What flowers??

what flowers is everyone having?? I'm 5th April and this is by far the hardest decision


  • Hiya Hun

    I'm a florist if ur having problems with ur flowers have alook at my Facebook http://www.facebook.com/alycia.rumney

    Or my web page at www.bdazzledbabyss.co.uk

    Alycia 07731714390

  • I'm interested to see what everyone posts to this.

    I've got my first appointment with a florist on Sunday.

    My favourite flowers are Gerberas (spelling?) and Roses. Hopefully I can incorporate those but apart from that I have no idea!

    What's your colour scheme? x
  • girl007girl007 Posts: 21
    Cacti, succulents and a few local seasonal flowers thrown in for colour image
  • We are having White Roses, Singapore Orchids,
  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058
    I'm getting married 1st April- our main colour is green (incl. bridesmaids dresses) and I suppose if we have a theme you could call it English country garden/ Spring. Flowers will be green, pale pink and violet. I wanted to keep them seasonal........I really like tulips, but not in a bouquet, and I adore roses. So I'm having avalanche roses with freesia and viburnum etc. Love ranunculus too x
  • thirdthingthirdthing Posts: 582
    Hello Spond - we aer date twins as you know! Roses seem to be available all year round - know we have talked about lily of the valley in the past and I still think that will be available but it is pricey. What about white hydrangeas and lily of the valley inbetween? and some soft big white roses too? Or are you wanting a colour? Whites go with everything. i think i am going to go for a sort of mised pastels mixed soft textures with an overgrown blowsy over ripe feel ... if that makes sense! Spring means you can get alls orts of flowers really - the wedding flowers mag has photos of flowers for all the seasons in the back xx
  • I'm getting married on the 20th, my main colour is pillarbox red and I'm having Anemones, ranunculus and maybe sweet Williams. My bridemaids are going to have white anemones. I love springs flowers so it's been hard to pick my favourite x
  • girl007girl007 Posts: 21
    Hi Charlie-Lou, Im getting married 20th too image Pillar box red sounds lovely image
  • Date buddies! image it's my favourite colour & I love all things retro so had to have it in there, just glad I could find flowers that are the exact colour without costing a fortune. What colours are you going for? x
  • nenjennenjen Posts: 1,524
    Ahhh I'm 20th April too!

    We're having avalanche roses and freesia (because they smell amazing!)

    I wanted hydrangea because they're pretty cheap but my florist told me it was a bit too early for them.

    I love tulips too because they're so simple but they wilt very quickly and I wanted to make sure that they last.

    Have fun choosing! x
  • We wanted hydrangeas for centrepieces and was told it was too early but my Mum's neighbour has them in his garden and said it's not?? Changed my mind now otherwise I would of been cheeky and asked for some

    I was going to have tulips for the bridesmaids bouquet but my florist said they would be no good by the time we got to having our photos taken image

    I'm going to google avalanche roses now, don't think I've seen them.


  • I was told its too early for hydrangeas too. Tulips are fine, some will stay upright and some will droop a bit but a variety in height is nice if that's what you're after. Due to last April being so hot and this April being so cold (and as I'm not that bothered about spending a thousand on something that dies...) I'm sticking to 'seasonal' which allows for almost anything! I'm pretty sure I'll be having roses (garden or David Austin) ranunculus and tulips though x
  • KVS87KVS87 Posts: 78 New bride

    We've got a champagne colour scheme so my bouquet will be a mix of champagne roses, cream peonies and cream ranunculus. The bridesmaids will have 5 cream peonies.x

  • image


  • EllaElla Posts: 32

    I've gone for roses and gerberas for the bouquets, then bright table displays with these flowers and others.


     I can't find the original link for my table pictures!


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