Wishing tree?

Hello ladies! Right I ordered my wishing tree this morning but I'm makings own labels to match the place names, I was just going to order them and just thought how many do I need? Do you just leave it for the day guests or do you leave it out for the evening guests too? We are having 45 guests during the day (10 children in that figure) and about 150 in the evening (inc the day guests who will be staying) and not sure weather to order tags for them too??? They are only luggage tags which I'm stamping and hole punching so cost is not a massive issue! Any help would be appreciated! Thankyou ladies image x


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    I'd probably do enough for all your guests, just I case the night do ones want to wish you well, if you've invited them to your special day then I'm sure you'd like a message from them, just make sure it's in a good position so everyone sees it, you don't want your hard work to go to waste xx
  • I've done 100 tags. We have 83 day guests and about 165 in the evening. I figured most people are in couples though so should work out ok. I brought the jumbo luggage tags so plenty of space to write xx

  • Ive just made all mine (see my planning thread in my signature).
    For 80 day guests & 40 extra night guests ive made about 90 tags, i figure most people will write one between a couple, but then i wanted some extra so that we dont run out.

    If youre making them yourself they cost pennies, better to have more than enough than run out x

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    Thankyou ladies, I think ill go for making 150 and hope for the best! Lou I've just looked at your planning thread and it looks like great minds think alike! Mine are almost identical! I've got the stamping kit but put lace ribbon on the bottom of the tag and glued a button & a key on it (my theme is buttons keys & crystals!) and stamped a heart, for the wish tags I'm gonna stamp the heart and punch a heart so if I have any left over I could sell them or make more to sell image x
  • Have you got a planning thread, id love to see image

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    I haven't Lou! I've got 3 little girls - age 3 & 2yr old twins and only booked the wedding 4 months ago and get married 6 weeks this Friday! I'm struggling to squeeze everything in with making all my buttonholes and favours! Plus I can't upload pics as I don't have a laptop image I so wish I could show everything off! If I could just figure it out on the iPad! Hmmm ill have a lookimage xx
  • fair enough, sounds like youve got your hands full image

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    You can upload from the ipad. If you do a forum search there's a thread that tells you how. I can't remember the steps I'm afraid otherwise I'd tell you image
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