6 weeks today for me! :-)

What about everyone else? I'm so excited. I can't wait to marry my h2b! Xx


  • MrsWifeyMrsWifey Posts: 457
    42 days. When you say it that way it sounds even closer lol!!
  • MissLMissL Posts: 427
    6 weeks tomorrow!!! 50 days aaaaggggghh!!! X
  • MrsWifeyMrsWifey Posts: 457
    Eeekk its so exciting isn't it?!! image xx
  • Thirdthing2Thirdthing2 Posts: 1,288

    Six weeks tomorrow for me!  Excited but nervous! image

  • MrsWifeyMrsWifey Posts: 457
    Ooh you have the same date then. I can't believe how quick its coming round! Xx
  • nenjennenjen Posts: 1,524

    58 days for me! Or 8 weeks on Saturday.... nearly here ladies!! xx

  • 7 weeks tomorrow or 50 days for me!

    It'll be here before we know it ladies!!!x

  • MissLMissL Posts: 427
    Looks like in all the excitement I've lost a week! Make that 7 weeks tomorrow! X
  • Haha MissL are you 12th April? A date twin imageimage

    So scary how quickly it's coming around now!

    Have you got much left to do? I've done all the major things it's just the little things now...but these seem to be the ones taking the time, which I hadn't really planned for! xx

  • Spond25Spond25 Posts: 580

    6 weeks for me today too image so excited

  • MissLMissL Posts: 427
    Yes mrsstepens2b date twin imageimage finishing favours And making last few buttonholes tonight and trying to chase the last few RSVPs, sorting cars tomorrow night with best man & chief bridesmaid and i think I'm just about there! What about you? Xx
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