28th August 2011


Anyone out there 28th August? We get married at Slaley Hall in Northumberland then head off to portugal on honeymoon for 2 weeks on the 1st September! Can't wait.

Be great to hear how you other August Brides are getting on xx


  • tls2betls2be Posts: 175
    O yay - a date twin!

    We are getting married at 5Lakes, Essex and then off to Aruba on the 30th....o the excitement, i cannot wait.

    I think I have most things organised. ofering invites this week, albeit they wont be going out until Feb, gotta find a post box but i think i have everything else under control. How is yoru planning going? are you enjoying it?xx
  • Brill date buddy!

    Things are going well actually - we got engaged about 18 months ago so it's been quite stress free, we've booked the venue, photographer, videographer, band, rings - I've got my dress and the suits (H2B is in the RAF so he and 2 of the best men - yes he has 3 - will be wearing uniform and the dads and my bro suits) just reallt bridesmaids dresses, stationary and little final touches to do.

    Our colours are Navy and ivory to make sure it goes with the uniforms. I'm loving planning really - how about you? What colours and things are you having? One thing we are doing is applying for a late license as it's a sunday but we're not sure when to do it - have your venue mentioned anything?

    Really glad to talk to someone with the same date - almost under 300 days now it's getting exciting!! xx
  • tls2betls2be Posts: 175
    O how fantastic....well my other half is almost there, he has 2 best men, then he has another 2 ushers, but I am just as bad, have 5 bridesmaids image

    We have friends doing our photography, hair n makeup which saves some pennies. i got all me favours, the men and ladies have different favours with the kiddies having lil goody bags which I got loads a lil bits from ebay for. A lot of our stuff comes as a package so the table flowers, dj, toastmaster and a pianist have all been sorted thru them. Am tempted to have a female singer or band but still cant find one thats right. My colour theme is lilac which is proving very difficult so I have opted for purple for the bridesmaids outfits. Tried on my dress yesterday with me shoes - love em, and I bought the men matching socks n cufflinks from ebay for the groomsmen.

    O the excitement imageimageimage

    As for the late licence, although our reception finishes at 12, there is a bar downstairs which stays open til the last person leaves so we havent had to sort that out. My advice would be to do it sooner rather than later, probably one of those things where they dont rush to get back to you.

    So are you doing most of the planning with your hubby in the RAF? Not that it makes too much of a difference, I feel like im doing most of mine lol xx
  • Wow it does sound like we're both organised! I found that because it was the bank holiday weekend a lot of photographers and bands etc booked up so it's good we're that way inclined!

    We're having a band who so a swing set first, then a soul set and provide a DJ inbetween. A friend of mine who gets married in september said she found a venue doing a band showcase where about 5 o 6 bands played a few songs so it might be worth seeing if there are any of those near you to help find a good one.

    Lilac sounds gorgeous I love purple as well! What favours are you having? We're having charity donations to the RAF assocoation and Basset Hound welfare ( we have an almost 4 year old Basset called Archie who is our little man!) So hoping to get some pins for each.

    We decided not to have kids at the wedding - at the time we got engaged there was only my friends daughter but then 2 of my bridesmaids - SIL2B and my Maid of honour got pregnant and had little boys a week apart then my friend had twins! So far it's been OK though MIL had a bit of a wobble that nephew won't be in the pics but it all seems to have been accepted now phew!

    Actually H2B has been really involved in the planning - I moved up to Northumberland from Leeds a year ago when we sold our house down there so we've been living in the saem place (until he got posted away for 4 months in August but at least he's back for xmas!) He's had ideas about suits, the band and helped pick the photographer and videographer and been really involved in the venues. Luckily he hasn't seen my dress I picked that with my Mum! How has your other half been - must be nice to have a bit of a free reign! Mum and Dad have been fantastic actually with their financial contribution and ideas for the day.

    How exciting trying your dress and everything on, must make it all seem a bit closer and more real. Are you getting married in a church or at the venue? Really nice to have a buddy on here to chat too!

    Good point about the license I'll speak to the wedding co-ordinator monday! xxx
  • tls2betls2be Posts: 175
    It is very nice to have a date buddy, i was started to think i was on me own lol.

    Your wedding sounds fab! Nice and quiet w/out kiddies too lol, we have kids just because there are so many but hopefully the favours'l keep em quiet lol. I have the old model aeroplanes and a £1 football bet in a lilac envelope for the boys (which will be nice floating around thru the speeches but that was want he wanted to thats what he gets) and then the ladies have tiny lil bags which double up as placenames that will have lilac organza inside with mint hearts and a lipbalm, then for the kiddies, they have small goody bags with a lil activity and sticker book, a mini snakes and ladders game,a pair of funky sunglasses (im hopin it'l be sunny) and the boys have a few cars n motorbikes whilst the girls have rings n necklaces inside with a few sweeties.

    Well I hope your still awake after that lol but are your favours are a brilliant idea!I love a bit of fundraising, normally do race for life and will be charity skydiving next year image

    as for the wedding planning, hes quite happy to put forward his opinion if he's asked but generally says that its my day, hel marry me however lol

    We're having it all in one place, its 45 mins away so we like the convenience of all in one place and the choice to stay there also.

    Will you be getting ready at your mums? Ill have the bridesmaids checking he's not where i need to be in the hotel - thats the only grief really.

    Do ou guys have wedding cars? They can be so pricey!

    You must very xcited for xmas then eh?!

    Have you done the food tasting yet? Ours was fantastic! I best stop typin for a bit nowimage xx
  • dani7919dani7919 Posts: 213
    Oh snap! I'm 28th August too image

    You both seem to be more organised than me. We've booked the venue, photographer, dj and I have my dress but that's about as far as I've got.

    My other half is only having 1 best man and no ushers and I've got my sister as a bridesmaid (and possibly my niece for a flowergirl) so I think that'll be pretty straight forward to organise. My sister is pregnant at the moment and is now 6 days overdue so we can't go dress shopping until the new year.

    My venue said they would stay open for as long as we would like. It's a restaurant but they're not usually open on Sunday's but will for weddings. I mentioned to finish at 1am and they said that was fine.

  • tls2betls2be Posts: 175
    O yay Dani - new year has a bonus, you can get a dress in the sale and save some pennies. Do you have any theme in mind at alL? any ideas as to whether your havin any favours?x
  • dani7919dani7919 Posts: 213
    Tls - that's what I'm hoping. My wedding dress was a bargain too so hopefully I'll be quids in (more for shoes) image

    I've no theme at all yet - not even sure what colours to go for. I think I'll see what bridesmaid dress I'll end up with and run with that, also our venue is an Italian restaurant so I've been thinking about incorporating that into our theme.

    Randomly, I've bought my name place holders and cards from cox & cox. They were in the sale when I bought them and I also had a discount code:


    I'm in two minds about the favours too. We have about 120 people for the meal so it's a lot of money to spend. I did think about miniture bottles of Italian olive oil but they will be so expensive so I'll probably go with little boxes of imperial mints (I'm sure they'll be a lot of garlic in our meals so I thought they may come in handy image ). I've found these boxes on cox and cox which I thought were lovely but they are £6 for 10:


    I was shopping around and then found them £2.97 for 10 and I'm pretty sure they are identical. Goes to show you should shop around!


    Have you thought about your hen do yet? I can't make my mind up as to what to do.

    Anyway ladies we have some celebrating to do. It's 300 days exactly to the day. How exciting!! image
  • tls2betls2be Posts: 175
    Ah Dani, it all looks and sounds lush!

    The hen do, Im being greedy and having two, a local and a weekend (and I plan to secretly have a girly one whilst he's on the stag lol) but both are being completely organised by 2 of me bridesmaids. Im away a few months before to edinburgh but i no nothing more than that, which i like because it should be a nice surprise and a release away from the wedding organisation for a while.

    Keep us posted ladies, o so exciting image xxx
  • Dani welcome to our very exclusive date club ha ha! I love your place cards and the imperial mints are fab - what a bargain too!

    H2B and I live up on Northumberland and My parents are just outside manchester and H2B's just outside Leeds so I won't be getting ready at Mum's but staying at the hotel the night before - looking forward to champagne and taking advantage of the spa lol!!

    We've not done food tasting yet waiting till the boys back but I can't wait - we had sunday lunch at the venue when we booked and it was fab so I have high hopes, I can't pick what starters to have so I'm thinking a main and 2 puddings ha ha

    We're not having wedding cars with it all being in one place - we too love about an hour away from the venue but H2B is attempting to swing a helicoper ride in - trust my man to upstage me on the wedding morning! I do think it would look fab on the video and wedding pics though.

    In terms of hen do my MOH is arranging mine, we're between going abroad for a few days majorca or somewhere for a girly holiday with close mates or renting a cottage in the UK, then having a trashy night out in my hometown of leigh probably wearing the veil and L plates for everyone! I'm being a bit greedy and SIL2B (who is also a bridesmaid) has offered to arrange a spa day with me, mum MIL2B, SIL2B and MOH so I'm being very spoilt. The only thing is since we got engaged 18 months ago it seems everyone we know has cottoned on and we now have 7 weddings next year including our own - budget nightmare!! I have trown a slight strop that one of H2B' friends from Uni has chosen to get married the week before us aaarghhh but not sure if I'm just being a bridezilla.

    I'm off bridesmaid dress shopping in the new yaer - apparently that's when the new lines come out and as tls2b says sales woo hoo.

    What will your new names be girlies? I'll be Mrs Rebecca Griffin (now Jones) xxxxx
  • dani7919dani7919 Posts: 213
    Hey Rebecca - it's a small world, my h2b is from your neck of the woods (Lowton) image. We live in Manchester and will be getting married at Manchester Town Hall.

    Your hen do's sound fab. I've not really thought about mine. My dad is currently renovating a house in Cornwall which is nearly finished so I might go for a girly weekend there. I also fancy something local and going abroad also appeals. Maybe I'll do all three. image

    I'm not having cars either as my reception venue is only a 5 minute walk from the Town Hall so there didn't seem much point. My venue has not asked for any money off me at all yet, I don't know whether to be pleased or slightly worried. I even offered to give them some money and they said not to worry about it until next year - they would only ask me for money if someone else wanted to get married on the same day.

    My new surname will be Fernside so not too badimage
  • Dani that is so close to my Mum and dad's! I Went to Bedford High then Winstanley college so a load of my freinds are from Lowton High! Have you ever had a night out in Leigh? That's an experience!

    Definitely spoil yourselves for the hen do girls we should take advantage!!!

    Dani you're venue sounds very accomodating so that's good - especially with how much we rely on them!

    Right ladies I'm off to a wedding reception in Huddersfield this weekend so will catch up with you on Monday and share any tips or tricks I pick up xxx
  • dani7919dani7919 Posts: 213

    Hope you both had a good weekend.

    Becky, my H2B went to St Aelreds, but I do have another mate who went to Lowton High. He's never taken me out to Leigh as he lived in Manchester when I met him. I've been out with a couple of his friends in Warrington and Newton but that's it.

    Hope you enjoyed the wedding.

  • tls2betls2be Posts: 175
    Sorry ladies.... had a busy week imagelol

    My name'l be Tiffany Stuckey and is currently Rogers. I look at it as being unique lol

    I really liked the idea of a cottage type hen do, you can get butlers in the buff, have a slumber party so ppl get to know each other, and they do spa treatments where ppl come to you now to. I have NO idea what my bridesmaids have sorted for me image

    I have an incling that it mite be a few small apartments but i dunno. scary!lol

    Ive ordered a bridesmaid dress off of dresssale.co.uk and am hoping it doesnt [email protected] up as its from china. Ive paid by paypal though so have the insurance if it goes wrong and i should be able to return em. very apprehensive but these dresses are lush and ive looked everywhere for em.

    Me next job is jewellery and music for the ceremony :-S you ladies have any of this sorted?xx
  • Hey Girls

    Dani - you're not missing anything not going to Leigh! Ah I don't think we'll have crossed paths then but what a samll world!

    Had a lovely weekend in Huddersfield, some freinds got married in cyprus and it was their home reception - they had lovely pink flowers and balloons and Katy's dress was gorgeous - beachy but still very bridal! I was CBM for my friend Tara in May 09 and I stayed at theirs - they now have a 2 year old and an 8 month old so it was fun being 'Auntie Becca' but very tiring.

    Everyones hen do plans sound really great - I'm glad to have a bit of a surprise though that's what bridesmaids are brill at.

    Tls2b I'm sure the dresses will be fab - and you're ordering in plenty of time. I've not doen jewellery yet, waiting until my dress is in the shop so I can try everything on together. We have had loads of discussions about ceremony music though. One of my Mum and Dad's friends sons is a fab saxophone player so he's playing at the ceremony but we're having modern songs

    Processional - a version of Candi Statton, You've got the love

    Signing the register - Rule the world - Take that

    Guard of Honour - Mr Brightside!! I hope this one will work

    For our first dance as the band are doing a swing set first we're having Let there be love and I'm considering beyond the sea for the father daughter dance ( I haven't really heard of these before coming on here but I love the idea - especially as Mum and Dad have been so fab!) xxxxxxxxxx
  • hello Ladies!

    Im a date twin too.. Getting married in Bolton 28.8.

    Im going to a wedding this sunday at Manchester Town Hall, it will be my fourth wedding this year, im secretly grading them a la 4 weddings!

    I thought i was fairly organised.. but am reconsidering now. i have booked church, reception, band, photographer and dress. Oh and we have got our save the date cards which we are sending out in Christmas Cards.

    Next on the list is the florist. Definitely want that sorted in the next couple of weeks. Bridesmaids dresses are on hold as I know i want black strapless prom dresses, with hot pink sashes. currently one BM is heavily pregnant and another is a bride to be and is on a diet.. so im thinking I shouldnt have much difficulty picking up plain black dresses next year..

    Im at work now but the computer has crashed (apart from intnernet handy eh!) so am marking time till 5.30..

    have a good weekend

  • alm498alm498 Posts: 77
    Looks like the North West is the wedding place to be on August 28th... forget all this fuss about April 29. Me too! Stirk House, Gisburn, near Clitheroe.

    Just a quick hello for now, got to get away from work but will check back in soon x
  • Hey Dawnio and ALM welcome to the thread and congratulations on your upcoming weddings! It's great to have so many date buddies and I love all the tip swopping.

    The north west sounds like the place to be and although I've migrated to the North East I'm still a north westerner at heart!! xxx
  • We booked our honeymoon last night! woop woop im far more excited than i expected to be. we are off to mexico for two weeks on 31 August, so will have few days to wind down before we go. happy days!! x
  • Dawn how exciting! We had the same idea - off to Portugal to the Rui Palace Algarve for 2 weeks on the 1st September, wedding, hols and 3 weeks off work woo hoo!!! xx
  • So is anyone feeling a little more like they need to start cracking on a bit cos its now "this year"? I have just started panic emailing suppliers for quotes. I think apart from the florist we have the big things sorted, just cars invites chair covers etc to book. Florist should be booked within the week, just waiting for a quote to come back.

    Its starting to feel a bit real now... image
  • alm498alm498 Posts: 77
    Definitely starting to feel the strain now (but only a little bit, I'm determined to enjoy the whole wedding process), can't believe how quick the year's gone since we got engaged!

    The only 'biggy' still to do is the florist, but I can't quite get my head round talking sunflowers when it's so cold and gloomy!

    Our invites idea is coming together, and also gives a steer for our favours - we're both journalists, and met while we were training, so having a newspaper front page as the invite, and pens and notebooks as favours.

    Dress is on order, and am going back at the end of the month to be measured for the actual order to be placed... very exciting. And, once one of the ushers is back from long hol to Oz, I'll be sending H2B off to sort his suits.

    Countdown time ladies! x
  • Definitely having an Oh My gosh it's so close moment!

    I'd been feeling really organised and like there's loads of time and at New Year had a panic!

    Pulled my finger out and arranged bridesmaids dress shopping for the 22nd Jan with 2 of my bridesmaids (the 3rd lives in Dubai but picked an Alfred Angelo design when she was over last year)but my major stress is the invitations. There's a woman who lives near us I thought I would get to do all the stationary but H2B didn't like the sample so now I'm stressing organising loads of samples to see if we can agree on a style.

    Your idea sounds fab alm for invitations really personal - if anyone has any reccomendations ladies please let me know!! Might post a thread on August 2011!

    Ladies we get married in 230 days eeek!!! xxx
  • Hello Ladies! I hope you dont mind me popping on here, I am getting Married 28th too!!

    When we got engaged I went in to planning over drive!! I felt like I had done too much so stopped for a while. Now its seems to be coming so fast and I haven't started making our invites yet, let alone pick Bridesmaid dresses! Ekk!

    We are getting married at Sundridge Park Manor, The Wedding House place. So that is sorted, Flowers are sorted.

    Hen do is still a bit problem for me, I quite fancy a weekend in Ibiza but its £££ andsome of my friends have kids and they dont want to leave them. I half feel like giving total control to my MOH as its stressing me out!

    Sooo Ladies what are your dresses like?? Mine doesn't fit, I am in slight panic but Still managed to eat a cheeky few chocolates today!

    Beckylouuk I really like your songs. I wanted 'God only knows' by The Beach Boys but we cant as it has GOD in it boo!

    Anyways be great to hear your ideas and plans ladies image

  • tls2betls2be Posts: 175
    Hey ladies.... its certainly crept up hasnt it?! sounds like iim hte same as you guys.... thought i had it all under control but no, now i feel like im in a blind panic. i cant find a flower arrangement for the top table i like, dont want a traditional one because the day isnt overly traditional. invites are upstairs but i gotta rely on him to write them out cos my handwriting is terrible.4 bridesmaid dresses to buy, tiara and jewellery and feels like i have no time to do it in!

    Only i gues because i want to have it all done before the hen do, i have no idea what they have planned but im gonna love every minute of it image happy planning ladies, enjoy it, we have lots of time really xxx
  • Welcome Amberlinnie the more the merrier!!!

    Got some more stationery samples through today - H2B is back from a training course tonight so we'll have a look through. It's really nice having him home and especially nice that he'll be around for at least 18 months before he might have to go out of area again so time to sort wedding stuff and have some time after! SOme freinds of ours are getting married on the 17th September and they've found out he's going away for 4 months from March eek! planning overdrive so this is making me feel calmer about how much we have to do.

    Really it's just finalising so not too much.

    Ladies - next job is flowers. Seem like a few people are having flower blocks so maybe we should have crisis talks!! Alm sunflowers sound gorgeous!! I'm thinking some ivory flowers and some died midnight blue roses!!! xxx
  • Good News! A Sample came through from cardsbysam on saturday morning and both H2B and I really like it!! I also worked out that invitations (day and evening) place names, manu's, table plan and a guest book come in at £100 less than we budgeted for - bargain!!

    Thanks for all your help August peeps xxx
  • Hello ladies,

    I am also 28/08/11! I have pretty much everything sorted tbh, only things left to do are rings, suits and chair covers image

  • Hi Ladies I am also 28th August and to be honest you are all terrifying me. You are so organised! ha ha I have sorted the registrar, venue, photographer, DJ and most importantly of course the dress. However everything else I seem to have hit a stumbling block with - no idea where to start or what to do next!!

    We are getting married at the Arrow Mill in Alcester - doing it all in the one venue which is great and its only 15 minutes from where we live. I am so excited about it all but I fear my friends are getting bored of my wedding chat already!! image

  • Hi Ladies!!! I'm a 28th of August bride too! Sooo exciting!

    I thought I had everything under control before Christmas, now it is this year my list keeps getting longer and longer! Eeep!

    So glad we can all have a chat and keep up with each other's plans. We might be able to shimmey each other along too image xxx
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