Am I on track?

just wondered if I'm organised enough or behind schedule? We're getting married on th 4th august this year and so far I've:

Booked venue- same place for ceremony and reception

Got dress, shoes, veil etc

Bridesmaids sorted



Save the dates sent




The boy still needs to sort out suits and we haven't got wedding rings but is there anything else major I should have done? So hard to keep on top of it all!

Thank you


  • paulavikipaulaviki Posts: 527
    Sounds like you are pretty much on track, is your registrar booked?

    I get married on the 6th (5 months today! Eek) and have most stuff done, just need to sort out our evening invitations, shoes for the flower girls, his ring and a few other bits and bobs.
  • Thank you, that makes me feel better. Registrar is booked (forgot that, pretty important though!)

    6 months left- It'll fly by now won't it?
  • Doddy121Doddy121 Posts: 406
  • We're not going to bother as it's all at the same venue. My fella will borrow my dad's classic car to arrive in and then dad will drive us up in his car later on. Just chosen readings and music so feel like we're getting there at last!
  • NowMrsMaggsNowMrsMaggs Posts: 1,823
    We're getting married on the 4th too! I'm a bit ahead of you, to be honest, but I have had ages to plan! Have you picked your invitations yet? I decided to send mine out at the beginning of March as it's a Thursday and over the summer, so people don't book holidays.

    Oh, and it's just under 5 months, not 6!
  • Invites are done but just waiting to send them out, what else have you done? Did mean five months really, that could have messed up my plans!

    Thanks for the advice ladies
  • NowMrsMaggsNowMrsMaggs Posts: 1,823
    Erm, let's think - have you sorted your jewellery, cufflinks and shoes for the men (if they'll need new ones), presents for parents/each other if you're having them, organised your place names, menus, order of day, cd for playing during the meal/walking you down the aisle? Do you want someone to do your hair and/or make up for you? Just off the top of my head. We're having a church wedding, so ours will be different anyway.

    If you're having bridesmaids, I'd recommend getting them into gear as well, picking hair styles etc! I haven't finished a lot of the above, but thought it might be helpful to share my 'to do' list!

    We have our rings, and the suits are booked - it's just all the niggly things I'm trying to get done at the moment! I want to be ready the weekend before, so I can just chill, but that probably won't happen! image
  • I am suddenly feeling very, very unorganised. I have booked the venue, caterers, cars, and band. I also have the dresses (but no shoes or jewellery). The dresses also need altered.

    I don't have flowers sorted or venue decoration (considering trying to do it myself to save money but not sure if that would save money or if would cost about the same but just add loads of hassle). I haven't got the invitations sorted either.

    I didn't want to do stuff too early but now I'm beginning to wonder if there might be problems because I left stuff so late? Any opinions are welcome!
  • Hi this is a great checker as to what is 'to do'!! I am getting married on 20th August ...should I have sent my invites by now?

    If not when should I send them?

    Thanks image
  • what about food? xx
  • Food is all included although we haven't chosen our actual menu yet. I think you have loads of time with invites but as ours is a Thursday we were worried people would need lots of notice. The big stuff is easy to remember isn't it but I'm worried I'll forget small things like a table plan or cake toppers!!
  • hi im getting married on the 27th and from the look of it your on track, here is a list of the stuff ive done so far

    venue &marquee(all day)



    Save the dates (sent last year)



    invites (sending next week)

    harpist for ceremony

    order of the day


    makeup artist


    garden games

    gifts for Guests staying at the venue

    mini bus taxi for guest not able to get home (as were a little way out lol)

    booked in for fake tan and nails ,eye brows, well a day of pamper as im sure i will need it lol

    chair covers a sashs

    ummmmmm i think thats it image
  • patty270patty270 Posts: 25
    What about chair covers?

  • Wow lisaandnigel, you've done loads, better get myself motivated again! Thanks for the help x
  • DuddersDudders Posts: 1,659 New bride
    It's comforting to know we've all done pretty much the same amount - we can't all be wrong girls!!

    We booked suits at the weekend, and for those of you that haven't I'd be inclined to do that soon. Don't forget we're all getting married at the height of wedding season... hmm seemed like a good idea at the time!

    For JennyWithie, if you sent save the dates I wouldn't panic too much. I've seen all sorts of timing suggestions for invites (some as little as 6-8 weeks before which I know I couldn't do). Depending on things like when you have to give the venue numbers, I think you'll be fine to get them out by the end of April with 4-6 weeks for RSVPs.

    I sent my day invites on Monday (we're the 12th) because of a few things - our wedding is a Friday and people will need to book time off, it's the middle of holiday season and we didn't do save the dates, we are offering choices for our meals and first and foremost I'm just a worrier... so I want to know who's coming!! image
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