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Civil ceremony vows help- what next?

We have booked and paid the registrar fees over the phone and are due to give notice at the local registry office later this month. We are getting married in a different area but still in the same countY in April 2014.

The only thing we have is a booking confirmation in the post no other info. So ... Will we get to look at the vows when we give notice even though the registrars are from a different part of the county? (Worcestershire) 


bit worried! Don't want to just turn up on the day! We are getting married at a licencesed venue not a registry office! 

Help xxx


  • VicNVicN Posts: 1,352

    When you go to the register office to give notice, you will get the variations of the vows that you can say because you have to choose which ones you will read. At least, we did anyway. Presumably they are all the same. 

    If you want I can tell you what the options are, though you'll see them when you go to give notice. 

  • Yes please xxxx thanks for helping, was getting a bit panicky!!!! image 

  • VicNVicN Posts: 1,352

    Our form says:

    "There are two sets of words that you must say in your ceremony. Please select one option from A-C and one option from 1-3. These words cannot be added to or altered in any way.

    Declaratory words:

    A. I do solemnly swear that I know not of any lawful impediment why I ___ may not be joined in matrimony to ___

    B. I declare that I know of no legal reason why I ___ may not be joined in marriage to ___

    C. Are you ___ free lawfully to marry ___? (Your response would be 'I am')

    Contracting words

    1. I call upon these persons here present to witness that I ___ do take thee ___ to be my lawful wedded wife/husband

    2. I ___ take you ___ to be my wedded wife/husband

    3. I ___ take thee ___ to be my wedded wife/husband"


    Then our form also says, "We are happy for you to provide your own words for inclusion in the ceremony, for example to accompany the exchange of rings, but we cannot work to a script. Please remember that anything said, sung, read or played at a civil ceremony must be secular."


    That is our form from Calderdale register office in West Yorks. I presume yours will be similar, if not the same. 

    Hope that helps image

  • herstoryherstory Posts: 1,268

    We weren't given anything when we gave notice, we are being married by a different registrary office.

    The letter from the office that is marrying us says we have to complete the online form at least 8 weeks before the ceremony, I guess all the information is on there.

    Clearly it varies depending on where you live!

  • PepperPotPepperPot Posts: 115

    I am getting married in Worcestershire too but in August and gave notice last week.

    We went to Worcester registry office but are marrying in Chaddesley Corbett! They gave us a nice booklet with loads of good information in, the main vows are exactly the same as vicN2B said above but we have to pick wording for the ring vows from 3 options.

    Where are you getting married?

    Hope that helps! x
  • Hi pepper pot! 

    We live in Bromsgrove and getting married at The Wood Norton between Evesham and Worcester xx 


    Seems like we are behind a bit in giving notice!!! xx

  • PepperPotPepperPot Posts: 115

    We live in Bromsgrove too!!

    I wanted to get that part out of the way as we had some time off work so found it a good time to go! At least the official part is done for us image, I think you only need to give about a fortnights notice but that would be far too stressful lol!! xx

  • Ah hello!!!! How strange! small world!!! Where in Chaddesley are you getting married? Is your reception at the same place? 


    Why did you go to worcs to give notice? I was told we had to go to bromsgrove as that's where we live? Worried I've done something wrong lol

  • PepperPotPepperPot Posts: 115

    Yes, small world!! The ceremony & wedding breakfast is at Brockencote Hall then the evening party is at the Holiday Inn, Bromsgrove. (Although the Bromsgrove branch of HI are in administration so hopefully they'll still be here in August image

    Me & my OH both work in Worcester and they had a more convenient time slot for us. I got really panicky as I did keep reading you need to give notice in the district you live so I rang them to check and they said as long as you live in Worcestershire you can give notice anywhere in the county.

    They were fine when we went, the lady just said it will be a Kidderminster registrar that does the ceremony rather than her. Quite confusing! xx




  • Hahahaha worcestershire all over!!!! I love brockencote hall, went to an amazing wedding fair there. I'm  currently stuck on flowers and finding a good make up artist to transform me  on the day! 

  • You will literally drive past my house from Brokencote to the HIlton! Xx

  • We got given a file when we went to give notice. Has all the relevant ceremony options in (there are 5 areas which need a preference choice to be made).  The registrar has asked us to complete the form at the back and submit to her when we have final appointment 6 weeks before wedding.  She said we also need to supply copies of readings we want and the lyrics of any songs we want if relevant. Plus the fee, of course! She also told us to think about how many copies of marriage certificate we want (£4 each).....because banks, building societies etc want an "actual" copy and therefore it is prudent to get a couple of extras. She said much easier to just get at the time than to apply for extra copies at a later date. 

  • PepperPotPepperPot Posts: 115

    I am going to Stourbridge at the end of the month to see a florist there so covering more of Worcestershire on my travels lol!

    Good tip about the marriage certificates Songbird, will make sure I get a couple of copies!! xx

  • Thanks songbirdsings! Will definitely be getting a few then! I would love a file, all just seems a bit wishywashy ATM and just over 3 months to go! X

  • Stephb1986Stephb1986 Posts: 2,536

    We got a booklet with all the choices in it, still keep meaning to send that back lol image 89 days to go!

  • not long stephb xx

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