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Stuck for music ideas


I'm getting married in 33 days - EEKK!!

We're having a church wedding with an organist playing all our music for us.

We've chose....

Walking up the aisle: Canon in D by Pachelbel

Signing the register: Spring; Allegro by Vivaldi

Walking down the aisle: Arrival of the queen of Sheba


However the organist doesn't know Spring by Vivaldi and we were told to have a backup in case he can't learn it in time.

But i don't know what to have. We want a piece played by the organ, can anybody help?

Thanks xx


  • This might sound obvious, but can your organist suggest some music to you that he does know well - you can then Youtube the names of the songs and decide that way?

  • ducky_86ducky_86 Posts: 115

    I dont really know organ kind of music, but wanted to share your excited as I'm also getting married in 33days!!! YAY!!! April is the best month image 

    Good luck and I agree with gloucestershirebride- best to ask him!


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