Late August / Early September Honeymoons

Where is everyone going on honeymoon? We have had real problems finding somewhere that isn't monsoon or hurricane season image

We are now thinking North-West Mauritius but I'd be keen to hear where everyone is going before taking the plunge and booking?!


  • MrsMJH2bMrsMJH2b Posts: 118
    We had the same problem but have decided on Mexico - even though it's 'hurricane' season, we've spoken to friedns who've been at that time and travel agents who have all sadi it will be fine. Even if it does rain, it's not like here where it chucks it down for days, just 10 mins or so, so it won;t spoil anything, we'll just have to spend 10 more minutes in the bar image

    so we're off to las vegas for 4 nights on 28th August, then on to Mexico for 9 nights, woop!

    Happy planning! x
  • We're going to Mombasa in Kenya, should hopefully be pretty much perfect weather there at that time of year!
  • Well I don't anticipate there will be any hurricanes or monsoons where we're going - Scotland! We have a few days at the Edinburgh festival and then a week holed up at a private mini-castle in the highlands. I am promised sunshine at some point later in the year!
  • we are going to the maldives. we looked at mauritus too and loved both places so picked purely on resort. i fell in love with kuramathi.

    good luck!
  • We have also bitten the bullet and booked Mexico. We go on 31 August for two weeks. Hurricanes shmurricanes.. (nervous laugh)
  • ls2blbls2blb Posts: 1,280
    Playing it safe and heading off to a gorgeous little villa in the Peloponnese image xx
  • We are also risking the hurricane and going to Cuba- it was the only place we could agree on!
  • AmberlinnieAmberlinnie Posts: 508
    We are going to Bali and Hong Kong image
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