First dance inspiration needed! Pretty please!

I have dance lessons beginning on Saturday but I still don't have a song! I am desperately in need of some suggestions. Nothing seems to be jumping out at me on any website and we don't have a song of our own really. Please help! image x


  • Mrs AyseMrs Ayse Posts: 561
    Are you a fun couple? You know, the sort that messes about?

    If so, my friend just did a medoly of songs like "you're the one that I want", mixed with "I like big butts" etc, and danced slow and fast together. It was really entertaining and very themimage
  • Oh most definately a fun couple! We want something different but we don't want to look stupid at the same time! I was thinking of Dirty Dancing or something like that! lol Thanks so much chick! image

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    we're having danse macabre, ok not most peoples cup of tea but we love it and we both love classical music. we're hoping to do a 'proper' dance to it but we cant dance at all. my sister is supposed to be teaching us but im not sure if shes going to be up for it, shes dragging her feet at the moment. where are having dance classes? are they expensive?

  • I think you have something that you both love, thats all that matters! You will enjoy it and your guests will be happy watching you dance to it! I always get tearful watching peoples first dances!! I want a song that will have that effect on me! I want some cheesy pop songs but my sister has told me I am not allowed (!!) lol

    I have just found a local dance teacher who advertised it on her website. She is charging £10 per half hour I think. I have no idea how many lessons we will need! Hopefully not many as we dont have time to go many! I booked my wedding over 2 years in advance and it is now less than 4 months away!!! Eeeeek!

  • I'd love a dance teacher but Mr Chad wouldnt.  We might have You're My Best Friend by Queen.  Love it! x

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    We had 'To Love Somebody' by Damien Rice & Ray Lamontagne image

  • thats lovely image

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    We're also planning dance lessons. MrJC fancies doing a big choreographed performance number - he's the one that's really pushing for it! Not sure if it will actually happen, we'll just have to see

    We picked our first dance song weeks ago - it's Rule the World by Take That. We chose it because it's the theme to Stardust, a favourite film of ours, and especially MrJC. He introduced me to it in the first couple of weeks we were together, and it's impossibly romantic - it just feels perfect for us.

    Unfortunately, Louis and Flavia did that awesome routine to it on Strictly, and no matter how much we practice, we will not be able to do THAT liftimage! I'm hoping no one will be disappointed! My Mum and bridesmaid were joking about it yesterday, and they don't even know what song we've picked, since we're keeping it secret! Ah well...
  • Oh lovely! I would have loved a Take That song too! We have actually gone with a JLS song!! Love You More. We had our first lesson with our dance teacher and it is going well! We managed to learn some steps and it was quite fun just having some time together (we have a child so don't get a lot these days!).
  • Have you been to any concerts or festivals together? A song by an artist you both like is always good. Otherwise movie soundtracks from films you've enjoyed together sometimes have some great songs if you still need inspiration!

    I don't think you necessarily need something cheesy or even slow, just something that reflects your relationship or personality a bit.



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