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Hi April Brides.. 

Wondering if any of you can help me.. i am really struggling with centerpieces for my tables.. i have a gone for a spring theme but can't find anything to go along with it! I just wondered what you had all gone for!

Thanks in advance girlies!



  • Spond25Spond25 Posts: 580

    we're having birdcages on slabs of tree trunks, not quite sure but may fill them with gyp

  • Hi,


    I'm getting married March 30th and having the same dilemma! I think we're going to have lots of diferent glass bottles of different shapes and sizes and put lots of different flowers in: gyp, ivy, roses etc.


    If you fancy something similar, we've bought some nice bottles from weddingofmydreams x

  • we are having vintage jugs filled with flowers. I'm not getting married until September, but think something similar would work for a spring theme-
  • Thirdthing2Thirdthing2 Posts: 1,288

    I'm also having an April wedding - we are having little tea cups and jugs filled with small blooms/single flowerheads because our tables are so small.  What colours are you having throughout the wedding - yellow daffodils look fantasticc and won't be expensive in the spring - Lily of the Valley is a more expensive seasonal bloom but would look lovely interspersed with other, cheaper flowers .... have a think what colour your theme is and try and tie it in - I like Spond's idea of using gyp - so fresh and spring like and not too pricey!

    Are you definitely wanting flowers - lots of brides use foliage or non flower centrepieces.

  • oh2bmrsjoh2bmrsj Posts: 569

    i am really liking the non flower center pieces using hurrican lamps / vases and candles


    go on google images there are loads of ideas hun xx

  • Hello spond25, I was just wondering, where did you buy your tree trunk slabs from? We are looking for one for the base of our cheese wedding cake but the only suppliers I've come across are in the states so postage is ridiculous!!

  • Spond25Spond25 Posts: 580

    Hi Langsidegirl  my h2b is a tree surgeon so that's why we're having them you could try ringing any tree care places/somewhere that sells logs as all they need to do is chainsaw pieces off  we're in Lincolnshire are you anywhere near?? x

  • Hi, we're having hanging bird cages with candles inside and jars with laced wrapped around with 'seasonal' flowers (tulips etc) xx

  • Thanks for that! We are in glasgow but wedding on an estate up on the west coast! Ill check out tree surgeons and have a ring round! Thx again!
  • Is your wedding near Easter? Perhaps you could incorporate an egg centrepiece if so!!

  • Im having silver candelabras and stringing strands of pearls over them. Id love them covered in flowers but the costs are too high for what I want and as its only an evening reception im thinking it will be dark anyway so lots of candles and tealights will look lovely x
  • You could go with spring fruit centerpieces like this!



  • Or even this one (it wouldn't get linked in my previous post)



  • Hi

    These ones look good aswell. I found these the other day ( Submerged flowers start at £100 for 10 centrepieces, but is probably too late for you. I probably should have kept my mouth shut! Janet







  • We are getting married in march and are having beautiful birdcages filled with silk flowers in spring colours we have 10 will keep one but will be selling the 9 left after the wedding if your interested, can send you some pics if you give me your email address x
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