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Walking UP the aisle music?!

Hello everyone!

We STILL cant think of anything to walk back up the aisle to! We have a harpist so it would have to be something she could play but she does have a vast repertoire! I was wondering if you could tell me what you are having for inspiration.

Thanks image xx


  • paulavikipaulaviki Posts: 527
    We couldn't decide and our harpist suggested 'The Arrival of Queen Sheeba' by Handel, which is what we have gone with. image
  • AmyLGKAmyLGK Posts: 375
    Cheers hunny! Just listening to a harpist on youtube playing it now - very classy image

    Erm - I TOTALLY cant get on with my work - WE ONLY HAVE 12 DAYS EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! xx
  • ollie30ukollie30uk Posts: 57
    We are having pachelbel cannon in d. x
  • MrsBrownToBeMrsBrownToBe Posts: 297
    This was such a tough decision for us!!

    I'm a classical singer and have also done weddings so the usual songs don't feel right as they remind me of other people's weddings.

    We were going to have Canon in D on strings, but instead have finally chosen 'All you need is love' on strings instead. Really wanted a 'happier' feel to the music and this seemed to work.

    Have you chosen one to walk out to yet?? xxx
  • AmyLGKAmyLGK Posts: 375
    We're having Canon in D to walk down the Aisle...common I know - but I LOVE it!

    Hmmmmm I just don't know! image
  • kye83kye83 Posts: 582
    I really want cannon. Xx
  • I am walking in to Trumpet Tune and we will walk out to Trumpet Voluntary.

    My whole family are brass players and so are having a brass quintet play with the organist in the church.

    Can't wait. It's going to sound amazing.

    There's nothing 'common' about Cannon in D. It's a beautiful piece of music. That's the only reason its used so frequently.

    If you want it, have it!
  • I havent decided even, we have a orgnaist and no idea what will sound best x
  • Katie8668Katie8668 Posts: 442
    The Arrival of Queen Sheeba will be our music to walk out to and Cannon in D for me to walk in to.
  • We're going a bit different, we're walking in to "I'm in Love" by Aretha Franklin and out to "She Is Love" by Oasis. We wanted music that was that bit different and meant something. My Daddy brought me up on Aretha so to walk in with him to that is really special to me.

    Oh dear I'm getting teary thinking about it, what am I going to be like on the day?!!?
  • MrsJ2011MrsJ2011 Posts: 117
    I'm walking up the aisle to a strings version of mr brightside, its our fav song image As for signing the register and walking out - no idea! x
  • im walking up to james bond orchtera and out on back to the future it s totaly different

  • We are having another bites the dust image xxxx
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