13 days...stressssss


Just need a bit of a vent! I'm usually fine but today a cold has set in and I've still got a million things to do! Finally made a table up but losing faith in my choices and some of the centre pieces are bent after being stored away for a year.  wahhhhhh image


  • ah! dont panic, try and get a nice long bath and early night so you can recharge your batteries. 

    do you have someone who can help with your centrepieces? 

    dont lose faith hun. do it like you plannwd and it will be wonderful on the day im sure image

  • Hi hun, im on 13 days to go too, and my brain is racing!!  Is there anything that can be done to fix the centrepieces, will they be noticeable though once youve got all your decorations in place?  I think its normal to fret over the table plan, I know we did, I was coming out in sweats doing it!  Its only for 1-1.5hrs so a small portion of your day and no one is going to be unhappy with where they are sitting I am sure, you can only do your best, its not easy!  Dont stress, it will all come together on the day!  x

  • They're hanging birdcages which have candles inside so if they topple it'll be bad! Mr Chad sat me down, took the base off me and fixed it.  Crisis averted this time! I need to sort out my to do list again and stop adding unneccessary bits!

    Bring on half term! x

  • Yay thats fab, glad he managed to fix it, phew!  Tell me about it, h2b is a teach and I cant wait til he is off, Im currently sitting on a rig in the middle of the blooming north sea wishing i was at home so I could get stuff finished!


    Good luck with your final bits and bobs, try and make it easy for yourself, thats what Im doing, I keep coming up with great ideas, but they would only really be great if we still had months and months to go haha!


    Have a fantastic day x

  • I am getting married on Sunday and felt like you around the same time in the planning process, couldn't eat and cried all the time!!

    Today we picked up our rings and are just heading out to discuss our log cabin for our minimoon. Hubby to be and I have 2 weeks off together so now I am just enjoying my time off and trying not  to stress about the weather!!

    Someone gave me some good advice about thinking about what I can change rather than what I can't and to make sure I'm not missing anything by stressing. You'll be fine and I'm sure you'll have a beautiful day hun!

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