6 months to go!!

... and so much still to do! Best get cracking ladies! Just think, in 6 months time, I'll have a husband!!!!! image


  • Nearer 5 months for me!! Eeek!

    I really need to get on and make my evening invitations now, but other than that I'm feeling quite relaxed about things as I have most stuff sorted. image
  • OMG! I know..... I am going to have a look at my 'to do' list this afternoon.

    H2B emailed me this morning saying 6 months to go, I better sort my suit.

    I am cracking on with my invites. I think they will be ready this weekend. I worked on them all weekend - Im sick of the sight of 'em image Our living room looks like hobbycraft!

    Sorting our favors at the moment. They all need to be made. I dont want to get to a month to go and be stressing out about think that I could have done 6months ago.

    All so exciting!

  • MaylanMaylan Posts: 9,604
    Nearer to 5 months to me now, too. Scary!!

    We've been looking at photographers, finally, and I hope we can come to a decision this week or next.
  • 6 months sounds like such a short amount of time EEEEK so exciting I am getting married on Aug 20th and had my 1st dress fitting a couple of days ago, it was an amazing feeling and I just can't wait for the day ot get here- although I feel very disorganised!!

    Have all of you sent your invites?
  • AmberlinnieAmberlinnie Posts: 508
    I sent my invites last week. I have a massive to do list with things planned out every week until the wedding. I am really going to try and stay on track. I really don't want to be in a big rush and stress the week before the wedding. Plus I am going on holiday for a tan top up the weekend before the wedding image I think I have gone mad!

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