When send out invitations ??

Hi, Just wondering when people are sending out their invitations ???


C x


  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058

    Hi image

    I'm going to avoid the Christmas post and send them out straight after the new year, giving guests 3 weeks to rsvp (1st Feb).  We did send out save the dates though, otherwise I would have sent them sooner x

  • Ok ..... Im just ordering them lol so prob be straight after xmas now with rsvp of 16th I think...

  • MrsPar13MrsPar13 Posts: 821
    I think I'll send mine in the next week or so with an RSVP date of 1st of feb and we'll send the evening invites around then.
  • KVS87KVS87 Posts: 78 New bride
    Our wedding is 29th April and we're sending ours out with Christmas cards to avoid double the stamps, with an RSVP date of 11 February
  • My day invites are going out now some posting some given out (thought I'd save on some postage and hand them out at family/ friends christmas gatherings). The RSVP date is the 31st January.

    Then my evening ones will go out in January with a RSVP date of mid Feb. I have to give my numbers by the end of Feb so gives me a couple of weeks to chase up people who haven't replied.

    Now best get on and start putting together the evening ones! LOL! x

  • PV 2013PV 2013 Posts: 244

    Sent my invites out a while ago with RSVP date 15th Feb. This is so when ppl start declining I can add on other people who were originally evening only without them realising they were a late add  onimage

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