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August wedding- invites and aisle order??

Hey ladies,

im getting married on August the 28th and dont know when the best time to send the invites out is. i need to know who is coming soon so i can plan the seating plan ect, but i dont want to send them out too early so people put the invite away and forget. Another dilema is the order that you walk down the aisle. i have 2 adult bridesmaids and a flower girl.... any ideas would really help image




  • Hi,

    I'm getting married on 13th. We plan to send invites out in May but have already spoken to the majority of family & friends so that they know when to avoid booking holidays etc in the summer.

    My bridesmaids (3 adults & a flower girl) will be walking down the aisle before me. Mainly so that I know my friends are there at the bottom if I get nervous. They also mentioned that they would love to watch me walk down the aisle as opposed to watching it from behind.

  • yes i was thinking about having them go before me so then its just me and my step dad image i was going to send invites out earlier as some people i dont think will come, as they are my H2B family that he hasnt seen in 11yrs, but he has to invite them anyway. families can be such hard work lol image
  • Am also a August 13th Bride! We have sent our invites out already as half the guests live in Ireland, and flights are cheaper the earlier you book.

    We are getting really stressed with the attitude of some of the potential guests though (but thats a whole other story!!), and its mostly family!!!

    I have 2 MOH's...they will be going down before me as I have a longish train, but the venue is narrow and dont want them trying to clamber over it to their seat.
  • I'm August 13th too! We sent save the dates out at Christmas and will be doing the invites around Easter. With it being summer, we want to give people plenty of warning for booking their hols image
  • tls2betls2be Posts: 175

    I am also a 28th august bride and I have just sent out my invites, although we sent save the dates, that was two years ago and given that august is when people take holidays, we want to give people confirmation as to which part theyre invited to (day or just reception) and also for me to organise favours so i can just take em to the venue ready and in a box, sort the table plan (which i have in draft already with stickys to move round) and then have the numbers accurate for when the venue needs them.

    I would send them when you feel ready and comfortable

  • I'm a 6th August bride and we've already sent our invitations out, as we wanted to give people plenty of time to make arrangements for travel etc, and we need to know numbers at least 6 weeks before the date for the venue. For me it was also a way of getting something off my to do list!
  • I ordered my invitations online and they just arrived yesterday - planning to send them out some time in March, with an RSVP date of 1st June (wedding is on 26th August). Like one of the other brides above, we have a lot of guests coming from Ireland so they'll need details to book flights etc, plus I'm just impatient and can't wait any longer!!! image
  • I have the daunting task of making all my invites ahead of me... Procrastinating at the moment!

    Planning to send them out Easter time, maybe around the royal wedding time image

    As for the aisle, I have 3 adult bridesmaids, a page boy and flower girl,

    Order being

    Bridesmaid 1

    Bridesmaid 2

    Page boy/ flower girl together

    MOH to push them along

    Me and Dad last.

    I wanted my bridesmaids to have thier moment too, they are so excited and have been so supportive of me.
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