Hi all, New here...getting married 27th August :)

Hello image

As the title says really, I'm a regular user on baby expert (or was until the big overhaul) and I found the support and advice from the ladies there invaluable image

Don't know about anybody else but im currently drowning under a list of to do's for the wedding...eek!

Looking forward to getting to know you all image x


    Hiya, im a 27th aug ust bride too!!!

    what have you got booked and planned so far??

    I've been pretty organised, got most things booked, its the money issue thats stressing me out, we've recently had our 2nd child and so im on pants maternity pay. from may until septemeber i have no income as my maternity pay finishes and the costs are mounting up. trying to do everything quite cheap but theres always things you dont budget for!!!
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    Hi ladies image

    MrsFerg2b - We have deposits on most things paid, we have our reception venue, photographer, my dress, honeymoon & chocolate fountain (haha) deposits paid. I've chosen my bridesmaid dresses (which they are paying for anyway) But we can't give notice of our intention to marry until may (their moving the registry office) Which is really the only thing still to pay anything for.

    We were really lucky in the fact that our reception venue provides almost everything else. They have no charge for room hire & the drinks reception, overnight stay for us, flower arrangements for the room, evening DJ and table decorations all included in the price of £45 per head for wedding breakfast and £15 for evening guests. Lucky really as we only set the date in late December and I think I'd have been scraping the barrel for dj's etc.

    We had our little boy in July of last year and were actually planning a wedding for august last year when I found out we were expecting. I'm on pants maternity pay too and have just found out that I'm being made redundant so have no job to return to in April! I'm tearing my hair out about it but we have budgeted our wedding as if we are paying it all and my dad has kindly offered to give us what he gave my other sisters for their weddings which luckily covers our reception all together.

    I'm now juggling my time between DS, wedding planning and job hunting! image

  • Date twin!! image Where are you getting married? image
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    Hey image

    I live in Nottingham and we're getting married at the city council house & having our reception a hop skip & jump across the tram lines at the Park Plaza hotel x
  • That sounds lovely image We're also having a civil ceremony, having the whole thing at a lovely hotel not that far from where we live in Chester image
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