Should I be panicking???

So I have just booked my 27th April venue as I only got engaged recently. This is all I have booked and everyone is telling me that I am going to struggle to get any decent vendors for everything else. I'm really getting a bit worried. I have lots of dress appointments this week but I just wanted to see if everyone else is in my situation or have you all got lots booked? What is the most important thing to get done first would you say? Thanks. X


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    That's still 7 months away, people used to plan weddings in 6 weeks!

    There's a couple of threads of here with lists of things to get done first.

    Dress is definitely high on the list as they do take around 6 months to come unless you buy a shop sample.

    Food would be your obvious next choice. Especially if you do have a certain caterer in mind.

    Florist would be good to look at but I do know you can always get a florist, just depends on what you want.

    Also, invites depending on what you want should start looking now as if you plan to DIY you need to get started!

    Also, bridesmaids dresses as they can take a wee while too.

    Good luck with the planning!
  • You will be fine, go with your gut on things and dont be afraid to barter, they expect it and the worst they can say is no. 

    Make a list of things to arrange (or on April 2013 thread ive done a list of things to arrange).  I'd start with looking at wedding photographer and videographer sites then dresses. 

    We can help if you need it, dont stress xxx

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    Ooh how on earth did I forget photographer! Haha!
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    What part of the UK are you in? If you're in the North West I've got a huge list of suppliers that might be able to help at short notice! If not, shop around- wedding order season runs from Jan-March for most of us so you should be able to find suppliers who are free in April image
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    You'll be fine. I booked my venue late July 2011 and got married April 2012 and it was fine. A colleague got engaged at the same time and is not getting married until next month and she has changed her mind about everything as she's had too long to think it over. Dress is important, but don't let the shops scare you into rushing the decision. I panicked and ordered by mid August 2011 as I was scared by the "it'll take 6 months", and the dress was sat in the shop gathering dust from mid November! Yes, some photographers may be booked up, but you'll always find one that isn't. It's the perfect amount of time. Don't panic.
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    Oh, if you're having a civil ceremony, it's worth giving the registrar a call asap though just to try and get the time you want.
  • Thanks so much. Just think I was panicking a bit too much. The wedding is in the north west so I would LOVE that list debdonns if that is still ok? I actually live in London so it is making things a bit trickier. I have booked registrar today and think I may have found the dress today too! Had to go on my own as family don't live near me which was a little sad though. Gonna see if I can get it up north though as the thought of travelling on the train with a wedding dress seems like a disaster waiting to happen!

    Thanks again everyone. Just need to start booking things...
  • It's good that you went on your own as others opinions and politeness can cloud your own judgement, now you've found one you love take people you can trust to give you an honest opinion x
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    Hey there, no problem! I don't know how to send emails on this so I'll post the list here. All the places on the list are people I've dealt with and know are lovely:

    These first four places are all on the same street, Bold Street in Southport. We all cover the North West and beyond though image

    Wedding dresses: Lucy Briars Bridal (ask for Sue) 01704 542176

    Venue dressing and floristry: Fantasy Weddings (ask for Jen) 01704 541525

    Cakes and edible favours: Vanilla Nova (that's me!) 01704 540 145 plus there's loads of pics on our business facebook, 'Debby Vanilla Nova'

    Wedding rings and jewellery: Phillip Godfrey (ask for Phil) 01704 544817

    Now for some other suppliers outside our little street!

    Wedding dresses, cars, photography and floristry: The Wedding Rooms (ask for Marie) 01704 879181

    Mother of the Bride/Occasion Wear: Ladies Days (ask for Kim) 07834 387 133

    Wedding/Bridesmaids Dresses: Glitz, Ritz & Tiaras (ask for Deborah) 01704 500155

    Hope that helps get you started! x

  • Wow, thanks so much for all that info and for everyone's support! I was a little depressed the other day after shopping on my own but I have found my dress! I went to a shop on Monday and thought I had found it but didn't want to commit without anyone seeing it but I went back today and ordered it!!! I'm really happy and the shop let me send a picture to my mum so that made me feel better. I also just booked the registrar so thanks again. I am feeling much more inspired and less stressed now. I just need to keep getting jobs ticked off. Can't believe after trying on over 40 dresses I have found one!! Woohoo. If I knew how to post pics I would!

    Thanks everyone x
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    Which dress have you gone for?

    I'm also in the north west and can send you who I am using if that helps chick! dont panic! as the other girls have saif the longer you have the more you tend to second guess yourself, one of my colleagues did it in 4 1/2 months and shes the biggest non decisive drama queen ever! xx

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    I think you will probably be fine image .  I still have lots to sort too x

  • I bought the Maggie sottero Maude

    It is the complete opposite to what I wanted and have been trying on. I thought I wanted a very fitted, more fishtail dress and before my appointment I went to Susan neville's shop in Knightsbridge. LOVE her dresses and her new collection had just come in and I loved one of her dresss similar to this but a slightly different skirt, its not on the website yet

    But it was ??3300!!! I just couldn't justify it personally (not that I blame anyone for going couture - they feel amazing). But I went to the next shop and tried on similar styles and the lady pulled out my dress, I said no but she insisted one trying it and I fell in love!

    Goes to show that you have to be open minded I guess.

    Next job is finding a photographer I think! Scary for me as I am sooooo into photography and want someone amazing... We'll see I guess.
  • If you still don't have a photographer look here:


  • How exciting!!!

    You have plenty time you just might not get your first choice of suppliers and need to do a teeny bit more work, but that's okay hey!!!

    Like everyone else has said I'd concentrate on booking things first that rely on individuals being free. So now you have a registrar prioritise band/DJ and photographer. My friend struggled to get a good makeup artist free so if that is important to you maybe look into that.

    Bridesmaid dresses about 4 months before if getting from a wedding shop type place. My friend ended up paying extra PER DRESS to get hers quicker than that which was a total nonsense rip off. We hadn't realised the delivery time lag.

    Oooo it's exciting good luck!!!
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