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Our DIY Sweetie Cart

Hi Ladies my Dad is making me a Sweetie cart and Ice Cream buffet cart for our wedding, 28th August.

Im so excited about it image

Our colour theme is lemon and soft pink. I am thinking of painting it a mix of lemon, pink and white? What do you think?

Progress so far...

Thanks xx


  • That is brilliant!

    Your guests are going to love such a personal touch!

  • AmberlinnieAmberlinnie Posts: 508
    Thank you image
  • ezz100ezz100 Posts: 1,029 New bride
    That is amazing'll have to hire them out !!
  • SadSack83SadSack83 Posts: 1,700
    Fabulous! What a talented dad!

    I think they would be beautiful painted but I would stick to one of the colours rather than all three (probably white) and then perhaps put bows on the handles (lemon and pink).

    I agree with ezz100, You definitely should hire out afterwards!
  • wow that looks amazing
  • RowenaFWRowenaFW Posts: 2,078
    Amberlinnie, that's INCREDIBLE!

    My great uncle used to be really good at making things like that; he made my rabbit hutch and my doll's house when i was little. It's so nice when someone you love has made it for you!

    I quite like the idea of painting it in lemon and white stripes, sort of circus tent feel, then using the pale pink for details like the hearts, wheels, edging.
  • AmberlinnieAmberlinnie Posts: 508
    Yes I am very lucky, all I asked for was a back drop and the box step haha! He has made another one but designed it so there is a freezer built under it for ice cream.

    Yes I am thinking mostly white, with the back drop lemon and white stripe. I love the idea of bows! I think I might get fabric for the canopy? He want to put lights in it.... He is getting carried away image

    No a bad idea renting it out, little side business for me there, I am already thinking about doing cupcakes. hehe.

    I will post another pic when I have painted it, see what you ladies think.

    Thanks image
  • tls2betls2be Posts: 175
    Its AMAZING! very jealous, you lucky lady. One of a kind too image xx
  • WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!

    Tell your lovely dad, he is a very talented man! That is amazing and i just wish I could have something like that image

    I would love to decorate that, you definately have to do some sort of stripes on it i think and love the ideas of the bow's

    Cant wait to see pics of when its all done xx
  • Here we go ladies.... the Finished carts:


  • omg! fabulous! here abouts are you ? xxxx
  • Based in Bromley, Kent. Cover the South East x
  • Glad to see it looked absolutely FAB!!!

    We even had the same sweets as u..must share the same great tasteimage

    Hope u had an amazing day x
  • MrsLightyMrsLighty Posts: 466
    Bump for Chelle xxx
  • CCisMarriedCCisMarried Posts: 331
    oh this is exactly want i wanted!! but i think Bromley is too far image sob sob
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