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Table Plan...

Can you flash me your table plans please, also did you all make them ? I have not started mine yet x


  • Cant send a pic right now but I say get it started ASAP. Made mine yesterday and it took almost all day! How long have you got to go?
  • We get married on the 19th so just over 2 weeks x Thanks x
  • My clever h2b copied a tube design so much like a tube map, persoalised it and we got it printed onto board, its lush!

    We are getting married near Bath as Im from here and he is from london, our table names are tube lines and we have a red vintage london bus for guests image
  • tls2betls2be Posts: 175
    We are getting ours made and Im waiting on the proof image

    Good luck though - there is lots of inspiration on google images x
  • paulavikipaulaviki Posts: 527
    I've taken the lazy option - our hotel will print one for us so we let them. image
  • I actually used like a memo metal board- I hire out my items now- you can take a look at it on

    if you go to venue decorations- I have my table plan there image
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