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3 weeks to go!!!! :-)

Only 3 weeks to go for me now. Aaaarrrrggggggghhhhhh so excited!! I'm got a huge grin on my face imageimage How about everyone else? How long have you got? Xx


  • coming round quick. my nerves have well n truly kicked in. i got some kalms yesterday x

  • MrsWifeyMrsWifey Posts: 457
    Aaww how long have you got? Xx
  • 9 days lol xx

  • Mrs ShepMrs Shep Posts: 229

    So jealous of you two. I am super excited as I worked out I have 6 months to go today. Can't imagine how exciting it will be when I am that close. Please tell me the next 6 months will fly by. Xx   image

  • they will they really will. trust me x

  • MrsWifeyMrsWifey Posts: 457
    Wow 9 days!!! Not long then. Yes MrsShep2B it will! Xx
  • that's not long! So much to do still! I've got 3 weeks and 3 days! x

  • Its so exciting -  4 weeks on Sunday, but leaving for Scotland on the 19th, mini moon, wedding, mini moon, party and then time to save for our proper honeymoon.  Good lunck everyone image

  • Thirdthing2Thirdthing2 Posts: 1,288

    Three weeks tomorrow for me ...not sure I am grinning though - feel nervous! image

  • MrsWifeyMrsWifey Posts: 457
    I'm so excited! Tomorrow my counter will say two weeks something. Aarrgghhh! I have butterflies. Can't wait to marry my h2b xx
  • teachIT13teachIT13 Posts: 10
    Thirdthing2 wrote (see)

    Three weeks tomorrow for me ...not sure I am grinning though - feel nervous! image

    snap! starting to find all the little things that need to be done and h2b is stressing over his speech and our first dance....

    We are planning on giving out pressies to the wedding party at a little pre-wedding get-together on the Tuesday before the wedding - h2b thinks we need to make reference to the pressies in his speech so the rest of the guests don't think we are cheap and haven't bothered, but I don't think we need to.  What do you reckon? If we did put something in, what would we say and when?




  • Mrs ShepMrs Shep Posts: 229

    I am so pleased you tel me it will go fast. I've never wished time away so much since i was a child with Christmas!! It just cannot come round quick enough. I cannot wait to hear how all your ladies days have gone when I am at 5 months to go. Good luck to you all.

    TeachIT13 o don't think you should have to but if your h2b feels he should, i'd let him to stop him stressing. Have a wonderful day. image

  • so nervous today ladies. spent all day yesterday printing order of service and have ran out of ink!.

  • 4 weeks today for me! I'm not nervous about the actual wedding...just nervous I won't get everything done in time!!

  • Mrs M xMrs M x Posts: 259

    10 weeks tomorrow. We only got engaged at Christmas and booked the date at the end of January. At the time 17 weeks to organise a wedding felt like ages, but now it's racing by!

  • Aaaaaargh - 3 weeks tomorrow for me now!!!!!! Could REALLY do without being out the house 7am to 8.30/9pm constantly for work - was putting confetti packets together until 12 midnight last night image

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