Are there any student/new photographers doing cheap/ free deals in Yorkshire?

Sorry to sound so cheeky! We have hardly any budget left for a photographer and have toyed with the idea of not having one but seen quite a few threads on here posted by students and new photographers wanting to gain experience and doing the job at a fraction of the cost/ free/ for the cost of an overnight stay and travel but they all seem to be in Scotland or Wales or down south! Are there any in Yorkshire??? I know I'm taking a risk but I'd rather get a couple of decent shots than none at all, plus everybody has to start somewhere! If you can help please let me know it will be much appreciated! Thankyou for reading image xx


  • If you feed me, pay my diesel and hotel - i'll come up. Where is it? and when?

  • MegsMegs Posts: 547

    search on facebook for Jenny Prest Photography, she is based in North Yorkshire and is doing mine for dirt cheap to gain more experience x

  • Tillie163 I've private messaged you! And megs ill have a look! Thankyou! X
  • Weddings from £250 and you get all of the Images taken on the day 300-500 airbrushed/edited photos in full size printable up to AO size high res hd on a plug and play memory stick with full copyright so you can share and print as you like the other photographers hate us because we give you everything as it should be plus we donate £50 from each commission to the help for heroes campaign see more of our work on our facebook page we dont spam or contact anyone.  .

  • Hello!

    I'm a recent graduate photographer (from plymouth university) living in Yorkshire.

    I am still taking on weddings at a reasonable price as I am trying to build up my portfolio!

    if you interested let me know, my site is  

    Thankyou and congratulations!

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