Hen Parties

Hi All

Is everyone having a hen party? What are you all up to? My MOH text me earlier to say it's 30 sleeps until mine!!

I'm going for a long weekend in Brighton, 16 of us in total, including Mums and 2 aunties. We've rented a big house right in the middle image

I know we're doing a cocktail masterclass on the Saturday but have been kept in the dark about the rest of the plans .

I'm so excited! It will be a welcome break from the stress of planning a wedding! xx


  • MrsPar13MrsPar13 Posts: 821
    Oh I'm in Brighton for my hen weekend as well. When are you going? We're the first weekend in march. I have no idea what we're doin but I can't wait!!!
  • OMG really!? I'm there the first weekend in March! Friday 1st - Monday 4th! Half my girls are leaving on the Sunday though cos of work/ family commitments but I'm sure the main night out will be the Saturday night.

    I've never been to Brighton before so have no idea what's there but it's supposed to be a really good night out image

    You staying in a hotel or a house?

  • nenjennenjen Posts: 1,524

    Mine is 16-17th March - 6 weeks to go. My sister (MOH) has organised everything and I have absolutely no idea what we're doing or where we're going. So exciting!

    Brighton is means to be a brilliant night out - have a fantastic time ladies! x

  • MrsPar13MrsPar13 Posts: 821
    Ha ha, we're there from Friday to Sunday. I think we're in a hotel, quite close to the town but I Have no idea where. We could be going to the same places!

    I've never been out in Brighton either and have heard its meant to be brilliant.
  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513

    I think mine might be in Brighton, but i am being kept in the dark! I have been there for a night out before and it was brilliant... Great restaurants, bars and clubs! image

  • Ekkkkk 3 sleeps to go!!

    Might bump in to you Mrs Par....I'll be the one in stupidly high shoes, struggling to walk but a bottle of champers haha! image xx

  • MrsPar13MrsPar13 Posts: 821
    Ha ha you won't be the only one!! I'm so excited. It feels a bit surreal.

    I'm just sorting out all the bits I'll need. I'm getting my nails done on Thursday and have so many bits to do before hand but I can not wait!
  • I know what you mean about surreal, it's only just really hit me that it's MY hen weekend that we're going on (if that makes any sense!)

    Have you got to travel far to get there? We're setting off in a little convoy at 10am on Friday as it's about 190 miles away from where I live! We've got a stop off planned though for some naughty lunch as the diet is going well and truly out the window!!xx

  • MrsPar13MrsPar13 Posts: 821
    We're going up by train, leaving at about 12pm. I don't know how long it takes to get there though. Think it's about 170 miles from us. A couple are having to drive up after work.

    Yeah the diet is out the window for me as well this weekend!!!

    Do you know any details yet? I only know who's going, where we're going and that we're staying in a hotel?

    It makes complete sense, exactly how I'm feeling lol
  • I know a little bit more but not loads, we're staying in this house 


    I dropped quite a few (not so sutle) hints that i'd quite like to do a cocktail masterclass and guessing saturday will be the main night out as a couple of my lot are having to come down later after work on Friday (teachers) and then there's about half going home on the Sunday.

    I checked the weather earlier and it's looking ok for the weekend, actually getting a bit warmer in the day but more importantly it's not due to rain! xx

  • MrsPar13MrsPar13 Posts: 821
    Oh wow it's lovely. I know my girls were looking into a place like that, where you rent the house but it worked out a but pricey I think. They won't even tell me the hotel name of where we're staying.

    Oh I hadn't thought to check the weather, just assumed it'd be cold.

    I'm so excited can not wait now, plus one of my MOH's is pregnant and due this weekend so hopefully I'll be coming back to a new baby!!
  • MrsPar13MrsPar13 Posts: 821
    How excited are you mrsstephens2b??

    I can't believe it's tomorrow, I don't know if I'll sleep tonight?
  • Soooooo excited!!! I am at work this morning (obviously not doing a great deal as I'm on here LOL!), finish at lunchtime, go for a dress fitting then having my nails done.

    I still haven't packed!!!! Have you?

    One of my maids is coming round at 7.30am tomorrow so really should get organised! I work best under pressure though! image

    When do you get to find out what you're doing?x

  • MrsPar13MrsPar13 Posts: 821
    Oh how did your dress fitting go? Had my nails done today as.

    No I haven't packed either, just picked up some new pj's and shoes. I'll pack later although I kinda know what I'm wearing.

    I think I'll find out as things happen and not before. It's so exciting !!!
  • Hey

    How was your weekend MrsPar? I've just updated my planning thread about mine. I had a brilliant weekend, I was totally spoilt and loved every minute image Brighton was amazing, I'd love to go back there again.

    What did you get up to? x

  • MrsPar13MrsPar13 Posts: 821
    It was fantastic. We had such a good time. I want to go back to Brighton with h2b and again with girls, I absolutely loved it.

    We went to a karaoke club on Friday and got very drunk so much so that on Saturday when we had a cocktail making class we were hanging still. The cocktail class was so funny though. We then went for a meal Saturday night, where we were approached by a stag who had a challenge and that was for him to get a hen to write their name on his inner thigh with lipstick. I nearly died, but it was so funny, he was so posh and also very embarrassed. We then went back to the bar where we had done the cocktail class and stay till about 1. Then on Sunday we wondered round the shops and had lunch. I got my Jo Malone perfume for the wedding. I wasn't planning to but couldn't resist going in when I saw the store.

    How was your weekend?
  • My hen night is on 23rd March and all I know is that there are about 18 of us going and we're going out for a meal in London (which is what I wanted to do).  Don't know any of the details at all as two of my best friends are organising everything.  Oh and they and my three sisters are coming round to my flat for some bubbly before we go out.  I can't wait!  Hope you all enjoy/have been enjoying your hen nights!

  • MrsPar - Is wasn't bar 76 was it for your cocktail class?! That's where mine was at 4pm then we ended up in there from about 10pm until they kicked us out LOL! Our house was literally over the road so not far to stumble! image 

    I had a couple of dares to do but they weren't that bad, plus I made everyone else have a go at them as well so I wasn't the only one.

    I've stuck some pics on my planning thread, I honestly had the best weekend ever!

    Judging by the weather we picked the perfect weekend as well, this weekend it's forecast rain or even snow! x

  • BeachBride - I'm sure you'll have a fab time! I'm a little jealous that mine is now over! Although on the bank holiday weekend we are planning a hen/stag night out in our local town so I still have that to go image

  • Im off to brighton for my Hen weekend too, last week in June image x

  • MrsPar13MrsPar13 Posts: 821
    Yeah it was! We didn't do the bar justice on Saturday night though as we were so hungover from the night before, but we want to go back it was such a good weekend.

    Donpea you'll love it. I wish in a way it wasn't over.
  • Haha no way! Can't believe we were in the same place! I loved it in there and had such a giggle with the barmen!

    Has your H2B had his stag do? Mine if off to Malaga on Thursday, I'm so jealous I want to have mine again! Mind you I am planning on having some of the girls round on Saturday night to keep me company (*read - drink lots of wine!*) image

  • nenjennenjen Posts: 1,524

    My hen do starts on Friday afternoon and I can't wait! Still know absolutely nothing about it - not sure how 16 girls and h2b have managed to keep it a secret for so long! x

  • MrsPar13MrsPar13 Posts: 821
    Yeah he had it in mid feb as the best mans wife is due to have their first baby and he didn't want to miss the stag weekend. I know I really wish it wasn't over.

    Oh nenjen have to say I'm slightly jealous, I wish mine wasn't over. Let us know what you did x
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