August 13th :) let's have a topic ^_^

Hello fellow date mates image

How are you all doing? Hope your planning is not too stressful and you get to enjoy time with your man/gal image

Tell me a bit about him/her, how'd you meet, how'd they propose (or you proposed, perhapsimage), how are you getting on, etc.

We met through a friend, and hit it right off (and I do mean right off!). We've been together for over a year (sounds like a short time, I know), and we both know what we want out of life.

H2B proposed, though I would have done it image But he said he wanted to do it


  • we met through an online dating site and have been together for 4 years now! I fell for his accent and sense of humour and have never looked back!!

    We want the same things in life, and are both hard working and determined to succeed, but we know whats important!

    He proposed by getting on one knee in front of the fountain at Osbourne House on the Isle of Wight, so thats now become a really special place for us. We both cried when he proposed and i cant wait to marry him!!

    Planning seems to go in fits and starts....... i havent really been able to plan much more until i get a dress as everythin else is nearly sorted.... we do have to look at table centres though!! I reckon it will all happen in January as thats when we are sending the invites out in order to make sure people dont book their holiday for when we are away! image
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    Ah yes, I forgot!

    H2B sang to me a song in a park (with his guitar in tow). We also cried! And laughed, and hugged...
  • Hiya, finally my man and I have set a date... After 10 years together!! It'll be 11 years by the wedding day

    Very excited even though we've been together so long, started looking at venues etc.. nothing booked as yet. Gonna be a regular on here I think x x image
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    Welcome image the more the merrier image and congratulations on setting a date!
  • Hello Ladies! I havent been on here in ages. Im also getting married 13th August. I cant wait! How are you all getting on with your wedding plans? I seem to think im organised.............maybe thats because i only have a reception at home to organise, we're getting married in Mexico! xx
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    Oh nice image! Whereabouts in Mexico are you getting married?

    I haven't planned much lately, as I'm busy with my thesis. But some things have been done, which is good image.
  • Hi ladies,

    I'm also getting married on august 13th!! Can't wait!!

    Planning seems to have been put on hold at the moment because of Christmas but I think we have most things organized now!

    How's everyone else getting along?

    Julie x
  • Mixed bag for me at the moment:

    The good: - ordered my veil, which I asked for it to be customised slightly... it arrived and is beautiful and just what i wanted, so really image

    The bad: - guest list arguments with H2B - he has decided he now wants to invite aunties and uncles he hasnt seen for ages to keep his Dad (who may not even come) happy.... image

    The ugly (potentially!): - my 2 MOH ar meeting for the first time Wed, and we are going dress shopping for them.... they may hate each other, the colour i want and not be able to find something that they like/ suits them... may get ugly...

    Other than that, things going well - just am trying to get my head around the fact its only about 8.5 months away - scary!!
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    Hahaha the dreaded timeline... yeah.

    I've ordered my shoes. Other than that, we'll be going flat hunting in December so that we can then get our papers with the town hall sorted out in Jan/Feb.
  • Hi ladies!!

    When are you all sending out your invites? We need to give our venue the final numbers at the begining of July but not sure when to send them out.
  • we plan to send out our 'all day' (i.e. those that are coming to the ceremony and evening) in January, then the rest in March after we get the january ones back. That way, we can upgrade a few people to the day from just the evening if necessary!

    We know Jan is mega early, but it means people can book accommodatin/ flights easily. xx
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    I think we'll be sending them around April or so, but I'm not yet sure. image
  • Me and my fiance will have been together 4 years to the date on our wedding day. He proposed in New York last November during a meal that he had surprised me with at 'The View' - the rotating restaurant in Times Square.

    We are getting married in a catholic church and the reception is at a country house nearby. Our planning is going well so far but I didnt realise how much there is to do image

    We have sent a save the date sort of thing in our Xmas cards and we are aiming to send invites in early May but at the moment we can't make our minds up about which invites to go for - there is so much choice.
  • Ooh nice topic Maylan! Here's the story...sorry it goes on a bit!!

    H2B and I met in a nightclub (certainly NEVER thought Id be marrying someone I met in a club!). I was out on my work xmas party and he was out for a friends birthday. That night he was supposed to be going on a date with a friend of a friend but cancelled- he believes it was meant to be as we would never have met otherwise! lol

    We instantly 'clicked' and text each other constantly for days afterwards. We agreed to meet again about a week before xmas, had a few drinks and went xmas shopping together (he hates shoipping now!)

    Things moved quickly on and we were spending more and more time together.

    For our first year we practically lived together as we didn't spend a night apart-either stayed at his or mine. So the following Novemebr (just 11 months after meeting) he proposed!

    We've now been together just over 4 years and got a place together almost 18 months ago.

    We are alike in so many ways but also love our differences. That's how we work so well. We know each other inside out-so much so that H2B has actually picked out MY wedding dress (without realising) as the dress he would pick for me if he was on Don't tell the bride! lol CANNOT wait to see his face on the day when he realises he picked the dress I had ordered!

    He knows me so well!

    So now time is flying and the big day is going to be here before we know it! Now Xmas is over it's coming FAST!

    Booked the honeymoon a couple of weeks ago in the Dominican Republic. I can't wait to chill out with my husband and enjoy our first few weeks of marriage!
  • How's everyone getting on with their plans?

    I ordered my bridesmaids dresses this weekend and spoke to my florsit to arrange the sort of theme/look I am aiming for.
  • Hey ladies,

    Ive found a lady who im going to book a trial with for my hair and makeup. How long before the wedding do you think i should book the trial? Im worried about leaving it too late and not being able to get someone else if i dont like what she does!
  • hi ladies, not long now, ive been with my partner for 24 years and have 5 children together and we suddenly decided to get married image i am so excited and happy, ive booked the venue, ordered my dress, booked the photography and the church, think thats about it, better get my finger out you lot are doing so well xxx
  • hiya,

    im also getting married on this date.

    Me and h2b met at school and will of been together 9 years on our wedding day. We are both 23.

    Been planning this wedding since oct 2008, which is when we got engaged in cuba!!! S seems like forever and people have said i was crazy for starting too early but i have been able to take my time which is nice.

    i booked the last bits today which were the chair covers and the disco, so everything is booked now.

    Just need to finalise all details and pay for it image
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    Ohhh, my paperwork finally came through image so now I've made our appointment to give notice in April image!! So exciting!!
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    Finally! A photographer booked image!! One thing less to worry about image
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