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6th & 7th April and next week

Just wanted to send my best wishes to all the April brides getting married this weekend and next week. Hope you have a wonderful day image X x x


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    If memory serves me correctly MrsHH, we are getting married at the same venue-the barnyard?  Hope your wedding is all you dreamed of and more image I'd love to know how you get on at the barnyard, let me know when you have the time if you can?  Wishing you a magical day!  xx

  • Yes, that's right! I'm getting married there on the 27th (well reception is there). They have a new co-ordinator now who seems REALLY great so much happier with the service now.


    I'll let you know how it goes! x x

  • Mrs W to beMrs W to be Posts: 175
    Ohh, who is that? I don't think we have spoken to them yet! To be honest, i think I'm pleased!! I have emailed so many times before and had to wait for a response it is so annoying! xx
  • Her name is Sue-Alice. I had to chase to organise our meeting etc as 12 weeks before the wedding we hadn't heard anything and I wanted to check menus etc. Hopefully the new person will help things run more smoothly for you image

  • Mrs W to beMrs W to be Posts: 175
    Ah fab, I will look out for her image !! Thanks! xx
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