Has anyone decided on their menu's yet and/ or had their tasting?

I've just booked ours in for the 13th Feb and can't wait! My & H2B are quite big foodies!

We get the menu tasting for 4 people so will be taking my parents and have selected the following to try (we get to try 2 of each so no lunch for me that day otherwise I'll never stick to my diet!).

It all sounds lovely but trying to get a happy medium between what I would want and what would be more suited for everyone!

These are what we've opted to try

Starters - Smoked chicken and leek risotto cake with shaved fennel and parmesan or Classic smoked salmon with traditional garnish, lemon and caperberries

(I would have loved the lobster bisque but not everyone's cup of tea and I would probably end up with it down my dress so unfortunately that is a no)

Sorbert course

Mains - Pan fried fillet of beef, horseradish mash, sauteed mushrooms and bearnaise sauce or Buttered halibut fillet, artichoke puree, roasted peppers and cocotte potatoes

Desserts - Hazelnut sable, blueberry compote, ovory chocolate & orange chantilly or Coconut caramel tart with malibu icecream

Cheese & biscuits

Coffee & chocolates

Would you guys be happy with that menu?

What's everyone else gone for? (Just being nosey really LOL!)


  • *nikki**nikki* Posts: 193

    I'm really nervous about asking for a taster session, that's really stupid isn't it. What do I say? "Can I come and try the food?" it really scares me, but we definitely need to do it!

    Are you having any vegetarian options? Maybe you don't have any veggies attending - I don't eat meat and went to a wedding recently and there was no option for me (I think they'd assumed that fish was vegetarian).

  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058

    Your menu sounds amazing!  Making me very hungry! image

    It's so hard trying to choose dishes to please the masses isn't it?

    I don't think you've chosen anything too scary or 'out there' for fussy eaters...........

    The risotto cake, halibut and coconut tart is not far off my dream menu!  Though apart from the smoked salmon I love the other options too.  And you have a cheese & biscuits course as well.........nom nom!

    How lovely that your tasting will be the day before Valentine's day x

  • MrsPar13MrsPar13 Posts: 821
    I think your menu sounds lovely. We had our menu tasting back n November and I can't wait for people to taste it. The food was amazing.

    Nikki I would just email/ring your co ordinator and ask them when you need to look at booking your menu tasting, they'll advise how long before your wedding you should be lookin at and probably book you in
  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513

    We should be having our tasting in the next couple of months, cant wait!

    Your menu sounds very niceimage

  • Gem83Gem83 Posts: 868

    I'm attempting to pick from about 40,000 options! okay im exaggerting, but seriously the list is very long and it isnt just one option for beef etc there are like 5.

    So we are thinking asparagus wrapped in procuitto with hollandais and pached egg, rump of lamb, dauphinous, greens..

    im really stuck on pud. i dont like choccy puds.. so poss something fruity.. there a strawberry millefeille which sounds good.

    Also if i cant decide i can create my own menu which they will price up. See why im having difficulty!


  • Gem83Gem83 Posts: 868

    ps Mrs stephens, it sounds amazing i would be a very happy/full girl.

  • spencspenc Posts: 12

    God! Your menu just made me hungry....

  • Spond25Spond25 Posts: 580

    Your menu sounds gorgeous and yes I'd be happy as a guest.

    we've chosen not to give people a choice as it would cost an extra £900 just to give one but as the sit down is just for 45 of our closest family and friends it wasn't hard - for starters we're having cream of spring vegetable soup (without cream for me as im dairy intolerant), full roast dinner with all the trimmings (our favourite) with a veggie option of sweet potato and pepper tart and for dessert apple pie and cream (h2bs favourite) with baked apple and cinnamon (for me as im wheat intolerant)

    for the evening reception it's bacon or sausage baps with cajun wedges and wedding cake

  • Thanks ladies - I love coming on here for a bit of reassurance image

    Nikki - Definitely give them a call - the menu tasting is the bit my H2B is most looking forward to LOL! I've double checked and the 4 veggies I know of all eat fish so should be ok

    Jodielou - Yes it's lovely....however we're joined by my parents so not quite as romantic image

    Italybride - I have Italian genes so your wedding menu is a dream for me, got to love big Italian meals! Oh yeah and the sorbert course is not my choice, it's the venue - I didn't know whether to miss it out or not!?


  • TickleyJessTickleyJess Posts: 1,649

    MrsStephens, I've only just seen this.  Your menu sounds divine!  After reading through this thread, I feel so hungry...

    We've chosen:

    Canapé menu

    • Moroccan spiced lamb in miniature pita breads
    • Smoked salmon blinis with creme fraiche
    • Falafel, hummus and pita bread

    Wedding breakfast menu

    • Scallops with chorizo and pork belly OR Halloumi with pomegranate salad
    • Medium rare beef fillet with sprouting brocolli, garlic roasted new potatoes and a red wine jus OR Pea and mint risotto
    • A duo of key lime pie and chocolate brownie with hazlenuts
  • Yum your menu sounds lovely! We have our tasting on Thursday I can't wait! image
  • Cant remember the exact lardi-dah wording but we're having

    Root Vegetable soup

    Coconut Sorbet laced with malibu

    Pan Fried Chicken breast (much more exciting than it sounds!)

    Chocolate brownie with orange ice cream


    I would love italian! x

  • MrsChadwick - Your menu sounds lovely (even without the lardi-dah wording image) The pudding sounds especially delish!! Glad someone else has a sorbet course as well, i have no idea what flavour ours will be though...

    Thank god it's lunchtime as this thread makes me really hungry! x

  • We're off on Friday to visit venue, meet with caterers to discuss menu and have a tasting session and then on Saturday to meet with the florist and finalise flowers etc.  Everything has been arranged at a distance so this is the first time we're seeing the venue but every supplier we have spoken with has raved about it ... very excited to see it for ourselves.

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