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27th April brides?

Just thought I would see if I have any date twins on here? Just been a bit of a geek and counted that there are 24 weeks to go which is very exciting. How much do you have left to do? I still have about 40% of the tasks left to do I would say (I really am a geek and have an iPhone app that tells me!).


  • Hi backwardsbride, I'm not a date twin but a month twin.

    Just wondering what app you are using.

  • It's called WedHappy. It was free and I love it. It has all the tasks that need doing which I have edited to change dates and names when I think they need doing, add more, deleting the lnes that dont apply etc. as you tick them off, it gives you a pie chart of where you are and a percentage of how much still needs doing! Little tip though, if you have to add some task, instead of deleting an unrelevent one, just edit it to change it to one you want as the free app has limited tasks you can add. I have also linked all my vendors up to,it, so florist, ve ue, photographer etc. I have found it really useful.
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    Meeee! We get married on 27th April too (fingers and toes crossed for sunny weather)! I have all the main things sorted but still feel I have loads to do. Beginning to feel a little behind on things now and need a kick up the backside to get me going! I'm sure it will all be done by the day - I hope!! Next thing on list to finalise is invites, when are you sending yours out??
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    Me too!!!!!!

    All getting very exciting!! Where are you both getting married?

    I sent my invites out end of oct as we want everyone to have a chance to reply, book hotels/ flights etc as i figured I cant order the table plan until I know final number.


  • YAY date twins!

    I have not even done my invites yet image  although i did send save the dates a couple of weeks ago.  I am getting alittle concerned about people booking hotels... I am sending my invites out straight after xmas. 

    I am getting married in Lancashire (Clitheroe) although I actually live in London so im trying to plan from afar!

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    We sent save the dates too but i panicked by the whole xmas / new year post. Havent sent evening invites yet, will do those when we have majority of RSVPs back for the day.

    My main things left to do are my accessories, rings, favours, order of service, and music. Are you having a themed wedding or traditional?

  • I still need to do favours, rings, earings, accessories for BM's, presents for everyone in wedding party, music, stationary, readings, the list goes on and on! I did buy my gorgeous shoes on friday though which i am extremely excited about and have been wearing around the house today!

     I am having a civil ceremony which I guess is quite traditional.  No theme but i would say im going for a modern look as colours are grey, white and silver with little hints of lilac.  

    How about you guys?

  • Awwww i'm not a date twin (We are September 13) but your all getting married on my Birthday! image

    Hope the planning is going ok girls and I wish you all good luck and many future years of happiness image


  • Hello!! Just seen this and I am getting married on the 27th too! Am a bit of an organisational freak, so we have everything booked. We know what we are buying the bridal party etc as gifts but still need to go out and get them. I had the same dilemma with invites too, worrying about the Christmas post, so we are sending ours out in January, and evening invites out a few weeks after that. We have sent one out to some family in America though to give them time to book flights etc if they can come.

    Bit worried about the church though as we still haven't met with the vicar uet and I would imagine we need to sort our Banns out fairly soon.


    153 days to go!

  • PV 2013PV 2013 Posts: 244
    One more thing off the list. Not sure If I've turned into bridezilla yet but defo starting to feel the pressure!!
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    Oooh me too, I'm a 27th April bride! I can't believe how close it is now, booked the venue back in May 2011! Have pretty much everything planned, booked or bought, its just finalising menus, music choices and finishing stationery and favours I think.  Bought our wedding rings last week, its killing me having it in a box and not being able to wear it!image

  • Me too!! I'm a 27th April bride and it shocked me that it's 5 months tomorrow ladies! How long has it been taking people to get rings? We've finished designing invites over the weekend and are sending them out after Christmas too - when are you guys asking for RSVP's by? Is anyone else worrying that they've forgotten something mega important? xx

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    I haven't even looked at rings! Lol invites sent out and asked for them back by mid feb so can do table plan and food numbers etc.
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    Everyone has been telling me I need to get my invites out asap but I think I prefer to wait until after Christmas and ask for RSVPs by the end of Feb/Start of March. Rings took us about 2 months to find, h2b doesn't wear jewellery so had no idea what he would like and I was set on an idea which totally changed when I found 'the one'. Typical really!x

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    I'm still struggling to find a few decorations: vintage books, typewriter, suitcase!!

    Kinda just want the day to arrive now!
  • PV 2013 - i know a lady who runs a company doing those kinds of things - where is your wedding? She's based in Derby but may be able to travel if it's not to far xx

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    Wedding is London so prob not an option image

    Kb2b only thing with sending out invites is that you can't finalise numbers or table plan till you know exactly whos coming xx
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    I'm kind of lucky there, as we are only having small wedding (35 - 45 guests in the day) we are having one large T shaped table to save the hassle of a table plan. Parents are divorced and a large chunk of the guests are the wedding party! I think its just me being lazy!image

  • I have finished designing invites this week and asked for a quote for the printing of 70 invites in pcketfolds and 4 inserts and it was over ??400!!! Not impressed with that at all. I could have of them deigned and printed for that! I'm going to find a printers to do it for way cheaper I hope. We are sending in January and asking for RSVP's by feb15th. Doesn't give people long but they can RSVP online so it's pretty easy or them!

    Ordered my ring last weekend. Can't wait for it to come! It's 150 days till our big day girls (well, it will be in half an hour, it's 11.30pm). 150 days seems ages for some reason!
  • 95 days to go!! How are you all getting on? x

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    Starting to panic a little bit to be honest!! Pretty much all the invites have gone out now and all the major things are done but getting stressed about all the little things!

    How about you? Xx
  • I'm the same, freaking out a bit despite thinking I was super organised! Most of the day invites are out but still have the evening ones to send. Little things are def stressing me out - plus we still haven't decided our hymns for the church and I'm having dress wobbles argh! Am sure it'll all be fine, just so many little bits to do! x

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    I think everyone has dress wobbles-you don't see much of it!! I haven't got shoes, accessories or hair sorted, nor for the bridesmaids! I thought I was mega organised too.....oh how wrong! I think it must be natural to feel a bit panicky so try not to worry!! Xx
  • 3 months to go ladies! Just think, this time in 3 months/90 days we will be married women!!!
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    Im getting scared now - its so close. Everyone got their hen do booked? Its the one thing keeping me sane cos after that its all go! Not too much to do but its all the niggly final bits like hymns etc! MrsHH are you have C of E ceremony or catholic? Did you have to provide a new copy of your baptism certificate? and what about passports - apparently the priest can sign off passports a few months before the wedding to say that they will inform passport office should the wedding not go ahead? eeeek so much!

  • My bridemaids are organising my hen do so I have NO idea what we are doing! Am surprised I have been able to relinquish control of something lol!

    I'm having C of E service PV2013- what about you? I have been baptised but wasn't asked to show the certificate (luckily, as my parents must have it somewhere but I have no idea where!). I don't think you need to be baptised to get married in a C of E church though as they have relaxed the rules a lot. They didn't want to see confirmation certificates either. Our vicar is meeting us 4th Feb so guess we will arrange hymns etc  then - we still haven't 100% decided on what we want yet! Finding it hard as want hymns we both like but also ones that our less/non religious friends may have heard of or be able to join in with.

    I'm travelling under my maiden name as think it's much easier so all my tickets, passport, insurance etc is in that name. We are going to USA so I know entry can be strict and didn't want any issues!

    When is everyone having their hen nights/weekends?

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    Mine is 22nd/23rd Feb. I wanted to get it out the way haha. I met with the organist at the church and they are so helpful when it comes to deciding hymns etc. Also, pick what you like, there will be hymns everyone knows but doesnt necessarily mean they are nice ones which could then change the vibe. Im sticking to quite romantic ones like be thou my vision and guide me oh thy great redeemer. 

    I spent a lot of time on youtube listening to clips of choirs singing songs to see which ones i liked. What are you having as your entrance and exit music? Its this im stuck on as i dont want to be cheesey but then again i love the big sounding da dum da dum etc haha.

  • Hi PV2013

    We are thinking about Seek Ye First and Lord of the Dance at the moment. H2b likes them but I'm not 100% sure at the moment really. I wanted Make Me a Channel of Your Peace but h2b doesn't know it (no idea how, thought it was REALLY well known!)

    I am walking down the aisle to very traditional/predictable music! Having Canon in D as the entrance (on a CD though not the organ as I love the version with strings, spent hours looking for the 'right' arrangement) and am leaving to the organist playing Mendelssohn's Wedding March image Also having bell ringers hopefully.

  • hey date twins! only 23 days to go!!! anyone still around? hope you have everything sorted? I wrote a list of things to do last night and it ws 63 items long!!!image ploughing though it though.  Main things are ringing all suppliers and vendors and confirming things, making table plan, deciding on table names, naking a post box (i ordered a wooden DIY one but now i have to paint it), making signs to go around venuu,  to make a few. How is everyone else doing?

  • I've stopped getting email notifications for some reason so keep missing stuff image

    I've still got quite a bit to do too but getting through it slowly! Table plan is next on my list. Fingers crossed the weather picks up a bit soon.
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