One week to go!!

Can't believe it's so soon!  How are all the other April brides getting on? image xx


  • Thirdthing2Thirdthing2 Posts: 1,288

    A week today for me too, Hannah!

    Things are prety organised apart from those very last minute bits - feeling nervous now.  Are you all ready and sorted?

  • We thought we were - until three guests including our videographer dropped out yesterday!  We had to get in touch with them as well, I'm not sure they were planning on telling us they weren't coming.  So cue mass panic and table plan shuffling image but apart from that all is well and lovely image nervous and very excited.

  • how bloomin selfish.  Grr some people! A week tomorrow for me too! Forecast is looking better too which im happy about! xx

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    Week today for me!! So excited! Has come round so quickly. Am starting my packing today as we off to our venue few days before the big day then off on honeymoon. Got so much packing to do!! Any one want to help me!?! Lol xx
  • Haha, ducky I haven't even started packing things up and we're going on Tuesday! :S xx

  • Thirdthing2Thirdthing2 Posts: 1,288

    I htink the r-s-v-p-ing or lack of it has been my biggest frustration over the whole process .... someone who WASN'T coming, rang my mum last week and said she was now coming - didn't ring ME, rang my mum!  So like you, lots of reshuffling andphoning to change numbers etc .... I think some people just don't  think or realise how much planning goes in to things and how you need to know numbers!

    ut today I am not doing anything wedding related really, going for a walk on beach with my kids, finishing off some school work, cleaning the windows that kind of stuff x

  • That sounds good image got a wedding-crazy day today, finishing all the table plan, card box, orders of service etc, and baking the cake image yum yum yum! x

  • We're a week after you guys and to be honest it still hasn't sunk in yet. Life is so hectic generally the thought of also fitting a wedding in doesn't compute! It still seems ages off. Hasn't even sunk in that we're off on hols in a week or so either.

    We're on top of everything we can control - a few aspects that others are sorting require attention but after a brief meltdown last weekIi'm chilled about this now; they won't let us own and I'm a right one for leaving things til the last minute so I shouldn't hold it against others for doing to me as I would do to them. So we're just kicking our heels now and getting on with day-to-day full on trivia.

    However, I did have my first wedding related dream last night. Realised on the morning of the wedding that I'd forgotten to pick up my dress (not wholly out of the question given my general level of organisation). We're getting married 5 hours from home so this did present some thing if a dilemma! Not sure how it ended but seem to recall distracting everyone by wearing really nice makeup! Note to self - DON'T forget to pick up wedding dress!
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