picked some flowers-flowers"
    Dress: Justin Alexander 8465 the tea length one (&some stunning Christian Louboutins!!)
    Food: Standard 3 course breakfast, not to sure what we are eating yet!
    Music: 1950s cover band
    I'm most looking forward to: finally having our Massive Great Big Party! & spending the day with all the lush people I know

  • Name: Sarah

    Wedding date in April: Friday 5th

    Venue: Cheltenham Registry Office followed by a celebratory meal at Monty's brasserie

    Colour scheme / theme: Ivory and dusky pink with Victorian detailing, elegant and simple

    Number of guests: 15 all day (a very intimate wedding!)

    Flowers: Antique roses, marguerites and sweet peas

    Dress: Boa Bridal

    Food: Champagne on arrival, then a 3 course meal (menu hasn't been finalised yet). As its an evening meal the guests only get fed once!

    Music: Ipod playlist as background music whilst we are having our meal

    I'm most looking forward to: Marrying the man that I love more than life itself and having a relaxed, fun day with close friends and family without conforming to what is expected of a wedding day.

  • Great idea having these profiles!

    Name: Helen
    Wedding date in April: 27th
    Venue: Minster Abbey, followed by The BarnYard in Kent
    Colour scheme / theme: Spring/countryside theme with pale yellow and white colour scheme
    Number of guests: Approx 80 for day, 130 Evening
    Flowers: Still to confirm but most likely daffodils and tulips, gerberas for the bridesmaids
    Dress: Alfred Angelo
    Food: 3 course sit down meal. Still to decide on the menu but probably lamb for the main course
    Music: Good old fashioned disco. Wanted a live band too but out of our budget!
    I'm most looking forward to: Saying our vows, the speeches, first dance, seeing all our friends and family and our amazing honeymoon!

  • Name: Sarah

    Wedding Date: 6th April

    Venue:The Rydon Inn, Holsworthy

    Colour Scheme:Red

    Flowers:Tulip bouquets, carnations, tulips & other seasonal red flowers for tables

    Dress:Maggie Sottero

    Food: Sausage & mash, apple crumble.


    I'm most looking forward to having a fun filled, relaxing day with friends & family. No speeches, no first dance, no fuss!
  • Natalie

    20th April

    guildhall poole then rising sun gastro pub

    theme is purples mainly

    flowers - choosing them on Friday - can't wait!!

    dress is a idea who designed it. i knew nothing about anything weddingy when i bought it and did no research!

    food is a 3 course meal but haven't chosen it yet...doing that on Saturday 19th Jan!

    I'm most looking forward to calling him my husband and being called his wife....and everything it means; the start of our family. i know I'll get a little thrill every time i hear those words! oh also saying the vows and seeing his beautiful gold ring on his rough builders hand...he has never worn jewellery so this means a lot to me! and the party!! lol
  • Name: sarra

    Wedding date in April: Saturday 13th

    Venue: st Bartholomews church, Blurton, followed by a reception at the upper house, barlaston.

    Colour scheme/theme: peacock and ivory with maybe butterflies.

    Number of guests: 70 for day 150ish for night

    Flowers: roses

    Dress: maggie sotterro Cameron

    Food: 3 course sit down meal, probably, soup, chicken then choc fudge cake.. Simple but effective!

    Music: dj and Michael Jackson tribute

    I'm most looking forward to: living the childhood dream with the love of my life! Our special day with everlasting memories.

    So excited but so stressful at the same time as still so much to do! Having a nightmare with bridesmaids dresses and my dress not arriving til end of march.

    But will be worth it in the end!

    If Anyone in stoke on trent area can recommend a hair/makeup artist would be very much appreciated ???? xx
  • Mrsjw2b - I did a photoshoot a while back and the MUA was Sheelagh Powell and she was wonderful, I'd highly recommend her.  She's Leicestershire based but may travel as far as Stoke?  Her website is  x

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