Any Scottish brides getting married in August 2012?

Would love to hear from any Scottish brides! x


  • I'm a Scottish Bride!! We are getting married (hopefully) 10th of August in Stirling xx
  • missjen88missjen88 Posts: 89
    I'm a Scottish bride, getting married 4th Aug 2012 in fife image What about you guys? xx
  • I'm a Scottish bride and getting married on 1st August 2012. We're getting married in Greece image x
  • missjen88missjen88 Posts: 89
    oooh wow! sounds lovely image You won't have to pray for nice weather then hehe
  • I know! That's the main advantage of getting married abroad image

    Here in Scotland it could snow in summer haha.

    We've still to book up though, waiting till the new prices come out so we can't book till about June/July.

    Planning on having a small wedding then the reception when we get back home but no ideas where yet! x
  • we are the 18th in glasgow image
  • MrsHHMrsHH Posts: 317
    We are the 11th in Glasgow image
  • nelzbitnelzbit Posts: 62
    I'm getting married in Scotland on 4th August too. Can't wait!! xx
  • Mand2Mand2 Posts: 1

    Im getting married in dumfries 25th August this year i do hope the weather will be good, I want to get married outside! ximage

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