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April 2013 brides - 7 months to go! How are you getting on?

Hi there April brides - how are you getting on with your planning and how much left have you got to do?

Any major changes or decisions still to be made?  have you all got your dresses sorted now?



  • Hi thirdthing - I'm just designing our invitations at the moment.  We're due to send them out at the end of October, before the Christmas rush, but I go back to school tomorrow and know I'll have no real time to spend on them once term starts again.  It's been a really productive summer, though we still need to find a band for the reception and we've just been told we may not be able to have a choir at our service, which has made us a bit sad image

    How are you getting on? x

  • We booked most things as soon as we booked the venue but still have little bits left. I'm still struggling to find anyone under ??200 to do my hair and makeup, and we've only just found someone to design the stationer as I've been a bit fussy. I got my dress way early but only because I won it, though I'm still having wobbles about it. Time has flown so quickly in the last year since getting engaged, I can't wait !!!
  • Bother - just typed a reply and the site crashed!

    How exciting Princess81 - to win your wedding dress - wow! Mine was fairly low budget but I hope I will like it on the day - not what I dreamed of, but hey ho!

    I have been working hard in the school holidays too TicklyJess - I am going back tomorrow as well! We got vistaprint invitations and we have been sticking little diamantes on to jazz them up, and I'm sending them out in two weeks I think - we didn't send save the dates.  I won't be able to do much when I get back to school - I am about to do the final year of my part time masters (which feels like full time) so I know I am ging to be really busy!

    That's a shame abut the choir - is it because the church choir is unavailable? Could you ask the school choir?  We wanted bells at our blessing ( a few weeks after the ergister office wedding) but the vicar scowled a bit, so we are disappointed by that. He also said I can't wear my wedding dress to the blessing and i am a bit disappointed about that as well!

    I've started a planning thread which I have enjoyed doing but no one has commented on it so I htink it must be a bit boring - nice as a record of what our thoughts are though!


  • Woohoo, i get married 20th april excited, most of mine if planned now. venue, church, Dress, flowers, bridesmaides dresses, photographer, cars all sorted.

    Just creating the invites now, doing them myself, struggling a bit as the bridesmaides have BHS ocean blue dresses and colour is so difficult to match (any suggestions)

    also need to design my cake and find mens suits (again  struggling with the colour scheme)

    other than that its just the fine details. Have also got a butterfly theme so trying to find ways to incorparate it without it looking lost or tacky

  • I've just had a look at your thread, thirdthing - everything looks really nice. I love your vintage china! I am very impressed that you'll be teaching and studying. I don't think I could do it. Thank goodness for the holidays though, or we'd never get anything done for the wedding.

    The choir is Peterhouse college choir and it will be the holidays, so the music director doesn't think he'll be able to get them together. It's a shame, as they are very, very good. Why on earth can't you wear your wedding dress?! What a shame.

    Princess81 - which dress did you win?

    Next to be wed - how about a mixture of blues and aquas? Then you'd cover all bases x
  • We get married on the 19th. We've booked everything just now have to get all the little bits together, like table name card, our favours, DIY bits mainly. We're only just sending out save the dates and prob won't send the actual invites until January but I've done the invites so they're all ready to go and I no longer need to worry about them.
  • Im getting married 26th April and i think we are fairly organised. Still to get wedding rings and testing wedding cakes on Wed but i love this lady's work so pretty sure i'll book her.Just all the little things now like jewellery, gifts, finish invites, but i must say i'm really enjoying every min of the farimage

  • Aw everyone is doing so well! I'm glad you like my p lanning thread Ticklyjess - took a lot of courage to start it!

    I don't know why I can't wear my dress to the blessing - the vicar said the blessing stands alone and isn't a second wedding - I know that! It's just we are having a small wedding 350 miles from my home town h2b's dad can attend (he is wheelchair bound and very poorly) and then we are having the blessing and party up north - but my friends want to see the dress ... but will have to wear something 'sober' for the blessing I think image  I will put the dress on again for the evening party x

  • Not a bad idea tickler jess. Thanks image
  • The vicar sounds very grumpy and mean, thirdthing. It's a good idea to change for the party though.

    Everyone sounds so organised - it's weird, as someone commented at work yesterday that I seem to have had a very long engagement. We've been planning since September 2011, and I don't think we could have done it sooner, and yet I know a few people who seem to have been able to plan a wedding in six months or so. Maybe I'm just obsessional!

    I've been back at school one day and already I feel utterly exhausted! Boo... x
  • Hi ladies, my planning is coming along, I've booked the florist recently and we go and pick our wedding rings up in a few weeks.

    I've got an appointment next saturday to look at bridesmaid dresses, which is the next big thing I need to sort. I'm hoping to try on the sample for my dress at the same time so I can make a decision about veil/tiara/headdress etc

    I've planned my invites I just need to actually design it properly on the computer and then look at how I'm printing them and buy the materials.

    Still need to sort cake as well and the suits...

    Actually thinking about it I still have loads to do! image

  • Hi

    I'm not sorting suits just yet - not sure if we are having wedding-y suits or not - h2b now thinking of buying a smart suit for himself and as we have no best man we thought, well maybe the ushers (our sons) could just wear an ordinary suit - and poss match in with ties? And buttonholes?  Not sure though.  But I understand suits can be ordered as late as 6 weeks before hand ...? Hope so!

  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058

    Hi girlies image

    I think I/ we're pretty organised............(apart from the suits!) everything is booked.  We still have to buy our wedding rings and I need to make final decisions re. flowers and cake etc and stop changing my mind!  I have a few little bits of DIY to do like making the inserts for the orders of service and I need to get most of our thank you pressies etc.  Picked up BM dresses a couple of weeks ago which was very exciting and I'm ordering my dress in 3 weeks time image

    I have two priorities really:  work out how we're going to pay for everything (where did the last 8 months go?!) and stop eating/ start losing weight!

  • Haha jodielou - me too!

    What are you giving as thank you presents?  Our budget is low and big gifts won't be expected ... had thought of a pampering manicure for h2b's mum, and mason pearson hairbrushes for the BMs, can't think what for my mum yet! 

  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058

    Goodness knows!

    I don't want to spend a lot either (we'll get told off if we do!) but it's really hard- I'm not overly keen on a lot of the 'tacky' wedding party gifts and I don't want to get anything too sentimental or soppy.  I guess I'm having a difficult time finding something meaningful that they will keep, but I'm not sure that's absolutely necessary.........maybe I should just make my life a little easier and embrace the tack! image

    I love your ideas for your MIL and BMs!

  • My MIL doesn't get out much due to h2b's step dad being wheelchair/bed bound.  But she loves painting her nails - so thought I would offer to look after h2b's step dad when I was down south so she could go and have a manicure and pedicure or smething. Or h2b would look after him while we both go?

    There are going to be so many flowers knocking about - thought i would give guests those.

    My mum is a hard one though - maybe a nice scarf?  She's in her 80s and has everything she needs - possibly a framed photo of me and h2b?? 

    Agree not mad on the tack - but it is hard to think of something!



  • We got our bm's a necklace for the day, I'll probably get them something more but also trying not to go down the tat route. For my mum im thinking of her favourite perfume, and a mother's journal thing from oh so cherished but it's the ushers who I'm finding hard. All there seems to be is hip flasks or cuff links which I know most of them won't use. I was thinking of doing a box may be with cigars, a mini whiskey bottle each and bits but not sure on this yet and h2b is useless in helping me decided lol.
  • Oh blimey - ushers!  I'm thinking HMV or Game gift voucher (our ushers will range from 15 - 24.) Not very imaginative I know. But cufflinks won't be worn again, tankards just gather dust, hip flasks prob aren't suitable for underage teenagers ...!  Aaargh! 

    I didn't want to get BMs jewellry that they would feel obliged to wear on the day and afterwards .... that's why I picked the good quality hairbrushes - you can get them in blue - something blue - to fit in with a weddingy thing?

    Gah! too hard! Distracting myself by writing m y planning thread!

  • This is probably going to sound awful, but we're not going to give gifts to anyone other than our parents. I may give my girls some Juicy Tubes or something, but aside from that, our mothers will get flowers. We'll put some sort of welcome drink in the hotel rooms, which I'm sure will go down a treat! x
  • It doesn't sound awful Tickly Jess - the problem is you can end up spending a fortune - and on something that will get bunged in a drawer or left to gather dust!

    I like the perfume idea MrsPar2b.

    Will have to keep thinking!

    My mum loves flowers but will be travelling down for the wedding then staying in a hotel the night after and they would just be half dead/tatty by the time she got them home.

    will keep thinking!

  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058
    thirdthing wrote (see)

    My mum loves flowers but will be travelling down for the wedding then staying in a hotel the night after and they would just be half dead/tatty by the time she got them home.

    will keep thinking!

    I was worried about this but you can get hand-tied bouquets that are either in proper vases or have a bubble of water at the bottom, so they stand upright and won't get thirsty!

  • I hadn't htought of that! image


    When I thought of wedding cakes, I wanted two things - firstly a 'lace' look, and secondly, double height tiers - like this one ....


     However, after choosing my dress (which I will reveal later, or parts of it, perhaps!) I didn't think lace was appropriate as my dress has none!

    I am lucky though as I am having a wedding party a few weeks later, and plan to have a cake a bit like this for that party - someone at work is making it for me - she makes beautiful cakes, but I couldn't ask her to do the one for my wedding as it would have to be carried in the back of the car the 350 miles from here to the wedding!

    So once lace was ruled out I just looked for something pretty




     This one was from Marks and Spencer and much more within the budget at about £200.00. But it served abut 100 people (I think!) so a lot of cake would be wasted.

    .....then I spotted this one from Waitrose .....


     As Steve wanted cupcakes ( I didn't particularly) and as it only served about 50, this was ideal for our wedding - we have ordered a few extra cupcakes too.  I think it has gone up in price now, but it was £215 when I ordered it. We are having vanilla cupcakes and a chocolate top cake. It's quite small, but our  venue is tiny and is going to be pretty cramped, so I think it will fit in nicely.  It also has the green top which is going to be lovely with the BM dresses, hopefully!

  • Oh no - oooops just posted this in the wrong thread - meant to post in my planning thread - eeek sorry will have to do it again in the right thread - doh!!!!!!!!

  • That cake is really lovely - ever so delicate and pretty x
  • Another thing sorted today, went to taste test cupcakes yesterday and OMG thet were amazing. I'm having a mix of lemon, vanilla, and red velvet ( my favorite ) and they are all decorated to go with my vintage theme.

    Started WW last week and have lost my first 2 1/2 lb ( drop in the ocean but every little helps LOL )

    Bought some gorgeous sweet jars, bowls, little bird cages, wooden tea light holders, scoops, tongs, large martini glass for sweets, little blackboard things for table numbers, wicker hearts and tealight holders from a bride at work 100 euro for the lot - DELIGHTED -saves so much time looking around and an absolute bargain for the amount of stuff i got. I'm one happy B2B at the moment image

  • Oh forgot to add a lovely vintage hair slide, reduced fron 89 euro to 20 euro as one tiny tiny stone missing but i've already stuck one in it's place and it is perfect, so happy with this cos i never get bargains, would never ask for a discount and always seem to pay full price for everything so i'm very pleased! image

  • Aud 2013 - sounds like you got some good bargains!

    thanks Ticklyjess - I am pleased with the cake.  It's hard doing everythingon a budget! But I think for the price it is the best one for what we wanted and it is very pretty and dainty. image

    My planning thread -


  • We've just had news back from the choir director at Peterhouse who says that he thinks he'll be able to get a smaller choir together - hooray!  Now we just need to decide on the music.  They're a nationally recognised choir so I'm a little scared about picking the music in case they think we're dreadful philistines.  I was thinking a sung aria-style of Canon in D as I enter with my father, but other than that we haven't thought much about it.  One more thing to add to the list! x

  • That's great news TiclyJess!

    If I had a 'live' church choir I would pick Ave Verum

    slow and soft but beautiful harmonies.

    Have fun thinking!

  • That's really lovely, thirdthing - I'd never heard of it before.  I think that sort of music would be perfect.

    One of my friends just contacted me to ask when my next free weekend for a catch up would be and I realised that due to wedding appointments, it's not until November image x

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