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What have you got left to do?

Just being nosey and wondered what you ladies have done and what you've got left to do?

Done - venue, registrar, photographer, videographer, my dress, wedding rings (not picked up yet though), honeymoon, band booked, hair dresser (booked but no idea on style)

Still to do - LOTS! Bridesmaid outfits, my shoes/accessories, suits, florist (getting there though), all stationary, cake, food choices at venue, makeup artist, sort readings/music for ceremony, presents for bridal party ummmmm that's about all I can think of but I'm sure there's more!

Just over 8 months to go! It seems to be coming round so quickly now x


  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058

    Done - venue, registrar, photographer, acoustic guitarist and DJ, hairdresser, makeup artist, picked my dress, bridesmaids dresses ordered, florist booked & cake-maker booked, my shoes & accessories, H2B's shoes, Groomsmen's ties + pocket squares, stationery, some presents for bridal party, wedding car, chair sashes, some decorations eg tealights & bird cages, sweet jars

    Still to do - LOTS! Order my dress in 6 weeks, wedding rings (nightmare!), suits, need to confirm flowers & cake design, food choices at venue, sort readings/music for ceremony, presents for bridal party, a few more decorations and sweet jars, honeymoon

    I agree- thought I had loads of time but I don't know where the past 7 months have gone! imageimage

  • Spond25Spond25 Posts: 580

    Done - Venue (half paid for), regustrar, photographer, DJ, hairdresser (not decided on styles though), makeup, dress orderes (half paid for),  lady doing our flowers and is coming to help dress the venue, cake lady booked (not decided on style), my shoes and 2 of Bms,  day invites ready except for the inserts, rooms at venue booked for night before, chair covers, some sweet jars, Mr & Mrs sign, card etc for evening invites, Bridesmaid dresses ordered (half paid for), honeymoon booked, tea light holders and birdcages, rings .....  think that's it


    Still to do - Best womans dress,  suits, decide what to do with the birdcages!!!, sweets, presents for bridal party, more sweet jars, sweets,  Best womans shoes, one Bms shoes, my underwear, everyones accessories and hair things!, have started to choose music, make tree slabs for centrepieces, make evening invites and I'm sure there's more

    I agree too where's the time going???

  • girl007girl007 Posts: 21

    Done - Venue, photographer, flowers, registrar, My dress, evening entertainment.


    To do - Cake, bridesmaid dresses, source stuff to make my own table decs, Oh yes wedding rings lol and goodness only knows what else !!


    Ha oh yes stationary, although Im so indecisive and on a budget that Im thinking Facebook might be the way to go with the invites ..... (you think I joke ).

  • aud2013aud2013 Posts: 54

    Oh panicking here now image I'm April bride too and seem way behind.

    I have booked...registrar, venue, photographer, my dress, bridesmaids dress, band and Dj, and hair dresser.

    Invites are a work in progress (we have decided on them but have a meeting in oct to confirm times with registrar, so dont want to print them off till thats a cert). Have picked up sweet jars and a few bits to go with the vintage theme.

    Still to do....H2B suit, groomsmens suits, my shoes and jewellery, flowergirl dresses, flowers, gifts for wedding party, music for ceremony, childrens gift bags, wedding cake, wedding rings, make-up, readings....oh and the honeymoon.

    image  Better get me skates on !!

  • girl007girl007 Posts: 21

    Ooohhh aud2013 where did you get your sweet jars from ?  I want them in all diff shapes and sizes and cheap lol .

  • MrsPar13MrsPar13 Posts: 821

    I've pinched hings from others lists as I forgot quite a lot.

    Done - Venue, Flowers, Dress, shoes, jewellery, bridesmaid dresses grooms & ushers suits, hairdresser booked (although need a trial etc) make-up, cake, and DJ

    To Do - Favours (have started these though) Invites (nearly done) wedding website (h2b needs to finish his bits) registrar (need to give notice, forgot image) wedding rings, hotels for the night before, cravats, music for the ceremony ad 1st dance, decorations (working progress) finish brooch bouquet, topiary trees, get more sweet jars, get sweets for jars, grooms shoes, ushers gifts, bm gifts (have got them a necklace but want to get a few more bits) gift for my mum, underwear, hair comb for me, shoes for my daughter, outfit for my son, sweet labels OMG I feel sick. 

  • aud2013aud2013 Posts: 54

    I'm living in Ireland so i got mine from Heatons not sure if you have that in the uk. I got other ones from a store called woodies DIY store. Just happened to come by them, i was finding it a nightmare to find them. I also got a small kind of windowbox thing im going to put oasis in it, false grass and flowers and put swirly lollipops in between too. I also got little cream metal flower pots from ikea for refresher bars. I got my ideas for my sweet table from an irish site i think its called thesweettreatco ...i'll check thatout for you tho, she has some great ideas

  • aud2013aud2013 Posts: 54
    • girl007 this is the link to the site where i got my ideas from for the sweet table, go to her facebook page, shes always adding new pics of weddings she does. I'm also making my own labels for the sweet jars. Google "topnote shape" and download a free template. You can see from the pics on the site what she does with her labels. I did try book her but she was already booked for our date.
  • girl007girl007 Posts: 21

    Ok thanks image  We are having a pinata for the kids too as we have a spanish theme.


  • girl007girl007 Posts: 21

    Bridesmaids dresses ordered for adults and notice given image . Two more things I can tick off and paid for


  • Spond25Spond25 Posts: 580

    took all my bits with me on holiday this week to make the evening invites whoops have only made two...  oh well it's two more than last week lol

  • Done: church booked, ceremony decided, venue booked, caterers chosen and food decided, dress bought, groomsmen outfits booked, flowers booked, lighting booked, guest book bought, wedding cake decorations bought, shoes bought, photographer booked, bridesmaids dresses chosen but not quite booked (niece will grow!), jewellry chosen bar earrings, honeymoon booked and paid for, musicians booked, DJ sorted, wedding rings bought (including his from a beautiful jewellers in Annecy when we were on holiday in the summer, specially made, so gorgeous!); wedding website and honeymoon giftlist in place (including some early guests who've already bought us something lovely, aren't they nice!); hair and makeup sorted; gift for flower girl; invitations sent.

    To do: making the cakes (although all planned and decorations purchased including the most darling vintage silver cake stand from Etsy), alcohol for the venue to be bought, lingerie to be chosen and bought, favours purchased but need to be made, ditto placenames and seating plan, gifts for ushers, Mum and MIL.

    It all feels pretty much under control at this point... the multi-tabbed spreadsheet has helped, as has having had some real no-brainer choices to make (i.e. church and reception venue were always going to be the ones we chose, and only one caterer the venue approves of does curries). Exciting eh ladies? Can't wait! 

  • Just to let you all relax a little and put your progress into context I didn't even know marriage was on the cards by the time you guys had done all this.  Engaged 30.11.12 out of the blue - wedding 12.04.13.  The less time you have to make the decisions the easier it is to make them!!! 

  • Kate87Kate87 Posts: 12

    27th April wedding....

    done: Church, ceremony order, venue, menu (tasting on 9th Feb), dress, shoes (ordered but still not arrived), bridemaids dress & shoes, suits, cake, florist booked, photographer, honeymoon, dj, wedding rings, giftlist finalised, invites sent, hair, gifts for bridesmaids, lingerie (although i'm having second thoughts),

    to do: confirm with florist, favours, candy bar, placenames, seating plan, gifts for best men, ushers & mums, extra gift for my parents (they are paying for most of it), pick hymms, make up, order of service....probably loads more....

    It's exciting, but scary - the time seems to be flying by & although I feel under control I would be a little happier if I'd done more!! Thinking of getting the favours and sweet table sorted in the next couple of weeks.

  • nenjennenjen Posts: 1,524

    20th April wedding -

    Still need to sort out the accessories for my bridesmaids and get my flower girl fitted for her dress, buy gifts for groomsmen, print the order of service, renew my passport in my new name, pay off the final balance of our honeymoon, buy champagne for the reception, have my hair trial.

    Feeling very organised. Who said organising a wedding was stressful?!


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