A week to go!!!!!

Aaaggghhh! Well my 5 months planning has gone and ??2000 has been spent and the pampering is about to commence! I'm blooming petrified of walking down the aisle and speaking though! Is it that bad? Some people do it again don't they so it can't be that bad! I'm crossing my fingers and toes that I don't cry! Xx


  • welshgracewelshgrace Posts: 1,224

    You'll be fine!  Enjoy the last few days of being unmarried, it was a really exciting time image

    All your worries are completely normal, but just embrace it.  If you cry, you cry, most people won't notice, but even if they do they will think it is sweet.  Treasure every second xx

  • Mrs MarlerMrs Marler Posts: 183

    I was so nervous!!

    Its now a joke of how nervous i looked!!

  • Ekkkkk date twin can you believe it's only a week away!!?!

    I still have the table plan to do, confetti pouches and a few more bits to buy, pack for the honeymoon and get spending money (and maybe a few extra honeymoon clothes) Looks like it will be a busy weekend for me! H2B hasn't written his speech yet either...

    Have you got everything done?xx

  • MissLMissL Posts: 427
    Thanks for the support ladies! I know I can always rely on you! I'm hoping I don't look too nervous! I've just about done I think, just need to go to the venue on Sunday and tell them where I want the tables then decorate the place on Thursday! I've got survival packs and buttonholes to deliver on Thursday eve then get my girls to bed and snuggle with the soon to be mr and have a couple of bottles of fizz and a takeaway ready for a crazy day!!! Eeekkkk!!! This time next week we will be a mrs date twin!!! Xxx
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