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Im engaged <3 x x

Hello All 

I've just posted in getting started so i wont repeat what i wrote but here's link

Its the story how it happend! Aghhhhhhhhhh im way excited! I don't think we'll be booking out till after xmas as i have a feeling i'd best ditch the nights out n get saving but i'd love start getting ideas! 

Like people are already asking, when's the big day, are you having an engagment party? n i feel very like in a bubble i don't know the answers yet ha! We both agreed it would be March/April but i like sound of April maybe 4th ha. 

How are u all getting on? x x x


  • Stephb1986Stephb1986 Posts: 2,536

    Hey!! I'm getting married on april 5th image


    Already booked the venue,dj/casino tables, fireworks, got my dress and accessories, booked my hair and make up in, videographer and photographer 


    Pretty much done everything just got to make the invites ect 

    Steph xx

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